So another few days, another chapter for you dear readers. Hope ya'll like it!

Chapter Seven~

"Are you alright Zoe?" Boromir asks as we trudge back into the Mines since I'm leaning on his shoulder.

"I could be better, almost getting eaten and what not." I reply as I look up at him to smile and say,


"Gandalf, think you can take away her pain? If only for a moment?" Frodo asks the gray wizard who turns around to look at me and seeing the pain on my face sighs before coming over and kneeling down before me muttering something I don't understand, but the pain goes away.

"That should hold until we reach the other side." he says standing back up and I thank him and try out my weight on it, there is no pain at all!

"You rock Gandalf!" I shout as we continue on and smiling Gandalf says,

"We now have but one choice; we must face the long dark of Moria. Be on your guard, there are older and fouler things than orcs in the deep places of the world. Quietly now, it's a four day journey to the other side. Let us hope that our presence may go unnoticed." we pass great caverns, go over narrow bridges, and we look down at the amazingly deep Mines with the help of Gandalf's staff light. Finally we come to a juncture in the road leading three ways and knowing what Gandalf is going to say I want to cut in but don't, Frodo needs to hear Gandalf's words about Gollum and Bilbo and spend time with him before the Fall.

"I have no memory of this place." Gandalf says as we take a while to rest, the other smoking pips as Gandalf sits on a rock alone.

"Are we lost?" Pippin asks and Merry says rolling his eyes,


"I think we are." Pippin retorts but I cut in saying softly,

"Ssh! Gandalf's thinking!"

"I'm hungry." Pippin says to himself and so I dig out something to appease his ever amazing appetite. It's only an apple, but Pippin gives me a hug as if I've saved his life. I watch as Frodo goes over to Gandalf and smile to myself before turning back to get food out for the others. I toss three more apples at the remaining Hobbits; give jerky to Gimli and Boromir and Aragon while giving Legolas an orange.

"You are full of surprises aren't you?" Legolas comments giving me a friendly smile as I smack his shoulder and say,

"Well someone needed to bring food." he looks sheepish before we hear Gandalf say,

"Oh! It's this way!"

"He's remembered!" Merry cries happily as we get up and start down one way out of the three but I say under my breath,

"No, but the air doesn't smell so foul down there." and Gandalf finishes with,

"If in doubt, Meriadoc, always follow your nose." as the wizard gives me a funny look we continue down the stairs. We come to a large hallway full of towering columns as Gandalf shines a bit more light around the place.

"There's an eye-opener and no mistake." I say in time with Sam who turns to stare at me as Gimli runs off to his cousin's tomb. I just smile down at Sam as we follow the dwarf into a dimly lit room with only one shaft of light shining down on the stone coffin, skeletons and corpses scattered about the place and the doors beyond old. Gimli kneels beside the coffin and begins to cry as we enter and Gandalf finds the diary and reads it aloud.

"We must move on, we cannot linger." Legolas says to Aragon, the two standing beside me and I pip up saying,

"It would help if we did go, we don't want—" but I'm cut off by Pippin and his stupid act to make the skeleton fall down the well, the sound echoing on forever and ever. We all hold our breath but I know it will do no good as Gandalf drops the book to shout,

"Fool of a Took! Throw yourself in next time, and rid us of your stupidity!" as Pippin tries to say he's sorry we start to hear the be damned drumming that gets louder and louder. Knowing there orcs, I go over to the door and shut it as two arrows slam just inches from my face. As Aragon helps me shut it I notice the cave troll and sneer, it really is as ugly as everyone could think it is. Towering several feet into the air, it carries a large wooden club and is being pulled along by two orcs like a dog on a leash. As we bar the doors I say hotly,

"They have a cave troll."

"Agh! Let them come. There's one dwarf yet in Moria who still draws breath." Gimli says as we all make ready for battle. Legolas has his bow ready along with Aragon, me and Boromir with our swords and Gimli with his axe all before Gandalf who his standing in front of the Hobbits. As the doors begin to fall Boromir pushes me behind him a bit more as Legolas releases the first arrow killing the first orc. Before I want we are fighting the orcs, Boromir trying to protect me as I drive my sword into the face of one orc getting dark colored blood on my tunic and arms. As I turn I see Sam diving under the cave trolls legs confusing it for only a moment before trying to hit Sam. Both Aragon and Boromir take the chain in their hands and try to pull the troll down but he slams Boromir against a wall.

"Boromir!" I cry going over to defend him since he's open for the kill. Standing in front of him, I swing and stab with my blade until he stands again and helps me out.

"Frodo!" I hear someone cry and looking around notice the troll trying to get at the Ringbearer. I try to make my way over but it's nearly impossible as I'm blocked at every step by orcs. I watch helplessly as the troll stabs Frodo and even though I know he's going to be ok scream in fright.

"Frodo!" Sam cries as Gandalf, Aragon, Boromir, Sam and I fight to make it to Frodo who lies scarily still on the side of the wall. As the troll falls down dead at last Aragon crawls over to Frodo as Frodo starts to come around, finally.

"He's alive!" Aragon says with a smile as Frodo says he's ok, and Gandalf says what a surprise the Hobbit is as his silver shirt is revealed.

"To the Bridge of Khazad-dûm!" Gandalf says and we start running out of the tomb, orcs starting to swarm in all around us. I take Frodo by the shoulder and help him along since he's still trying to regain his breathing as we stop only to be surrounded. Everyone gets ready to fight to the end as I stand before Frodo whispering,

"Don't worry Frodo." he looks up confused as we hear a deep guttural cry and turn to see flames dancing along the walls as the orcs flee in terror.

"What is this new devilment ?" Boromir asks and I answer quickly,

"The Balrog." and as we run for the Bridge we all take turns jumping across it and it's Aragon, Frodo and me left standing on the other side as the Bridge starts to break away because of the crumbling ceiling.

"Steady! Hold on!" I shout as Aragon grabs both our backs in order to steady us and I shout,

"Lean forward!" and as we all do the bridge falls into the other side and we jump at the same time just barely making it across. The other start to run but I slip and scream thinking I'm done for, but Aragon grabs my hand and pulls me back upwards and without ceremony picks me up to carry me the rest of the way.

"Over the Bridge! Fly!" Gandalf says as we pass him and knowing what's about to come hide my face in Aragon's shoulder, I don't want to watch him fall.

"You cannot pass!" Gandalf shouts as Frodo screams his name.

"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" Gandalf screams as a great white light fills the space, even reaching my eyes as I look up before me to watch Gandalf fall, the very last thing I wanted to see the whole trip. Even though I knew he'd return, even though I'd knew he'd be ok and everything would work out, it still hurt to see him fall.

"NOOOOOOO!" Frodo screams and that's the last I hear as we head out of the Mines.