I walked to breakfast silently. The school seemed completely silent.

As I walked into the cafeteria, I realized only a handful of girls were there.

I took my seat in the middle of a bench. Today, I didn't feel like eating. So, instead, I opened my History of Blades book I'd gotten from my house.

I read up to page fifty-three before the other girls got there.

I closed it and shoved it into my book bag.

Bex and Macey sat on either side of me. I have never felt so trapped.

"So Cam, are you going to our classes, or are they taking you back a year or two" Macey asked.

"Try me" I said.

"Brush passes?"

"When you pass an object of interest from person to person without the common eye knowing" I answered.

"Why shouldn't you ever need a gun" Bex asked.

"'Cause if you do need one, you're most likely going to be killed first."

"Wow, she's good" Liz said.

"I better be. I've hacked your firewalls before" I said, tossing an apple from hand to hand and putting it back on Macey's plate.

"Get to class girls" a teacher called.

I hoisted my book bag onto my shoulder and walked out.


"She's hiding something" I said.

"What do you mean" Macey asked.

"Are you bloody blind? She put something into her bag so fast. There's no way she's supposed to have it" I said.

"What do you wanna do about it" Liz asked.

"We wait until she leaves to go running, and then we check her book bag" I said.

"Is that really a good thing to do? Don't we wanna be friends with her" Liz asked.

"What if she's something else? She puts up that good-girl wall, but what's behind it" I asked


"Cammie just left for her after school run" I told Macey as we went into our room. Liz had bowed out.

We walked in and grabbed her book bag.

I started searching through it.

"What on Earth do you think you're doing" Cammie yelled. She snatched the bag from my hands.

"We saw you hide something in there" I said.

"It's my flipping bag. I can put whatever I want in there" she yelled.

Joe ran through the door. "What's going on in here?"

"Cammie's hiding something in this bag" Macey said.

"They searched it without my permission" Cammie yelled, pouring on the tears. I actually felt bad.

"Miss. Morgan, please dump out the contents of your bag" Mr. Solomon said.

She walked over to the bed and dumped everything out. Papers and textbooks fell out. Lipgloss, sunglasses, mascara, and even her Vera Bradley coin purse.

"Did you girls find what you were looking for" Cammie asked, as she ran from the room.

"Clean this up. Now. I'm very disappointed in you girls."

"But Mr. Solomon" Macey said. "We saw her put it in there."

"What was it then?"

"Well, we don't know exactly" I said.

Mr. Solomon turned and walked out.


I ran into the passage with haste.

Quickly, I worked to open the secret compartment that Catherine had created in her year here. Only we knew of it.

I pulled out my phone again.


"They're suspicious Catherine" I said, using an Austrailian accent so that if my voice carried, no one would know it was me.

"Well, then plan something Cam. You need to beat them at their own game. Spying."