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E/O Challenge Wow - Snow
Theme - End of the world or happy ever after.
Word Count - 400 (quadruple challenge)
Spoilers - none
Disclaimer - I hereby acknowledge my own crapness in not owning them.

A.N. Felt a bit like I'd already done this challenge when I wrote "In The Bleak Midwinter" last weekend :) Had a go anyway. Hope you enjoy. Season's Whassit.

Please Note - Clearly what follows is purely fiction, there is no
offence intended to those of you who hold any religious faith.


Standing in the middle of a fractured road, hands in pockets, Crowley stared at the ruins of the once soaring structures of Wall Street, now just skeletal remains, clawing toward the sky. The financial heart of America, just rubble and debris. A fine white ash coated everything, like virgin snow. Dust shimmered in the air. Glancing down, Crowley spotted a can. Scorched black, three letters still showed, ola. He kicked it.
"Well...Guess that's that...Done...fini."

Two men sat on the cracked, blistered sidewalk. Gazing at the younger, Crowley's expression became strangely sympathetic. Sam's face was grey, tear filled eyes projecting his inner turmoil; shock, horror, denial. Crowley looked toward Dean, and smiled, oddly reassured by that familiar fierce anger. Standing, Dean challenged Crowley.
"Why'd you do that?"
"Sorry?...Ohhh...You mean save you boys...For company?"
Dean's hands curled into fists.

Turning at Sam's quiet plea, Dean immediately went to him. Squatting down, he cupped Sam's face.
"Shhhh. S'ok Sammy...S'gonna be ok."
Dean glanced back at Crowley.
"The angels...Did they survive?"
Crowley looked Heavenward.
"Oh yes. They're currently up there, celebrating. Eventually though they'll realise their predicament."
"Which is?"
"Think about it! God is MIA, presumed dead and, present company aside, I'm not seeing much life around here. I'd say those prick-less wonders will soon figure out that, along with everything else, their little apocalypse wiped out their own purpose. Without will soon follow."
Dean nodded.
"And you? What about Hell?"

Sam turned, curious, as Crowley sighed.
"Gone...Ashes to ashes, and all that."
Grabbing onto Dean's arm, Sam stared first at Crowley then back to Dean.
"So...that's it? There's only us left?"
Crowley shrugged.
"Who knows? I guess there might be human survivors...somewhere."
Dean stood, hauling Sam up to stand alongside him.
"Ok then...So I guess we go back to as many people as we them."

Rubbing his hands together, Crowley nodded.
"Right! So...first I'll try to find us some transport."
Sam frowned.
"You're planning on coming with us?"
"No...I'm staying here and play with myself...Of course I'm coming with you Moose! The world is in chaos, and you must admit...if there's one thing I'm extremely good at, it's organisation."
Crossing his arms, Dean looked appraisingly at Crowley.
"Fine...I'd say we've got a plan."
"I'd say friends."

And so, maybe God did create the earth...but it was the very Devil himself who was going to help mankind re-build it.


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