When Victoria and Riley had attacked them while the pack battled the newborns, Bella had simply expected to find an opportunity to act as the "Third Wife".

When Riley had injured Seth, she took the opportunity, slicing her arm hoping desperately to distract the vampire attackers.

What Bella had not taken into account was the scent of her blood would distract Edward as well. He reacted when Victoria sprung for Bella, just exactly too late.

Just exactly too late to stop Victoria from biting Bella, just exactly too late to catch Victoria when she fled and he pursued her, just exactly too late to stop Bella's conversion when he returned.

Three Days Later

Bella's conversion had been painful, but short as these things go. Edward and the rest of the family had been astonished by her self control when she'd emerged from her agonies.

All these were, in their own way, small blessings.

Jacob, in the way of the Quileute shapeshifters, had healed remarkably quickly from his injuries suffered during the battle. It was at this point he decided he should go visit the newly changed Bella.

The pack had taken a wait and see approach as to Bella, she had been changed against her will and not by the Cullens, the pack knew beyond doubt from Seth's shared memories of the incident.

Leah had insisted upon accompanying Jacob, perhaps from some sense of guilt over her role in his injuries. This invariably meant Seth would as well.

The three of them approached the Cullen's home in human form, an olive branch of sorts they were extending and were greeted by the Cullens in the front yard, the family flanking Bella, who was resplendent in her new vampire form, scarlet eyes sparkling.

Something passed between Bella and Leah , something more than significant.

Seth and Jacob expressed astonished looks and Edwards expression turned to one of anguish.

"When you said you'd step aside if I could make her happier Edward, " Jacob finally said, "Now's your chance to prove it."

Somewhere in the woods nearby, a flame haired beauty observed.

A/N I wanted to try a few new things here. Tell a story entirely in the third person. Deal with the oddest, yet one of the more compelling, love triangles I can think of. I was very terse with my prose as I really just wanted to get things underway...My last story was fairly successful but this one may be a reach …... please let me know if you'd like to see it continued.