Just several pairing drabbles that people requested on tumblr. Enjoy xD

Bassoon and Trumpet

The female bassoonist was walking through the hall of the foreign school trying to find the double reed line when she tripped. She had been looking so intently for a sign to tell her where to go she had failed to see the trumpet case. Luckily she had been able to save her bassoon from the impact. Unfortunately, her face had taken most of it.

"Oh, my word, are you okay?" asked a deep voice to her right. Groaning she peeled herself off the floor.

"I'm fine," she said. The guy reached down a hand to help her up.

"I probably shouldn't have left my case in the walkway like that," he told her. He then reached up and gently pushed her long blonde hair off her eyebrow. He pulled back his hand and said, "You're bleeding."

The bassoonist blushed, as the trumpet player took her hand in one of his and her bassoon in another.

"Let's get that fixed," he said. "I'm Jake by the way."

"Mellissa, I'm Mellissa."

French horn and Clarinet

"Come on, Cole!" the dark haired French horn player yelled as she raced across the field. Her boyfriend, the tall blonde clarinetist, raced across the football field after her. Cole caught his girlfriend at the 50 yard line, right on top of their school's logo.

"I'm going to miss this place, Brad," he told her. It was true. He was going to miss the band room and football field. He met Brad on this field. His first marching band performance was on this field. He had his first kiss on this field.

"Me too, Cole."

Clarinet and Trumpet

Trumpets are obviously the better Bb Instrument!" The Ethan told his best friend. His best friend was a girl named Becca.

"No, clearly Clarinet is the best!" She said defending her instrument. This argument went on for a while before the agreed there was no better Bb instrument.

"But I do have a favorite clarinet player," Ethan said. Becca blushed. This was new to her. "It's you Becs."

He winked at her then walked away, leaving Becca confused. What had just happened?

Flute and Horn

Jake couldn't help but laughed at his girlfriend's face as she attempted to play his flute. The French horn player could not wrap her brain around the concept that one did not have to buzz their lips to play a woodwind instrument. It was insane to her.

"Maybe some other day," Jake told Maria, as he took the flute and put it away. She crossed her arms. She did not like one bit that she couldn't get a sound out. Jake played French Horn just fine. In fact he marched Mellophone with her. That was how the two had met. She didn't realize that was his secondary instrument. It frustrated her to no end that she could only play one. "You'll get it eventually!"

"Why is it so hard?" Maria thought aloud. She knew there was no way everyone found it that hard to learn a new instrument!

"Maybe you're just trying to play the wrong instrument, lovie," Jake told her, and pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead. He was probably right. That didn't mean she was going to stop trying to play that one.

Bass trombone and trumpet

Olivia winced as she heard all of the high pitched notes coming from the trumpet room. The bass trombonist didn't see how her brother could stand to be the section leader. She slid down the wall into a sitting position and leaned her head back. Her brother was taking her home, and she figured the trumpets would be a while. No sooner had she though this when someone slid down next to her.

"How you likin' the trombone section?" one of the trumpets in her grade asked.

"Much better than I ever liked the trumpet section," Olivia told her companion jokingly.

"So some of us are walking down to that café on the corner to get coffee, you wanna come? I'll buy." He made a hard bargain, knowing that Olivia lived on coffee.

"Sure Sean, just let me tell my brother."

Trumpet and clarinet

"I'm carrying you trumpet," Mark said, as he pulled the case out of Kate's unsuspecting hand. Very quickly she made a sound of protest as the boy tried to hand her his clarinet. She quickly reached around and took her baby out of his hand.

"No one touches the trumpet," she said. He knew this of course, but he still tried to carry it for her on a regular basis. Not that she ever let him. Kate did not know of the clarinet boy's long standing crush on his best friend. There was no possible way that he could be more obvious.

"I always hope one day I'll be allowed to carry it," he told her honestly as he pulled open the band room door for her to pass through. She shakes her head. No one was allowed to touch her trumpet.

"You hope in vain," she said sarcastically as she slowly handed him the trumpet. Mark is your best friend, she told herself. She knew she could trust him with her beloved trumpet.

"Not always," Mark grinned with a hope that one day she would return his feelings.

Trombone and trumpet

Callie thought the world was ending when the trombone section leader walked in the band room singing. The trumpeter was there early in order to get together some things for the trumpet sectional. What she had failed to realize was that the trombones also had sectionals that day.

"Hi Aaron," Callie said slowly. She never really talked to the blond boy, but one always knew when he arrived.

"Hello beautiful Callie!" he called to her before dancing into the storage room to retrieve his instrument. That boy was off his rocker. Everyone was convinced that was why he was the trombone section leader. Shaking her head, Callie walked into the Large Ensemble practice room. Luckily there was no one to notice the blush that covered her cheeks.

Trumpet and bass drum

Jon hit the head of his bass drum as hard as he could, knowing that it drove Elizabeth insane. The before mentioned trumpet player turned and glared at him. It wasn't that Elizabeth hated the bass drum or anything; it was just right in her ear and made it hard to concentrate. She was dangerously close to slipping down to second chair, and she could not have that.

