So as I was watching Santa Clause 3 with a friend…I realized something. If it's been 12/13 years since Jack became Santa…where is his wife? Surely the "second clause" occurred…so he would have had to marry to keep being Santa that long! Within the first eight years, in fact. Frost would have to have been married…4 years by the time Scott comes around. So I decided to mess with this idea a bit, loose and all.

Summary: Jack Frost had eight years to marry when he stole Santa's coat. Scott appears to stop Frost in the twelfth year. So who does Jack charm? Perhaps a woman who worships Jack Frost – maybe being a winter spirit isn't too bad.

The first chapter/prelude is just to see how many people would be interested in the idea. :) Favs, follows, and reviews are appreciated!

"The card holder acknowledges

a woman of his choosing..."

"True love... Not valid

in the state of Utah..."



There was a pregnant silence that both Bernard and Curtis hated. They knew how their boss worked. They knew Santa's temper. And on some level, they had contemplated not mentioning this Mrs. Clause so that the de-santa-fication would occur to Jack. But the man was smart and recalled just around the seventh year on the eleventh month that there was something else on the card.

As to how he could have known, for the text was painfully small, to put it lightly, the elves did not know. Still, Santa knew. And this Santa was Jack Frost. And he was currently kicking himself for not doing something about this earlier. But what could he do?

Oh…right…get married. Find a woman, and then get married.

And if he didn't get going, he'd lose all he wanted and tricked for.

"So then what exactly do you suggest I do?" Jack hissed as he paced.

Bernard glanced at Curtis, clearly reluctant to speak up despite his job. Curtis, however, was the one who voiced the options. "You can stay here and do nothing. Or you can go out while we run the place."

"Oh yes, plenty of the moms that come here would love to marry you." Bernard mumbled.

Yet the idea of marrying a mother was…less than appealing. "And I have to be in love as well?" His nose crinkled, his hand running over his icicle hair. The only person he really loved was…well, himself.

"Yes." Both the elves chimed in.

Jack sat down and looked around, his irritation rising by the minute. Now he had a moth…perhaps he'd have a dating service; photos of women sent to him and…no. He suspected he'd only attract the…crazies. "Pack my bags and ready the sleigh." Jack jumped up. "I'm leaving for the month."