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The Danger of Deduction

Chapter one

After a really exhausting morning, doctor Watson was heavily climbing up the stairs from 221B Baker Street. He frowned at his flatmate, who was half running, half hopping through the stairs.

Sherlock had not slept for three days straight, and he had nothing on his system but a couple of sandwiches John had made him eaten last night, and of course a couple of nicotine patches. And yet, it was John the one crawling up the stairs!

They were having lots of work lately. Since Sherlock had became the Reichenbach hero people came daily with many cases. It didn't matter how many would Sherlock reject, there were always more of them. The worst part of it, at least for Sherlock, was that the cases were too easy, and too ordinary. And there was the media to deal with, too. The last three days, for example, they had solved three different cases, but they had to attend to four different public ceremonies.

And Watson had his hospital shift too.

"No! NO! NOOO!" Sherlock's voice came down the stairs, making John hurry.

"What? What happened?" he asked, slaming the door and getting to the kitchen.

"Ten minutes, John!" his flatmate answered reaching him with two striders and putting a small plastic container under his nose "TEN MINUTES!"

John stepped back glaring at the little container, then turning to Sherlock looking confused.

"What. is. that?"

"Oh come on! It's been on your fridge over 36 hours now" he answared impatianly "Those are the tissues I was supposed to embed. Even you must had noted them!"

John rolled his eyes "What about them?" he asked returning to the living room. Sherlock start pacing around the room without answering. After a while, he started to slow down until he finally stopped and flopped down onto his couch.

"Nothing" he answered barely raising his voice and throwing the container away "They can't tell us anything now. The samples had to be in xylene exactly 12 hours otherwise they get decolourised and shriveled. Making the cuts and the observations inaccurate" he covered his face with both hands "I will need more proofs for the Durham case"

"Am I interrupting?"

Mrs. Hudson enter the room with a big tray full of food wich smelled wonderfull! John realized he was starving.

"Not at all Mrs. Hudson" smiled John

"I thought you might be hungry" their landlady smiled back setting the tray on their coffee table "Now you're always busy with all the people coming here looking for you" she said slightly shaking her head as she disliked having too many people around. Then she turned and walked to the door "But as you keep finding little time to enjoy yourselves, you'll be fine" she said closing the door after leaving.

John rolled his eyes for such a comment, and looked at Sherlock. He hadn't moved at all, so John started eating in silence.

"You need to eat, Sherlock!" he snapped at him, after a while.

His flatmate just ignored him.


Sherlock lowered his hands and gave John a questioning look.

"You haven't eaten anything but the two sandwiches I gave you yesterday" John scolded him.

The doorbell rang. Sherlock jumped out the sofa, taking John by surprise, and ran to the window.

"Who is it?" John asked

"Mycroft" Sherlock whispered, watching his car.

They first heard Mrs Hudson quick steps, hurring to answer the door. Then the heavy and firm steps from Sherlock's big brother climbing up the stairs.

Sherlock returned to the sofa, reaching for the food tray. He was determined to ignore him.

"Sherlock" aknowledged Mycroft, staying at the door frame.

Sherlock looked up immediately and raised an eyebrow.

"From one to ten?"

"Nine" Mycroft emphasized the word

Sherlock looked interested for a moment and then he returned to an indifferent expression.

"I'm eating"

Mycroft glanced at the food tray.

"You can hear the details while you eat"


Mycroft stepped in "I've got no time to your little caprices" he snapped at him

John decided to interfer watching Sherlock's venomous look.

"It's been three days since your brother had any sleep or a proper meal... " he said trying to sooth the conversation.

"You. are. not. getting. me. into your little political scandals" Sherlock interrupted him with his eyes fixed on Mycforft's.

"Two individuals broke into the Ministry of Defense; killed at least 30 people, put a bomb and stole a helicopter to escape" burst out Mycroft "the helicopter was brought down (into the Shad Anderson bank, I must add) and yet, their bodies were not to be found. They got away somehow"

"Two?" John was skeptical "Just two?"

"Sounds like you've got a big problem to solve" Sherlock sounded bored "There's the door"

Mycroft grined inwardly. Sherlock was interested.

"I can get you thirty minutes to eat" he said and turning around he left the room.

Sherlock kept looking at the empty door with vacant eyes.

"We're going, aren't we?" asked John

"Nine" Sherlock muttered, more to himself than to John. Then he looked up "Nine's serious"

"But, you already knew it was something serious" John was looking him questioningly

"When was the last time my brother waited for my permission to enter the room?" Sherlock said "If you have already finished eating, turn on the TV and watch the news. I need you to know everything there is to know about the attack" he said standing up and taking his coat

"┬┐And where are you going?" asked John

"I'm getting more patches" answer Sherlock turning around

John gave a little snort "You need food!"

Sherlock rolled his eyes "Digestion is a waist of energy and time. And I need both to solve a case" he said as he got his scarf

John shook his head "Before..." he remarked "...you could afford... torturing your body for a difficult case, because they didn't happen very often..." Sherlock head to the door with John at his tail "...but now the cases are piling up. And if you keep on doing this..." Sherlock turned amused, waiting for John to finish his threat. John frowned "...You know better than anybody what you are doing to your body"

"Exactly John" he said "I know. And although I am somehow flattered with your concern on my eating habits, you must know my body answers perfectly well to the needs of my job. DO NOT forget watching the news. If you need to write something important down do it"

And with those final words he walked out the room.

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