Chapter 2

Emet looked around to see Harv and Finn nowhere in sight she closed her eyes relieved. She ended the kiss and sighed her secret was safe for now…she still couldn't believe she had kissed her. She looked at Victoria to see a goofy smile plastered on her face. Emet had never seen her like that before, now that she thought about it she never saw Victoria really smile once.

"Um hello?" Emet said waving a hand in front of Victoria's face. "You still in there?"

"Hmm yeah," Victoria said in a relaxed voice. Emet looked at her confused what was up with her?

"Emet…" Victoria started. "I don't like that name but I like you~!" Victoria said dreamily.

"Wait…" Emet said to herself.

"You're so handsome," Victoria said cupping Emet's face. Emet felt chills run up her spine she had kissed Victoria for nothing she still thought she was a guy!

"Um I have to go school," Emet said taking Victoria's hand off her face and backing away.

"Oh I'll walk you there!" Victoria said snapping out of her dream like state.

"What-no you don't have to," Emet said rubbing her arm feeling a little awkward.

"Of course I do! It's the least I can do after you saved my life and all." Victoria said linking arms with Emet. Emet now regretted taking Harv's credit as she walked back to town with her love-struck rival.


Finn and Harv sat in class both still shocked from what they had witness a little earlier that morning. Emet was still not in class and every time Harv looked over at her empty seat he blushed.

Finn on the other hand kept looking at the door waiting for it to open. He felt a little anxious and irritated knowing Emet was still out there in the woods with that girl. He didn't want to leave the forest but Harv was way stronger than him and he dragged him all the way back to town. With every second that passed his temper grew shorter until-

"AHHHHH!" He yelled in irritation. Clayton's chalk broke from the sudden yell he turned around to see Finn shouting at Harv.

"Why did we have to leave Emet alone huh? She's with that redheaded girl! Redheaded do you know what they say about them? Huh? Huh!" Finn shouted at Harv.

"FINN BE QUITE OR I'LL TAKE THE AX OUT!" Clayton yelled with a vein visibly pulsing on his forehead

"B-but Emet-"

"Emet is sitting next to Harv," Clayton said. "Now…DON'T TALK AGAIN UNTILL THE BREAK!"

Finn's head turned to Emet's desk to see her sitting there looking like she was actually interested in the lesson. His mouth fell open, when had she gotten there?

"So what do they say about redheads?" Trevor asked Finn leaning over him. Finn laughed nervously as he looked up at Trevor.

Meanwhile Victoria was walking on clouds back to the tailor's guild. She had forgotten about that morning's mistake and happily went inside. Emet's father spotted her and stayed out of her way tightly holding a wooden cross.

"Oh, I meant to apologize to you for the way I acted this morning," she said once she saw him trying to sneak away from her.

"R-really?" he questioned her nervously, she nodded happily. "Well that's great I still need those pants fixed," he said rubbing the back of his neck hoping she didn't turn into a demon again.

"Oh but of course! I will be more than happy to fix the mistake I made!" She said with a big smile. Emet's dad started getting nervous again she was being too friendly and that made her even scarier. So with shaking hands he gave her back the pants and ran out of the room. Victoria hoped over to her work area and began to work on the pants all over again the only thing on her mind for once wasn't perfection it was Emet.

Back at the University said person hurried out of the door during break trying to escape Finn's questioning glare. She didn't get far until Cliff and Trevor blocked her path.

"We heard you got a girlfriend!" Cliff said in an excited voice.

"What! Who told you that ridiculous lie?!" Emet shouted backing away from them until she bumped into someone. She didn't need to turn around to know who the lanky person behind her was.

"Finn you big mouth!" She shouted turning to face the gossip queen of the school.

"So it's true then?" Trevor asked her.

"Well uh-I-I don't know!" Emet shouted not wanting to think of Victoria as her girlfriend. It sent chills down her spine knowing that she was stuck in this situation.

"Well did you guys hold hands yet?" Cliff asked.

"They kissed!" Finn shouted.

"Whoa!" Cliff and Trevor both said before sitting down both ready for a detailed story.

"I didn't know Emet would be the first one out of all of us to kiss a girl first!" Cliff said. "What was it like?" Emet looked at them she saw their anxious and curious stares. Suddenly she felt the urge to brag about it.

"Weeeell knowing me it's no surprise I would be the first one to get a kiss!" Emet said confidently. Finn rolled his eyes and Harv's blush slowly crept back. "So there I was in the forest!" Emet started. "When this wild animal came out of nowhere I was going to save her but Harv got in the way."

"What do you mean I got in the way?!" Harv shouted getting angry. "I was the one who wanted to rescue her!" He shouted walking up to Emet.

"Wait are you two fighting for the same girl?" Cliff said.