"Hey Liz," he said, as they all began to pack up. She glared up at him through her long lashes. "Don't be hateful!"

"Do you take any of this seriously?" She bit at him. She was tired of his games. It seemed like he didn't care how the band sounded. He always played entirely too loud whenever he could. It was so irritating.

"I take all of it seriously. Especially you," Jon said as he walked away leaving Elizabeth speechless.

Marimba and Snare

"Why are you so set on always playing marimba?" asked the dark haired snare drummer. He didn't understand the girl's insistence on playing the instrument, and she never would tell him. Slowly she looked up and made sure there was no one with in listening distance.

"I've never played snare…or any type of drum. Always mallets," she said. This confused him because most percussionists started on snare, but he didn't let it faze him as he took her hand and pulled over to his snare.

"Here," he said placing the sticks in her hands. She looked at him questionably. She didn't know what she was doing. He walked behind her and put the sticks in her hand the correct way. Slowly he started tapping out random rhythms with her hands in his, his head on her shoulder.

"This isn't so hard," she comments finally breaking their peace.

"Only because I'm making it easy on you," he said walking away with a wink.

Alto/ Tenor guy + clarinet/ Bass clarinet girl

"My only reed and it's broken!" cried the bass clarinetist. She was freaking out. It was the night of the concert and nothing was going right for her. First she was late, and got in trouble, and then her bass clarinet did not want to play the upper register. Now her only reed was broken and there were no other bass clarinetists that could give her one. To add to her frustration her soprano clarinet slipped through her fingers and clattered to the ground. She was horrified to feel tears welling in her eyes. One of the sax players nearby saw/ heard all of this.

"Here you go," he said handing her a new Tenor reed and picking up her clarinet. "You're going to do great tonight."

He brushed his thumb across her cheekbone, catching a tear that fell. She took a deep shuddering breath. It wouldn't do her any good to get this frustrated before her solo tonight. It was her first ever and she wanted it to go amazingly.

"Come on, I need to warm up a bit more, and you need to break in that reed."

Bassoon and Bari Sax

"Don't forget we are practicing for our duet in the morning!" was the last thing Victory had called to her friend Adam as he pulled his Baritone Saxophone to his car. Yet here she was, and he was nowhere to be found. With the extra rehearsal time she had worked on her scales and the music for concert band until it shined. She wanted to work on the duet, but she really needed Adam here to do so.

"Sorry I'm late!" he said as he quickly began pulling his instrument out of the case. Victory looked at the clock then back at him.

"We have ten minutes," she told him, subtly saying hurry.

"Then count us off bassoon girl!"

Bass Clarinet and Soprano Clarinet

"Every good group needs some bass power!" Skylar proclaimed as she pulled out her bass clarinet. Brandyn just shook his head, knowing she was right. Then an idea popped in his head.

"Flute trios don't," Brandyn said smugly. Skylar stopped in her tracks and just looked at him.

"Flute trios don't sound complete either," she said. Brandyn didn't have a comeback to that, so he just shook his head before beginning to play his clarinet. The two were an odd duo, yet they made complete sense. They were…backwards in a way. She was the bass and he the soprano. They were two of those people though; on one saw those on their instruments, yet those who knew them couldn't see them playing anything else. Skylar was convinced that there were not enough low voices, and Brandyn thought there were too many some days. They were opposites in so many ways, but at the same time they were like one person.

Trumpet and snare

"You run in this thing?" Drew asked as he carried his girlfriend's snare drum. He knew it was far from the heaviest instrument that the school marched, but it was far from light.

"Not really run," Arianna laughed. She had to admit though; she much preferred the weight of his trumpet. She took Drew's hand and dragged him to the band room. "It's not so bad!"

"For you, maybe!" Drew complained. Arianna let out a musical laugh and offered to take it back. He immediately quit complaining. It was the same thing the rest of the drumline did with her. They refused to be shown up. Arianna just found it slightly humorous.

Bass clarinet and bass clarinet leader

The socially awkward bass clarinet wondered into the band room for the marching band sign ups. She noticed a little table in the corner that said Bree in large letter. Bree figured that might be her best bet.

"Hey!" said the upperclassman. "I am the only current bass clarinet at this school, and I bet you are my new section member." Bree nodded, far too nervous to speak. The dark haired section leader laughed. She was nervous for nothing.

"Do you speak at all?" he asked eventually.

"YES!" Bree piped up in defense.

"Good. I'm Jacob by the way."

Tenor Sax and Trumpet

Amanda was massaging her neck in the instrument storage room when Jace walked in. Jace noticed the way Amanda was rolling her shoulders in an effort to fix the aching from carrying her tenor all day.

"You know I hear that massages work great for getting rid of soreness," Jace said as his hands replaced hers on her neck. She just nodded to content to talk for the moment.

"That feels amazing," Amanda said as leaned into him. He hummed in assent, letting her know he heard her.

"We need to go before the directors kill us," Jace said before taking her hand and pulling her out to the car.