"Cameron dear" an annoying woman in a hideous outfit said, approaching me.

"Do I know you?"

"No, but you will. The name's Goode. Catherine Goode" she said, holding out her hand.

"First, really? James Bond? Second, I don't shake until you tell me why I'm here" I said.

"Very smart girl. Almost too smart. Down to business. I've got a target for you."

"I'm listening" I said, sitting back in my chair and putting my hands behind my head.

"His name is Zachary Goode. He -"

"Whoa, you want me to kill your son?"

"Got a problem with it" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Nope" I said, sounding cocky.

"Okay then. Like I was saying. He goes to Blackthorne. He's currently at an exchange with a school you're familiar with."

"So Gallagher? That stupid place where my idiotic mother works? Sure, this should be fun" I said, totally ready.

"Great! Are you in?"

"Uh, duh. I killed my dad. I can kill anyone."

Zachary POV

Five years ago, a girl named Cameron Morgan disappeared. The headmistress of Gallagher, Rachel Morgan, was devastated.

For a year, she had people looking for her. They never found her. Never found her body.

No one knows if she just merely walked out the doors and... was killed. Maybe she left. Didn't like her life and wanted a new identity. Or maybe, someone has her. Maybe, for all these years, she's been afraid and tortured.

We made our way to the Grand Hall where everyone was sitting anxiously.

Ms. Morgan walked up to the podium and smiled at us. "Hello students. I've got some great news. As you all know, my daughter went missing."

Some of the looks on people's faces stated that they clearly didn't know. "Last night, she called me. She said that people were after her, but that all she wanted was to be home. Tomorrow, she will be here, and I expect you all to treat her well."


I was in the P&E barn with Bex and Macey. Class had started twenty minutes ago, but that didn't stop someone from being late.

"Young lady" the teacher called to the girl standing in the door "you're late!"

I hadn't seen her before. Maybe she's just shy. "Uh, yeah. I'm Cameron Morgan" she said.

"Very well. We're sparring today. You're with Zach" the teacher said, pointing at me. "Go easy on her Goode."

The girl looked sweet, but definately not strong. I held out my hand towards her.

She took it and smiled. Before I knew what had happened, I was flat on my back. Cameron got really close to my ear and whispered "never underestimate me Goode."

She stood and offered me her hand. "You're good, but not as good as me."

I threw a punch but she held her hand behind her and caught my fist. "Or am I?"

"Dude, you got burned" Bex said, putting a hand on my shoulder. Cammie walked off, swaying her hips.