"Leonard?" Penny eyes grew wide as she stepped away from Bernadette and sloppily walked towards him. "What are you doing here?" She giggled.

"Hey, you wanted me to come dancing right? Well here I am!" He smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Leonard could taste the alcohol on her lips and could tell she was drunk by the way she was laughing.

"Come with me." She grinned, curling her fingers around his and pulling him into the crowd of dancing people.

Penny stopped in the middle and turned around to face Leonard. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her body into his and Penny put her arms back around his neck. They swayed to the music and much to Penny's surprise, Leonard kept in time and didn't trip over. He twirled her around, just like he was taught in class which caused Penny to giggle like a little school girl.

"Where the hell you learn to do that?" Penny grinned, locking fingers with him and pushing herself against him.

"Uh well... I..." Leonard stuttered, he cleared his throat and looked at Penny. "I've been taking dancing lessons with Howard so I could come and surprise you as you've been asking me to come for ages so yeah..." He trailed off a little awkwardly.

Penny looked into his eyes and threw herself around his neck, kissing him hard. Leonard held her lower back as she pulled away. "Leonard this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, you know that?"

Leonard shrugged and pulled her closer as they continued to dance, pressed tightly against each other. Penny rested her head on his shoulder, occasionally looking up to see Amy trying to convince Raj or Bernadette to dance with her, and Leonard rested his on top of hers, with his face in her hair, closing his eyes.

30 minutes later, the club started to clear. Amy and Bernadette were sat with Raj, who had drink a little too much, whereas Leonard and Penny were still holding each other, even though the club was now almost empty. Amy tapped them on the shoulder and told them it was time to leave. Penny reluctantly removed her arms from Leonard's neck and started to follow Amy, but Leonard grabbed her hand and pulled her back into him, kissing her hard on the lips. Penny laughed and half heartedly pushed him away until Leonard gave up and turned Penny around, putting his arms around her waist and lazily walking behind her towards the exit, occasionally kissing her neck.

Amy stared at the couple, and sighed, dragging Raj and Bernadette out the door, closely followed by Penny and Leonard. The 5 of them stood outside the club, awaiting their taxis. Leonard was behind Penny with his arms tightly wrapped around her to keep her warm but mainly to stop her falling over in her heels which she had become unsteady on as the night came to an end and the alcohol had hit her system, while Raj was bent over heaving and gagging on the side walk.

The taxi arrived and they all climbed in. Raj had his head hanging out the window and Bernadette fell asleep in the back seat. Leonard was the only sober one left so he felt responsible to get his friends home safely. Once back at the apartment, he helped Howard get Bernadette into his car then let Amy sleep in his bed and left Raj passed out on the couch, with a bucket next to his head, much to Sheldon's annoyance at the unannounced guests filling the apartment.

He returned to the taxi, paid the driver and woke Penny who was sleeping on the back seats. She smiled and pulled his shirt collar towards her.

"Hey you." She grinned up at Leonard who was now hovering over her. They kissed until the taxi driver coughed, signalling he wanted to get going. Leonard's arms went under her knees and around her back, lifting her out the taxi and helped her stand in the parking lot in her 6 inch heels.

"It might be easier if you take those off, we have a lot of stairs to climb." Leonard said looking down at the shoes as she drunkenly walked towards the building, clutching Leonard's arm.

"I think you might be right genius." She replied, whilst giggling, she leaned on Leonard's shoulder to remove her shoes and handed them to him once they were off.

In her apartment, Leonard helped Penny out her dress and into pyjamas. He sat on the edge of the bath as she clumsily removed her make up, laughing when she'd miss bits until she eventually gave up and fell onto the bed.

"That tired huh?" Leonard smiled as he took off his jacket.

"Drunk and tired, not a good mix" She said flatly.

"At least you have 2 days to recover till work though."

Penny groaned "Don't even mention work, just come over here."

She held out her arm and grabbed Leonard's hand, dragging him into bed. Penny laid on his chest, with her arm draped over his shoulder, playing with the curls of hair on the back of his neck like usual as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Thank you for tonight Leonard." She whispered after a few minutes.

"You should thank Raj, he paid for most of your drinks!" He joked, not realising how serious Penny was.

"No listen, I honestly wasn't expecting you to turn up, and just, well it was an amazing surprise and it really means a lot to me, you know..."

Leonard hugged Penny tighter against his body, and moved his hand up and down her side. "I know it does, and if it means a lot to you, then it means a lot to me."

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