So in light of the new Hobbit movie I'm putting up this story, even though it has literally nothing to do with the Hobbit. Bear with me as I don't have a beta so any mistakes are completely my fault. Hope ya'll enjoy!


Eighteen years have gone by, eighteen years of living in this orphanage, eighteen years of not having a family to call my own. The years have passed too quickly for me and I'm not ready to be cast out into the world for I have nothing to offer, nothing to give. With an aching heart I have watched other children get adopted into loving families never once getting the chance at that kind of happiness. Despite Ms. Grace trying her hardest to show me love and affection I know it isn't the same as having a real mother or father. Despite having other children to play with I know it's not the same as having a brother or sister. Now on my eighteenth birthday I sit inside the bedroom I share with three other girls who are younger than me trying my hardest not to cry. It's early morning; the sun has just begun to rise sending color into the world that has been so cruel to me. I sit on my bed already dressed, having packed every possession I own into a backpack along with what little money I have earned or have gotten for birthday presents. In my hands is one of my favorite books, the Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R Tolkien. I got the whole set for my sixth birthday and fell in love with being able to escape this world for a more exciting, thrilling one. The cover is warn, the pages torn and yellow and the books are practically falling apart because I have read them so much. These books are my only escape, my only solace and comfort. When the movies came out I was all but thrilled, and thrust myself into them. As I read time passed; the other three girls begin to wake and dress before leaving me for breakfast. They do not disturb me for they along with everyone in the orphanage know it's my last day here, my last few hours in the one place I can call 'home'. All too soon I can hear Ms. Grace's footsteps on the staircase and know she is coming to get me for breakfast, my last breakfast here. When she knocks I don't respond but instead let her think I'm still sleeping. Perhaps if she believes it she will leave me be, but my plan fails because in she comes. Ms. Grace is a middle-aged woman, tall and lithe like a willow tree. With chestnut colored hair and soft gray eyes, she is always smartly dressed and has a smile on her still youthful face. She often reminds me of an Elf, like Galadriel the White Lady. Today though she isn't smiling, instead her face is filled with sorrow, sorrow for me. I return to my book having peeked over the top of it to see her come in and hear her pull a chair over towards the bed. I sit re-reading the same line over and over again waiting for her to speak, to tell me that it's my time to leave.

"Zoe," she begins and I can hear the tears in her voice, the strain she feels. She sighed deeply before beginning again this time more collected.

"I have had the pleasure of watching you grow into an amazing young woman. I know I haven't been the mother you always dreamed of but I want you to know that I am so lucky and blessed to have found you all those years ago. I can understand that you may not feel the same way, I know that you have a very weak outlook on life but I want, no, need to tell you that it will get better." here she puts a hand on my shoulder causing me to look up at her. Those soft gray eyes are filled with unshed tears despite the small smile on her lips and I instantly feel regret. Here she is, telling me that she loves me like her own though in not so many words and yet I'm still filled with sorrow. I know it's only because it's my last day but even so my face flushes with anger, not towards her but at myself. Seeing this she lets one perfect tear fall before she cups my face with her hand.

"You are a beautiful young woman Zoe and I wish I could take away all the pain you feel. I wish I could give you everything you deserve but I can't and that makes me heartsick. You've had to watch others get homes while you've stayed here each time growing more and more withdrawn. You should shine like the sun, should smile like a star, should be as happy as can be." she sobs here and another pearly tear falls down her cheek, her hand holding my cheek as if I might vanish into thin air right before her eyes. Maybe though, in some strange way, I already have. By now I have set my book into my lap, one finger holding onto the page as a marker. I'm unable to respond to her for I simply don't know what to say. How can I agree or disagree with her? A span of silence stretches out between us before she removes her hand and stands up from the chair. Her tear filled eyes travel beside me to my backpack all ready to go and its here she honestly begins to cry. I've never seen her cry before, and I mean really cry as if her heart is breaking. She's cried when kids get adopted, but this isn't that kind of crying, it's not the same pain. Knowing she's in need of comfort, I stand from the bed and hug her, the first and only hug I have ever given her. She's in shock at this I know, but I can't put into words how I feel so instead have to show it in an action. Her hands timidly come to wrap around me before she embraces me with such force I lose all the air in my lungs. As she cries I hear her faintly mumbling,

"I'm sorry." over and over again. It's a good minute before she pulls away to look down at me, holding me out at arm's length. Searching my eyes for something, she leans in and kisses my brow before saying,

"Come on, breakfast is getting cold." so together we head downstairs but not before I put my book away into my bag and put it on my back. As we enter the downstairs hall I can hear the other kids in the dining room, there all giggling and laughing. I stop short of the dining room doorway and Ms. Grace understands instantly, I don't want to go in there. Putting her hand on my shoulder, she stirs me into the large kitchen and towards a stool by the counter. I take a seat as she puts together my breakfast; eggs, bacon and toast with orange juice. When she hands it to me she says,

"I'll be right back, have to make sure everyone is behaving." I merely nod as she leaves through the swinging door that connects the dining room to the kitchen, leaving me alone to eat. I look down at my food and sigh, I have no appetite whatsoever and think if I force down the food I might get sick. So I pick up my plate and walk to the trashcan, tossing the meal into the silver bin before letting the lid shut. I hurry back to my seat and try to sip the orange juice just as she returns.

