We walked in the door, to my Aunt Levicy's house that night, and saw Coleman sittin with Bertha, playin cards. Matilda was nowhere to be found, and neither were any of my other children, so I assumed that they was sleepin. It had to of been past midnight. Aunt Levicy came around the corner with Uncle Anse and Uncle Jim. "Good God, Alice!" my aunt exclaimed, coming towards me and hugging the very breath out of me. "What is it momma?" Cap asked her. "Why's uncle Jim here?" my daughter asked. Levicy sniffed. "Momma?" Cap asked again. Anse and Uncle Jim looked at one another and sighed. "We was about to go lookin for ya. We thought the McCoy's or worse, the Deputy's have gotton ahold of you'ns." Uncle Anse said. Levicy sniffed again. "No more leavin this house without the rest of yer' brother's, Cap." Levicy scolded. "Levicy, why don't cha go'n upstairs, get ta bed. It's late. Bertha?" I said. "Yes miss?" Bertha said, laying her cards down. "Would ya mind to much if Coleman and Levicy sleep in yer room the night?" I asked. "Well not at all!" she replied, with the biggest grin. She came over and took Levicy's hand, and then grabbed Coleman, draggin them upstairs. I looked down, and there was silence.

"Somethings happend." Aunt Levisa assumed out loud. I looked up and nodded. "Uncle Jim, ya up ta go'n by Johnse's place tomor?" I said, turnin around and lookin out the window. I felt more silence, but a short one. "I believe I'd like to go on a lil' huntin trip myself. There's a particular critter that has a price on is' head, that I'd like ta shoot right in the head fer what he's done." I felt even more silence, but Levicy walked alittle closer to me. "Alice... What'd he do?" she asked. I could feel the tears coming to her eyes, the lump groing bigger in er' throat. "He intended ta have his way with my eleven year ol' daughter tonight." I said, starin' off into the woods, out the window. After about three minutes of complete silence, I turned around to see why they was so quiet. Levicy had tears in er' eyes, and everyone staring at me. She was kept tryin'a open her mouth to say somethin, but she couldn't find her voice, it seemed. I looked to Jim who said, "as soon as Anse here leaves with Johnse, we'll go darlin." he assured. Cap sighed with relief, "thank you, Jim." he whispered. Levicy came over to me, patted me shoulder and left the room. I could tell she was upset that Jefferson had done what had done, but Levicy sure was gettin sick of all this killing. And to be honest, so was I. It was messin with my head. But there were no words to describe what I felt like doin to that boys' soul right now.

Cap looked at me hugged me, took me by the hand and led me upstairs. ... I woke up the next mornin, put my hair up like Levicy does hers, and put my white, workin dress on, puttin my sache around my waist, and added fresh bullets. Cap looked at me and said, "you sure you wan' do this?" I looked at him, through the mirror in front of me. "I'unno, Cap. Never' killed anyone before. But it was our daughter he tried havin his way with." After a moment of thinkin hard about it, I sighed, puttin my hands on the dresser. "Alright... Alright. If e' tries runnin off, we kill em.' If he stays put and gives us no guff we turn im' in." Cap nodded his head in agreement and came over to me. I got my hands off the dresser, and looked in his beautiful eye. He smiled and kissed my lips. That kissed turned into a makeout session, with him grabbin me by the back thighs and liftin me up, sittin me on the desk. I wrapped my thighs around im', leanin' back against the dresser. He was so tempting. He was runnin his finger tips up my thigh, when Uncle Jim knocked obnoxiously on our door. "Cap! Allie! You'n's awake and ready yet?" Cap and I both groaned and cursed under our breathes. "Yea!" Cap called out, but then leaned his forehead on mine, breathing hard. "You know how much that dress on you attracts me." he excused. I rolled my eyes, pecking him on the lips one last time before shovin im' away, so I could get off the dresser.

... We walked out the door. I saw Levicy was talkin to Anse, as Jim was holdin on to our horses and Johnse was already on his. Levicy and Anse looked at us as me and Cap walked over to them. "Levicy. You, Matilda and Bertha the kids?" I asked. "You know we do, Alice." she said, half smiling. She kissed me on the forehead and walked into the house. I looked to Anse who patted my shoulder. "You do what you have ta do, to protect your children. It's a mothers' instinct, Allisyn, don't let this bug ya." I nodded and took an uneasy breath. "Keep Johnse busy. I'm sure after this, me'n him won't be on such good terms." I said, fightin' back tears. I didn't wanna hurt Johnse, not like this. He nodded and said, "We'll be alright, girl." he assured, and walked over, gettin on his black, intmidating horse, and runnin off with Johnse. Johnse gave us a strange look, as to what we were up to, but took off. I looked to Jim. "Ready Cap?" he asked. Cap nodded silently and we got on our horses, headin' off to Johnse's place.