I was walking around outside of our dorm.

My phone beeped in my pocket. Funny, seeing as it has no reception right now.

I see you've been bad Cameron. Don't get close to Zach. Your job is to kill him, not love him. - Catherine

I immediately started to dial the very familiar number, hoping she picked up.

"Hello Cameron" the woman's voice said through the reciever.

"Jane, she's onto us."

Before I switch POV's, remember Jane? Jane Calder?


I ran my hand along the rails of the stairs, thinking to myself. Cammie and Zach. Perfect couple right?

Then, I started to think, 'Does Cammie even know about his lunatic mother Catherine?'. If she finds out, she won't be a very happy camper.

Macie came barreling up the stairs towards me. "Bex, I thought we were going to go watch some 007?"

"Oh yeah" I said, letting her drag me up the stairs. She stopped abruptly as we heard Cammie say, "Jane, she's onto us."

"Woah, what do you reckon she's up to" I asked.

"No clue, but I do intend to find out. Eventually" Macey said. She pulled me into our dorm.

I sat as Macey started James Bond: Skyfall. The baginning credits started by the time Mace was out.

Dang. She's got a short attention span.

I opened the door and stepped into the hall.

Cammie had her arms crossed, back turned to me. "How much of that did you hear" she asked.

"The part about someone being onto you. And a girl named Jane" I answered, knowing that if I lied, she'd pick up on that.

"You cannot repeat that to anyone" Cammie said, facing me. "That is classified. I should've paid more attention."

"Who is Jane" I asked.

"You'd need level seven clearance. You don't have it" Cammie said. "I do."

"What aren't you telling us Cam" I demanded as she walked away.

"The less you know, the safer you are" she said.

What does she mean by that. Getting the information from her would be difficult now that her guard is up even more.

Zach POV (Blackthorne Boys have different POV signs)

Cammie actually let me kiss her.

Since the first day when she was actually a challenge to my skills, I've liked her. Never before did I know someone who made me feel like I was knocked flat on my back. Maybe that's because Cammie did knock me flat on my back.

I love everything about here, as cheesy as it sounds. She's what I've always wanted.

Bex had been right. A few days ago, she'd said something was up with Cam. I can tell there is.

Cameron Morgan isn't who we think she is. She's got secrets that I'll probably never figure out. I've got secrets I'll never let her find out about.

Our world is odd like that. I just don't know how long I can keep all of these secrets and emotions from her.