"What-no!" Harv said red faced.

"Look he's all red!" Cliff said pointing at Harv.

"No I'm not!" Harv said his blush getting worse.

"Harv are you trying to steal my girl away?" Emet said hoping to get a fight out of Harv.

"Oooh drama~!" Cliff and Trevor chimed.

"No-I-what I mean is…" Harv tried to explain but he slowly backed away from Emet and was back at Finn's side not wanting to be involved in the conversation any longer.

"Continue with the story!" Trevor said getting more excited.

"Well like I was saying after I saved her she wrapped her arms around me and I-" she couldn't bring herself to say it.

"You what?" Trevor asked after a short pause.

"Um I don't want to talk about it," Emet said.

"Aww come on don't leave us on a cliffhanger!" Cliff shouted.


Saved by the bell, Emet hurried to class but she wasn't the only one running Finn, Harv and Trevor all passed her in a blur.

"What's up with them?" Emet asked Cliff but he just shrugged.

Finally school was over, Emet had gone through the day with Finn's accusing stare and Cliff and Trevor's constant pleading with her to hear the rest of the story. But she would rather put up with all of them then go home and face Victoria.

"So what does she look like?" Cliff asked Emet as they walked out of class.

"Um…" Emet tried to look for the right words to describe how she looked but all that came up was demon eyes and stiff hair. She wondered what she put in it thinking about her own messy hair. Emet bumped into Harv who had stopped walking.

"Hey what's your problem?" Emet demanded she fallowed Harv's gaze to see Victoria standing at the entrance of school looking around.

"What is she doing here?!" Emet yelled jumping back. Victoria turned her head as soon as she heard Emet's voice. 'Crap…' Emet thought as Victoria walked towards her.

"Is that her, is that her!" Cliff whispered loudly to Emet who shushed at him.

"Oh yeah that's her," Finn said crossing his arms as he glared at the redhead.

"Hey Emet!" Victoria said walking straight up to her ignoring everyone else.

"W-what are you doing here," Emet said rubbing the back of her neck she shifted her eyesight to the ground trying not to look at anyone.

"Well I thought I would bring you an afternoon snack you know as a thank you." Victoria said getting even closer to Emet who kept backing up. "Here I brought you some sweet bread," Victoria said holding up a small basket with a little ribbon on it.

"But you already walked me to school in the morning remember?" Emet said looking anywhere else but her. "There's no need to-"

"You deserve them!" Victoria said shoving the basket into Emet's hands.

"B-but, s-see I-" Emet blabbered until a pale hand reached out for them.

"Well if Emet doesn't want them I'll take them." Finn smirked. Victoria turned to look at Finn who shot her a dirty look.

"Um, no you won't." Victoria said grabbing the basket she tried to snatch it away but Finn wasn't budging.

"Let go." Victoria said through her teeth.

"Emet doesn't want them." Finn said . "Look how repulsed he was when you tried to give it to him!" Finn said putting a lot of emphasis on the pronouns.

"Well if he doesn't want them, I certainly didn't make them for you!" Victoria said snatching them away from Finn's hands she turned back to face Emet but she was long gone. Victoria looked around but she was nowhere to be seen.

"I think you might have scared 'him' off," Finn said walking up to her.

"I couldn't possibly have scared such a brave, man." She breathed slightly blushing. It made Finn cringe with disgust she glared at him and walked away from them, 'I'll just try to get a hold of him tomorrow' she thought happily going back to her home.

And so for a week Victoria tried to get as close to Emet as possible. But no matter how hard she tried Emet always kept disappearing every time she turned her back on him. It also seemed like Finn kept appearing during the time Emet disappeared. So today as she headed to Emet's school she made sure to wait for him like all the other days. But this time she was going to hide out in some bushes until Emet left the blonde headed devil that kept coming between them.

"There he is!" Victoria said a little too loudly she covered her mouth. Finn already on the lookout for the redhead looked around feverishly for her. Victoria tried to move back but snapped a twig. Finn jumped hearing the noise coming from the bush. Nothing good ever came from behind bushes he grabbed onto Harv.

"What's wrong?" Harv said noticing Finn a little more nervous than usual.

"It's uh, I thought I heard something we-we should just really get going." Finn said leading Harv away from the bush. Victoria smirked and came out of the bush as Emet passed by.

"Emet!" Victoria shouted. Emet recognized that voice she started walking faster. "Hey wait up!" Emet heard Victoria calling after her she broke into a run. Victoria didn't think twice before running after him, Emet zoomed past Finn and Harv with Victoria hot on her trail.

"Oh that sneaky little-"

"Finn!" Harv shouted at him.

"Come on let's go," Finn said keeping his eye on the redhead not noticing he had fallowed her into the forest.

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