aged 15

This Christmas, they share a meal under an old tree near the school campus. It is the only place secluded enough that they won't be found and disturbed. Saruhiko spreads out the old mat he'd found and cleaned. Misaki brings out the food they'd managed to get enough money to buy. They spend the afternoon pretty much like any other afternoon, eating and listening to music and leaning into each other. Saruhiko reaches out to tilt Misaki's head up and presses their lips together. Misaki splutters as Saruhiko chuckles and rests his chin on Misaki's head. I love you, Misaki.

aged 19

This year, they spend Christmas in their very own apartment. Saruhiko managed to get a relatively well-paying job that allowed them enough money to pay the rent. On his part, Misaki managed to get a job at a local bar. They spend this year curled up in blankets on the couch, listening to Christmas carols on the radio and sipping spiced hot chocolate. Occasionally, they attempt to mimic the singers on the radio, resulting in laughs and shrieks. Misaki reaches up to ruffle Saruhiko's hair and tilt his head down. Four years later, he whispers back I love you, Saruhiko.

aged 21

This year, they spend Christmas at the HOMRA bar for Misaki and Saruhiko's bosses' engagement party. They raise their glasses and drink to Izumo and Seri's upcoming wedding. Misaki can't put his finger on it, but Saruhiko looks nervous the whole night. When everyone else is drinking and singing along to a song that Totsuka is playing, they steal away to the rooftop. Misaki opens his mouth to ask what's happening but stops when Saruhiko gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring. He doesn't need to say anything before Misaki embraces him and chokes out a yes.

A/N: Merry Christmas!