There we are. MORE DRABBLES! And to the guest that requested a clarinet and bass drum pairing: There is one in chapter 3, or tell me and I will write a differant one, just give some details. xD

Bassoon and Clarinet/ bagpipes/ oboe/ cello beginner

Kaleb groaned, looking around at the bagpipes, gently sitting in the floor next to his clarinet and oboe. He wanted to learn cello. His parents said he needed to focus on what he was already playing, but there was too much new tempting him, to allow him to stay with the old.

"Hey Kaleb, you want to get out and do something?" His best friend Sam said. Kaleb had no clue when the Bassoon girl got there, but the fact was that he did need to get out of the house.

"Yeah sure, where do you want to go?" he asked. He never said anything about it, but he was falling hard for Sam. His friends all said he was absolutely whipped.

"How about bowling?" He said okay. That was what he loved about her though. She was always doing random spontaneous things. Maybe this time he would have the guts to ask her to be his girlfriend.

Flute and trumpet/guitar

Hannah sighed as she watched Marius walk to the front of the band. He went to his section, and she to hers, but she could help but hope that one day he would talk to her. The band was lining up to march into the opposing teams stadium. Once everyone was lined up and the drumline began playing one of the cadences and the band marched in.

"Hey," Marius said walking up from the rock band. Hannah noticed the guitar slung across his back. How had she not known that he was in the rock band? This being the first games was no excuse.

"What are you doing up here?" She asked from her spot in the bleachers. Normally the marching band and rock band didn't interact much during the game. Half-time was different; then they were one.

"Spending some time with the little flute-ies!" he said cheekily. Hannah shook her head. That boy was something for sure.

"Of course you want to spend time with us." She could be just as sarcastic as he could be.

"Maybe not…maybe it was just to talk to you."

Flute/piccolo and Tuba

Zack winced slightly at the high pitched noise that came from the piccolo that his girlfriend was holding. The tuba section leader wasn't sure how on earth he ended up dating the Flute section leader, and band captain, but he was nonetheless.

"Why can I not get this piece down?" Emily asked herself. Zack shook his head. The poor girl needed a break from preparing for her collage audition.

"Come on, let's do something to take your mind off of it," Zack said. She nodded and took his hand as he pulled her from the practice room. They both needed a break, and a burger sounded nice. To both of them.

Tuba and Tuba

"Tuba's I need more from you," the band director said from the front of the room.

"Yeah more from us," Kasey said from under her tuba, as the band director moved on to the trumpets.

"No kidding," Luca said. Kasey sighed. Once again, the tuba section was needed for nothing more than chord roots, and bass to blend with. Luca looked over at Kasey, but didn't say anything more. All too soon the bell rang, letting the band out of class.

"Hey Kasey wait up!" Luca called. Kasey slowed her pace, and allowed him to catch up. "You wanna catch a movie later?"