Rivals in Love

Chapter 1

Victoria looked at the girl with strawberry blonde haystack hair. Her eyes turned to slits as said girl passed by, Victoria's nose scrunched up when she opened her mouth to talk.

"God, I hate her." She said loudly to herself not making an effort to hide it.

"Talking to yourself again, Victoria?" Emet said glaring back at the redheaded girl. Victoria held the shorter girls deadly gaze. They were two ages apart but that didn't stop them from hating each other. They both worked in the tailor's guild. Except Victoria was hardly recognized for her work with Emet in the picture and her father's big mouth always bragging about how good his daughter was.

"I see you haven't grown an inch how will you become an adventurer when you still look like a five year old." Victoria said looking down at Emet. She crossed her arms in satisfaction when she saw the younger girl shaking in anger.

"I might be short but I bet I can beat your perfect wannbe ass down!" Emet shouted her hands forming into fists.

"WANNABE!" The girl with flaming red hair that matched her face shouted. That comment greatly offended her. She strived to be perfect at everything if she started something she made sure it was perfect down to the last detail.

"I'll have you know you are DEAD wrong!" Victoria shouted her hands shook. "Bring it on shorty I would love to see you try and lay a finger on me!" Emet gladly accepted the challenge and charged at her but someone pulled her back.

"Emet you troublesome girl you know you have no time to waste you have to finish three orders of dresses by tonight." Her mother said pulling her inside.

"But, but," Emet said looking at her mother and back at Victoria.

"No but's you get your butt in your room and finish those orders."

"Ffffine!" Emet said throwing up her hands in frustration. Victoria snickered as Emet stalked away red faced. Once Emet went inside Victoria's smirk disappeared. Even though she had seen Emet get humiliated like that it wasn't enough. She was STILL more popular than her. She was lucky if she even got one dress to work on a month, all she got were orders of pants. She bit her lip in frustration and stomped away from the spot where she and Emet would have fought.

"Victoria quit wasting time come finish those orders for tomorrow!" Her father shouted. She sighed and went in to finish the orders of gray pants. Victoria channeled all her anger into making the pants picturing Emet's face getting punctured over and over with her needle.

The next morning Victoria woke up to realize she had slept on her work from last night. She looked down to see she still needed to stitch together the last pair of pants. She quickly sewed them and ran to deliver them to the head of the Tailors Guild.

Emet woke up in the greatest mood that day. Having finished yesterday's orders on time she had nothing to work on the whole morning. So that meant for once she would be early to school.

She shoved the last of her hair into her warrior helmet and was about to leave when she heard a very familiar voice.

"Victoria these pants are stitched wrong," Emet's father said.

"What that can't be possible!" Victoria shouted she snatched the pants from his hands and examined them. They were indeed stitched wrong the pants legs were sewed together so it made impossible to walk in them. "That isn't POSSIBLE!" Victoria said incredulously, her eye began to twitch she had made a mistake. Emet tried to hold her laughter in she knew Victoria was about to have a break down.

"Look just go back and fix them and-"

"No, no, no! I don't remember sewing them like this!" Victoria shouted interrupting him.

"Well like I said-"

"This can't be happening!" The redheaded girl said putting a hand on her forehead.

"If it's too much for you maybe Emet could do it," he said now getting a little irritated. Once hearing her name Emet quickly began to back away. There was no way she was going to get stuck with Victoria's orders.

"EMET!?" Victoria yelled at him finally snapping. "YOU THINK EMET CAN DO A BETTER JOB THAN ME!" Victoria shouted grabbing him by the collar. His eyes grew wide in fear he had heard rumors about people with red hair.

"AHHHH!" She shouted in frustration she let his collar go. How dare he suggest that Emet do her job? She stalked out of the building and went somewhere where she knew she would find peace.

Emet hid behind a barrel outside, she watched as her rival stomped away into the forest intrigued she tried to fallow her into the forest but a high pitched voice stopped her.

"Hey Emet! Where you going school is the other way!" Finn said hoping off the chariot. Emet sighed, now she had Finn to deal with.

"Go away I'm trying to see this girl cry," Emet said heading into the forest, Harv parked his chariot and fallowed her.