"My that was fast." she says as she spies my plate and I simply shrug not giving her an answer. She's about to say something when the doorbell rings and dread fills me, it's my ride. All color must have left my face because Ms. Grace is by my side patting me on the shoulder.

"It's too soon." I say at last but my words fall on deaf ears for she has already gone to get the door. I take one last good look around the familiar kitchen before grabbing my bag and standing, heading for the door myself. As I exit the kitchen I realize there is no more laughter and everything has gone silent. My footsteps seem to echo as I make my way to the front door and as I do I try to memorize every inch of the house around me. All too soon I'm standing in the doorway of the front hall, the front door before me as well as Ms. Grace and a kindly looking man. Dressed in a blue suit, he has gray hair and dark colored eyes that shine with understanding.

"You must be Zoe." he says smiling to me.

"Yes sir." I reply but he waves his hand and says,

"Call me David, please." not knowing what to say, I look to Ms. Grace who is trying her hardest not to cry again. Though she has a smile on her face it's not a real one and David clearly can sense the sadness rolling off her. He turns to her and takes her hands into his own before saying,

"Don't worry Maria, she'll be fine. I'm to see her all the way to the train station."

"Train station?" I echo confusion filling me for no one told me I was leaving town. Ms. Grace turns to me and as her smile falters says,

"Yes Zoe, you're going to New York City to work for a friend of mine. He's giving you an apartment in the city along with the job." as David watches my face for a responds he doesn't get what he's looking for, tears. Instead I steady myself and force a nod before walking over towards them, my hands grasping the straps to my bag like a lifeline. David removes his hands from holding Ms. Grace's and he turns to me to say,

"Ready?" I can only nod in response and he moves aside so that I can exit the house first. Without looking back I head outside into the morning light seeing a black four door Sedan waiting for us. As I start down the stairs of the porch Ms. Grace calls out to me and turning I'm met with a hug. I can feel tears threatening to fall and hurriedly pull back chocking back a sob.

"It will be ok." I hear Ms. Grace say but I've already turned back around towards the waiting car, the need to get away as fast as possible chorusing through me. David has already stopped by the driver side and has unlocked the car for me so I open the passenger door, throw my bag in and hop into the car. As David gets in I bite my lip and concentrate on looking ahead of me instead of at Ms. Grace who from the corner of my eye I can see she's still standing where she had been before. David starts up the car and turns to me asking as he does,

"You ready to go?" nodding, I hesitantly look towards the house to see Ms. Grace has already gone back inside, the front door shut behind her. I can feel my heart breaking as the car drives off and wanting to forget what just happened I pull out my book. David watches me from the corner of his eye and when I start reading he speaks up,

"Lord of the Rings huh? Well, I'll have you know that's my favorite book series." I know he's trying to break the ice and I'm actually thankful he isn't getting emotional on me.

"I got it for my sixth birthday and have read it almost one hundred times since then." I reply not bothering to look at him for his reaction. I can hear him laugh and despite my sorrows smile myself; maybe it won't be so bad after all. Were only hours from the orphanage when we come to an intersection, our light is green so we continue on. But suddenly we hear squealing wheels and looking up I have enough time to see a car skidding on my side of the road towards us. I scream as the car slams into my side of the car, the metal and steel crunching under the force and the window shattering. Everything slows down, the car hitting my side, the metal and steel crushing my body, the glass from the window cutting my raised arms and the sounds of screaming, breaking metal and car wheels reverberate around me. When time decides to pick up back to its normal pace I can't feel my legs, my breathing is labored and vision is cloudy. With every breath it hurts, every fiber of my being screams in unexplainable pain.

"Zoe? Oh my goodness! Zoe!" David screams from next to me but his voice is muffled along with ever other sound. Glancing over to him I can see he's unaffected though his airbag has deployed and there's a cut on his forehead. Just the small movement of my eyes makes my head spin and I return my gaze in front of me to see a crowd gathering around us.

"Zoe, stay with me darling. Stay with me." David says but already the feeling in my body is leaving, my mind slowly slowing down. A white hot sensation takes over and I know that I'm dying and that these are my last moments on earth. Blinking I can feel something wet on my face and realize their tears. With one last try to fill my lungs with air, I close my eyes and think to myself one final thought, farewell.