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"So you're going to make me. The most feared Taiyoukai that ever lived resort to desperate measures?" Sesshomaru asked her and narrowed his eyes at her when she began laughing softly.

"No. My hot and sexy Taiyoukai "angel". You will have to wait no longer. Follow me." Was all she said as she made her way toward the stairs that led up to the bedroom.

(Song Strip by Chris Brown ft. Kevin McCall, one part of the lyrics is changed from to Mrs. McCall to Mrs. Taisho .The song gets cut short when Sesshomaru's control )

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A Little Christmas Cheer(A Sesshomaru and Kagome Story)

Part VI: I Just Wanna See You Strip

Sesshomaru also wanted to growled in triumph when she said that he would finally get to see the big surprise she had in the bedroom for him and by the way she had that sly smile plastered on her face, he knew that the surprise will be great. As she open the door and they entered the bedroom, he could help but be pleased at the sight before him. There were well over a dozen silver and red candles giving the room a most pleasant aroma, rose petals were scattered all around the room. He looked to his left and saw a tray with more strawberries and whipped cream (*wink, wink*)and he instantly had many images running through his mind on how he could put the fruit and the creamy topping to good use. But was brought out of his thoughts by Kagome's sex seductive laugh. "Sit down on the bed, and you might want to get comfortable as she went into the bathroom.

Kagome quickly changed into her outfit that she had brought before handed and let a devilish smile play on her face. "Oh my god. He is going to die when he sees this." Kagome said out loud to herself. Then it was time, she checked her hair in the mirror and her outfit and she topped it off with red high heel pumps for the effect and silently opened the bathroom door. She looked to see Sesshomaru still sitting on the bed, but minus his dress shirt, his shoes were gone and it look like he was deep in thought and haven't realized that she was standing there looking at him. She took this time to start the music.

Sesshomaru turned his head as soon as the music came on and he almost fell off the bed as he took in Kagome's outfit. It look liked the school uniform he seen her travel to the feudal era in but it had minor alterations done to it, instead of her white shirt, it was red and her shirt which was green was now black. To put it simply, she looked like a sinfully sexy devil that came to earth to torture him, but in a good way. As the intro to much continue into the claps and drumbeat she moved seductive towards him with a come hither smile on her face and he decided she was going to get screwed hard real soon.

Take it off I wanna love you and everybody wanna touch you
You moving right wanna see what's up under then back it up, beep beep like a trucker.
Nice thighs, nice waist, and you know I can't forget about your face
But don't none of that matter I'm about to make your pockets fatter

Kagome was loving the looking upon her Taiyoukai's face now, it gave her a boast of power like no other. Her, Kagome can make this Taiyoukai, the most feared youkai that ever lived go out of his mind with desire. For her and it thrilled her to have that knowledge of him . She kept her eyes on his as she swayed her hips. She moved her right hand from her neck to her shoulder and stretched it out, arching her palm in the most elegant way. She repeated the same with her left. Then she came to the foot of the bed where he was sitting open his legs ass she grind rear against him, she let a smirk grace her face when she hard him take a long hard breath, but she allowed him no reprieve as she moved like a snake, popping and bouncing her most appetizing body parts, making his shaft twitch.

Girl I just wanna see you strip, right now cause it's late, babe
Girl I just wanna see you strip, girl take your time with it
Girl I just wanna see you strip God damn you're sexy (for meeee)
God damn you're sexy! (babbyyy) God damn you're sexy!
Girl I just wanna see you...

Sesshomaru made a move to touch her and she moved out of his grasp just in time and turned to face him as she followed the song's lyrics and strip like she never strip before as she took her time unbuttoning her top while still rocking her hips to the beat of the song and saw his eyes switch from red to gold when she revealed the red bra that was underneath and she slither down to the floor and all fours crawling towards him like a predator stalking her prey and whipped her hair around in the most erotic way that Sesshomaru has ever saw. He wonder what else his mate would surprise him with as he fought his beast who was scratching at the cages to Sesshomaru's mind trying to get free.

Got my shades on with my J's on in the club with a pocket full of ones
This girl, booty out of control there she go up and down the pole
Which one I'm take home get my freak on if you ain't freaking, we ain't speaking

"Ka-go-me." He warned grinding his teeth together as she raised up off the floor slowly with her hands following up his legs and brushing against shaft making him groan out loud as he hands traveled up his abdomen to his chest. Kagome knew he was about to blow his top, but she want to se how far she could push him before he loss control to his beast.

You think I'm playing, no I'm not let me see you back it up and drop
Yeah, I wanna see your legs in the air baby don't worry about your hair or those tracks
I don't give a damn about that in the club they're playing my song,
Turn it up, play it all night long If you think you can, and you know you can
I'm a give you all this money money money

Kagome gave him a kissed that made his toes curl in a mimicking fashion of what they would be doing soon enough and he could help but moan from the sensation of it. Then she left a trail of kisses on each of his eyes and his neck and she bit down, not enough to break the skin but it had the effect she wanted as felt her Taiyoukai shuddered as she used her tongue to soothe the ache.

And that was the last straw ...

He shredded all his clothes in a flash and was naked and pounced on Kagome.