"What? Why?" Harv said confused and surprised that Emet might have these kinds of hobbies.

"Cause I don't like her and when I see her cry I'm going to make fun of her!" Emet said trying to walk faster than Harv and Finn.

"That's just mean…" Harv said glaring at Emet. Finn stuck closer to Harv as they got further into the forest. Emet rolled her eyes and tried to find Victoria she strained her ears to maybe hear her sob. Her eyes widened when she heard a familiar voice.

"I hate her…" she could hear Victoria sob. She broke into a run and soon found her sitting under a tree crying. She was about to leap out in front of her but she remembered she was in her disguise.

"Why did you run away?" Finn demanded loudly as he walked up to Emet she covered his mouth.

"Shh," Emet said putting a finger to her lips. Harv looked over at Victoria his eyes widened when he saw Hevvin in his unicorn form hiding behind a bush. He took out his sword, Emet noticed Harv looking at Victoria.

"What are you doing?" Emet whispered so Victoria couldn't hear them.

"That animal is going to attack her," Harv whispered back so Hevvin wouldn't hear. Emet looked over at the unicorn goose bumps appeared on her arms. She wasn't afraid of the unicorn she was just freaked out that it could morph into something human.

"So? Let that animal attack her!" Emet shouted she covered her mouth realizing she was too loud. Victoria's head shot up she could have sworn she heard someone. But the only thing she could see was a pink horse. Its eyes were the thing that caught Victoria's attention there was something off about them and they looked viciously at her.

"Nihihi~!" Hevvin charged at her in lighting speed Victoria closed her eyes and covered her face. Once Hevvin moved Harv ran towards him trying to save the girl.

"NOOO!" Emet shouted angrily and ran after Harv while Finn climbed up a tree to safety. Harv tackled Hevvin and they both rolled behind a bush leaving an enraged Emet in front of Victoria.

Victoria opened her eyes after she heard someone shout she looked up at Emet. She looked around but the wild horse was nowhere to be seen.

"Did…did you just save me?" Victoria said barely able to talk.

"Y-you don't recognize me?" Emet asked her getting nervous with Harv around her cover might be blown.

"No…" Victoria said a little confused. Emet could see Harv come out of the bush looking like he had rolled around in the dirt. He walked up to both of them looking exhausted.

"Are you okay?" He asked Victoria. She was even more confused why was some complete stranger asking her if she was okay?

"I'm okay…" she answered him awkwardly, she looked over at Emet. "You saved me from that horse!" she shouted getting up and hugging her savior. Harv was shocked Emet hadn't saved her from Hevvin he did and now Emet was getting all the credit.

"But I saved you from that unicorn!" Harv shouted without thinking Victoria looked over at him he covered his mouth.

"Unicorn?" Victoria said, she was too busy looking at the animal's eyes that she hadn't seen his horn. "Who is he?" she asked looking down at Emet.

"He's the town's crazy hobo," Emet said smirking. Harv opened his mouth to argue but he got too shy and quickly shut his mouth. Victoria just looked at him with such intensity, Harv started blushing it wasn't every day that a girl looked at him like her.

"That makes sense," she finally concluded turning back to face the 'boy' who had saved her. She was still hugging him and it was starting to make Emet feel uncomfortable.

"So what's your name?" she said still clinging to Emet.

"Um, um," Emet didn't know if she should tell Victoria her real name.

"His name is Emet," Finn said walking over to them.

"Emet?!" Victoria shouted her eye twitched from hearing the name. Her saviors name couldn't possibly be the same name as her rivals! Emet started to sweat, 'she's going to tell everyone my SECRET!' Emet thought.

"Yeah isn't that name familiar?" Finn said knowing who Victoria was. He always saw her around when he went to get a new outfit made. Emet was now drenched in sweat she was beginning to panic. 'Victoria is going to say I'm actually a girl and Harv will tell everyone!' Emet thought. Victoria was about to respond when Emet panicked and did the only thing that would shut her up. Emet pulled Victoria down and planted a big kiss on her lips.

Finn gasped and Harv turned around he began edging towards Finn with his back to Emet and Victoria. When he finally reached Finn he scooped him up and ran away to give them privacy.