Bridges We've Burned

Amy & Jimmy


Amy held onto John's hand tightly as she made her way outside of her mothers car, a frown plastered on her face. Ashley was with George, while Amy traded off with her mom, deciding that she couldn't stay in Valley Glen at the moment. The dark skies seemed to match her personality that day, as she waited for her mother to get out she sighed. It had been eight months since Ricky decided to leave her for Clementine, and she was heartbroken. She missed them being a family. She knew they weren't perfect, and sometimes she questioned her love for him, but when it came down to it, she did love him and she wanted more than anything for it to all work out. Maybe he wasn't the first guy she fell in love with, or maybe he was. Although Ben was always by her side, she had always been attracted to Ricky. And maybe if she hadn't had John they wouldn't have became a family, but deep down inside Amy felt like she would still want to be with him, even if she didn't have the baby, or if she had never had sex in the first place. Would he want to be with her? Maybe, maybe not. When she thought of Clementine there was anger in her heart. She knew from the moment he talked about her that there could be something special, but she tried to push it aside. If only she hadn't then, she could have maybe done something about it.


The sound of her mother's voice snapped her out of her thoughts of Ricky. She looked up at her, "What?"

"Your frown is affecting John and Robbie," she said as she held up Robbie who was imitating the same sad face that Amy had. Then she pointed to her son who as doing the same.

Amy sighed, "Well excuse me if I'm not all happy go lucky. I know it's been a while but he left me mom! He left me for...Clementine. What happened to him loving me, wanting to be with me forever? Where the hell did that go?"

Anne gave her daughter a sad smile as she patted her on the shoulder, "Honey sometimes things just don't work out. I know you love him but come on. Let's forget about that for a little while and have some fun in Palm Springs. Let's try to get you happy again," she said in an optimistic tone that Amy quite frankly couldn't care less about at the moment.

They made their way inside the new house that Anne had rented. Amy took off her jacket and admired the new decorating she had done. Anne had finally followed her dreams and became an architect in Palm Springs and it left her with this bubbly feeling inside. She was single and happy, and she loved being with Robbie, who was growing up so quickly.

The toys were all set for the two boys and Amy urged her son to go and play with some of them. She scolded her son when he took a block and threw it Robbie's head.

"John! No!"

He seemed to listen so she waved it off and headed over to the kitchen for some snacks. There were a few drinks but nothing else. She pulled out some grape juice and a large plastic cup. When was done pouring the drink and putting it back in the refrigerator she started drinking it as she kept an eye on John and Robbie.

Anne had just changed into something a little more comfortable when she came in and saw Amy drinking the juice. She mentally slapped herself, "Gosh I forget to go to the market to get some food. Hey Amy?"


"Could you run down to the nearest fast food place and get some food for everyone?"

Amy put her cup down, "Why can't we just cook something here?"

"I don't know I'm in the mood for fast food, and plus all we have here is soup and juice, and maybe some food for Robbie and John."

She raised an eyebrow at her mother, "Are you pregnant again?"

"AMY! Why would you even ask that! I haven't been seeing anyone for months now."

She sighed, "I guess that makes two of us huh? Since Ricky left me for Clementine. Clementine! Can you believe that?"

Anne rolled her eyes, "Can you please just go get some food?"

She huffed, "Fine. Do you have any money?"

She handed her twenty bucks and she walked over and put it in her pocket. She gave John and Robbie a kiss on the cheek and faked a smile, "John, mommy will be back." She grabbed the car keys and made her way to her mother's car. She took a seat in the smooth leather chair as she turned to some random radio station to drone out her never ending thoughts about her breakup with Ricky.

She remembered how after her break up with Ricky, Ben had tried to get closer to her and she enjoyed the company for a while, but they both decided in the long run that things weren't going to work out. They were different people now. They had grown up, and decided to go there separate ways. She settled on McDonalds and parked her car as quickly as she could. She got out, locked the door, and made her way inside. The place seemed full but the line wasn't too bad. She saw couples laughing and talking and it made her miss Ricky even more. She felt stupid that she put so much on the line for him, but she had to admit that she was getting tired of him too, just not enough to actually break it off.

When she finally got to the front of the line, the cashier smiled at her. She had short red hair and green eyes, "Hell may I take your order?"

Amy decided on two cheeseburgers, french fries, and two large drinks. The lady handed her the receipt with the number for her to be called on it, and she muttered a thank you. As she stood there she heard the sound of a very familiar voice.


For the first time in months she smiled, "Jimmy!"

He pulled her into a hug, and they both took a seat at a random table, waiting for their numbers to be called. She couldn't believe she hadn't noticed him in line before. He flashed his pearly white teeth at her. Admittedly he missed her, "It's been-"

"A are you?"

"I've been great. The super markets going well. How are you?"

"As well as I can be since I uh...broke up with my fiance."

He gave her a sad smile and looked down at the table, "Sorry I didn't mean to pry."

"It's ok."

"So you and Ben didn't work out?"

She was shocked when he said this but then she remembered how long it had been since she talked to him, "Oh gosh it's been a while! Uh Ben and I broke up a while ago, though after the break up with my fiance eight months ago, we tried again but decided not to be together."


"Yeah I was recently with John's dad Ricky," she choked on his name and Jimmy noticed the sad expression on her face.

"You don't have to talk about it Amy. So uh, what are you doing out here?"

She ignored him as she felt the tears fall down her face, "I knew that maybe what we had wasn't true love. I knew maybe he wasn't in love with me and I with him but I did love him so I put that all aside. I figured that Ricky was what I deserved you know? He is a good guy now and even though he hasn't always been, he really changed. He changed for me...and John. But I guess he got tired of me because he broke it all off. He gave me some crap about how he loved me but he was in love with someone else."

Jimmy was startled that Amy had suddenly gotten emotional, but he also felt bad for her.

"Number 41!"

Jimmy looked over at Amy, "That's me."

Shortly after he called a few more numbers and it was Amy's turn to get up. She grabbed her food and Jimmy helped her get the food to her car. He stared at the brunette as she tried to apologize for her emotions.

"It's ok Amy. And I'm sorry I over reacted about the condoms."

"No, that was my fault. I was just really nervous about everything. I know you said that you didn't want to have sex but after Ricky I just...I felt like I had to keep my guard up you know?"

He nodded, "I understand."

She turned to get inside her car but he grabbed her arm gently, "So Amy I just have to ask you. You're not seeing anyone right now?"

"After Ricky?" she let out a dark chuckle, "No."

"Then maybe since you're not seeing anyone, you could think about seeing me again. No drama, just you and me. We could go out and get a pizza, or talk. No condom surprises or anything like that. Maybe I could see John?"

She stayed silent for a moment, unsure of what to say.

He grabbed the back of his neck, clearly nervous, "Sorry I came on too strong. I just...I dated a few girls when we broke up but I couldn't stop thinking about you and-"

She smiled and grabbed his shoulders and kissed him. He returned the kiss, still in shock. Amy pulled away, a small smile on her face, "Maybe I will consider it Jimmy. Maybe when I'm emotionally ready we could just try it one last time."

He smiled, "I'd like that."