Girl I just wanna see you strip, right now cause it's late, babe
Girl I just wanna see you strip, girl take your time with it
Girl I just wanna see you strip God damn you're sexy (for meeee)
God damn you're sexy! (babbyyy) God damn you're sexy!
Girl I just wanna see you...

(Song Ends)

In an almost dizzying motions Kagome found herself on the bed looking up a very horny and red-eyed Taiyoukai and she felt her heart skip a couple of beat and wetness pool between her legs and course he picked up on this land let a full smile grace his face. Sesshomaru leaned down to planted tiny kisses on Kagome's neck and used his tongue to lick a path to her ear


"You tease me endlessly mate. Now you will be punished, and trust me mate. I'm going to take you to heaven and hell this night." He promised in a dark lusty voice and heard her moan beneath him as his hot breath fanned across her neck. Before Kagome could realize what was happening she was strip of all her clothes, she looked up at her Taiyoukai and she the hungry look in his eyes and quickly realized that she is now the prey and he's the predator and she couldn't have been more happier. She knew that he and his beast were present , but she was okay with knowing that neither would never hurt her.

Kagome's scent was driving him up the wall, it was all around him and he knew he had to taste her delicious nectar his head was between her legs sniffing the delicious aroma there. In a speed that Kagome couldn't comprehend, he inhaled her unimpeded scent and his hands found purchase on her thighs, kneading at the flesh.

Sesshomaru stuck out his tongue in search of her pearl. When he found it, he suckled hard and when plunged a finger into her, her body arched of the bed and she gasped at the sensations he was invoking within her as her as she start rocking her hips, he licked the little jewel, down to the moist cavern below to taste the juices steadily flowing from her, he brought his head up for a moment and reached over to the tray with the strawberries and whipped cream. He took a generous amount of whipped cream and applied it on her moist cavern then proceeded to lick her clean, and decided right then and there that this is what heaven tasted like and he could get enough as he started to speed up the strokes of his tongue and finger.

Kagome felt like she was on the verge of blacking out from the euphoria of felt racking through her body, she couldn't get enough air into her lungs, he took her to the cliff of ecstasy and left her there and she thought she would die from such sweet torture.

"Sesshomaru...please. please." She begged. Not ready sure of what she was begging for, but she knew she her body was humming with denied release.

Sesshomaru stopped his torture with his tongue, but thrust another finger inside of her with the first and slowed down the speed of his fingers, he didn't want her to fall of the edge. Not yet.

He had a pretty good idea of what she wanted, but he wanted to hear her say. Better yet beg for it.

"Tell me mate. Tell me what you want." He reply his voice husky and low.

"I want...ah...I" Was all Kagome manage to say as he sped up the thrust of his fingers, just a fraction.

Poor Kagome couldn't even remember who she was at this point.

"I need...I want."

"Speak up mate. I'm not psychic." He told her smirking.

"Oh god. Please. I want to come." Kagome screamed out.

"Your wish is granted." Was all he said as he moved back between her legs and started to suck on her pearl harder and increase the stroke of his fingers to full throttle.

"SESSHOMARU." She screamed out as she came hard and Sesshomaru was more than happy to lapped up the juicy treat.

Kagome felt like she was high above the clouds and she was never going to come back to earth, but got a wake up call as Sesshomaru crawled back up her body into his face was mere inches from his and let out a growl and the look up on her face as he whispered to her. "Oh. I'm far from done with you." He said and gave no warning he began kissing her deeper and harder and as their tongue danced he plunged his engorged member into her. Kagome broke away from the feverish for air as his thick shaft continue it's assault on her walls and she cried in pleasure.

Harder. Faster. She shamelessly called out for more as he began pounding into her at a brutal pace and growled as she flexed her inner muscles and began squeezing him and as punishment he reached between them and stroked her pearl hard and her hips flew off the bed.

Kagome's body was on sensory overload from the feelings her fierce Taiyoukai was making her feel. It was raw, it was passionate and it was something that she would never forget as long as they both shall live. Now the sex between Sesshomaru and Kagome has always been amazing, but what was happening between them now was extraordinary.

"" She gasped out as he withdrew just leaving the tip of his shaft inside of her.

"You started this by teasing me minx. Now I will finish it." He said and surged back into her and she screamed again her throat nearly going sore in the process. He didn't know how much longer he could last and he wanted her to come first, so he pulled out of her and turned her over on her stomach until she was on all fours and quickly plunged back into her. Pounding into her mercilessly.

Kagome felt the tight coiling in her body , and threw her back when she felt the waves of pure pleasure wash over her , and Kagome's release triggered his own and he let out a roar of triumph as he continue to pound into her as his load of seed after seed spurted into her like a geyser(a very hot one).

After his release 's shaft still twitch, even when their was nothing left to give and he slowly pulled out of her breathing hard as was she, and he brought her in his arms as their heartbeats began to stabilize again, and he pulled the covers over them.

"Merry Christmas. My Mate." Kagome said to him as she gave herself over to the world of sleep.

She was sleep in less than 20 minutes, Sesshomaru looked down at his mates beautiful as he heard her breathing even out. "And Merry Christmas to you My love." He whispered. He wonder if this is what he received for Christmas. He couldn't wait to New Year's. As he snuggled closer to his mate inhaling her scent and following her into the land of dreams.

(The End)

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