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The Sweetest Taboo

By Benny Jude Road and momoXvolturi

You give me; you give me the sweetest taboo

You give me; you're giving me the sweetest taboo

Too good for me

There's a quiet storm

And it never felt this hot before

Giving me something that's taboo…

(Sometimes I think you're just too good for me)

~ Sade

I Just Know

The Volturi were known by many names over the years…some completely ridiculous and others holding a little truth. But never were they called imbeciles.

And yet the thought that…a baby vampire wanted to test them as if so…well Aro couldn't hide his amusement when Jane gave their friend a mere taste of their power.

The sight of the boy caused a spark of irritation within Aro. Aro was not a deliberate cruel man but when challenged, he was a dangerous man.

As the boy withered on the floor gasping in pain a small smirk graced Aro's features. Caius amusement was apparent by his low chuckle. Marcus disregarded the scene all together.

Aro was enjoying himself…until an annoyingly screeching sound interrupted him. The infuriated sound was coming from Edward's human, Isabella.

"No, please, please, please" she continued to chant and scream clutching herself with a desperation so raw and genuine it captured Aro's attention. Yet he knew business was first, his amusement was satisfying enough for the day.

Now it was time to discover the extent to the girl's shield.

"Jane dear," he called softly beckoning his weapon's attention, "the girl?"

Jane gaze turned towards Bella, with a malicious smirk gracing her features at the prospect of hurting another.

Bella cringe, awaiting the pain that was going to be place upon her in seconds…yet nothing happen.

The once cold malicious smirk was replaced by a fierce frown.

The throne room was quiet…until a nose that shocked everyone within the room, Aro's laugh.

Jane became aggravated that her precious Aro's attention was not upon her as it always was. Thus her anger moved her towards the feeble human. Only to be stopped by Aro's small gesture.

Standing gracefully with hands clasped together and a smirk upon his lips, he could easy resemble a child during the holiday seasons waiting for gifts and goodies of all sorts.

"Remarkable! Young Isabella confounds us all. What do we do with you now?" he tilted his head slightly as if contemplating a decision. Aro was one who planned exceptionally in advanced.

He knew what he would do with the human Isabella the moment she stepped into the throne room. Her fate was seal before she opened her mouth. Death was the fate dealt to her when she entered the castle of the almighty Volturi.

Seemingly bored of this whole situation, Marcus answered the unspoken question.

"You already know what you'll do, Aro"

"She knows too much; she's a liability," Caius not one to be upstaged added his say.

Aro sighed forlornly, " That's true…unless Edward intends to give her immortality…" Aro trailed off expectantly looking towards Edward.

Edward looked perplexed remaining silent.

Shacking his head sadly Aro spoke his judgment.

"Shame…such a waste. Felix, kill the girl then the boy and his sister Alice," Aro dismissed with a small gesture of his hand.

Felix made his way towards Bella in a menacing way Edward shifted prepared to fight for his love.

Instantly the mood of the room changed as the sounds of the throne doors pushed open.

A smooth voice echoed through the room…though it was low it demanded attention. The female's tone was slightly deep with a harmonic rasp to it. It held a strong energetic evocative tone to it.

But to the three Volturi kings the voice was heavenly music to their ears.

"Isabella Marie Swan…soon to be Cullen, if Eddie grows the balls to voice the BIG question," a low sultry chuckle rang. All eyes turned to the human woman entering the room.

Her complexion could easily be compared to warm caramel that seems to glow with the divine scent of spices that was entrancing to every single vampires thirst in the room.

Her features and figure was not that of the classical beauty that most women in the castle possessed…hers was exotic.

High cheekbones with a slight pointed chin that held a very regal characteristic. It was her eyes that was entrancing emerald catlike eyes with natural arched eyebrows that seem mystical. Her ebony hair was pulled into a tight bun on top of her head.

The orange wrap around dress molded her curves perfectly showing off her long stunning legs her arms swung with the motion to the tempo of her steps.

Nude color pumps clicked against the marble floor her walk held a confidence and style that was equal to the immortals in the room.

"Isabella Marie Swan, preferable Bella, born on September 13, 1987…ohhh," Aaliyah Nicole Amir cooed.

"Someone just had a birthday…didn't turn out well though hmm with Jasper trying to drink yah dry huh," she tasked.

"How'd you kn-"Bella was cut off, the presence of the woman slightly suffocating on the weak.

"As I was saying, age 18...so very young to be in such a mess, place of origin Forks Washington…dreary place really. Father name is Charlie Swan…chief of police and very single. Mother name, Renee Dwyer…remarried to some underrated baseball player. Parents married young due to an early pregnancy…"

She stopped and looked at Bella smirking slightly "You're going to have a very eventful year by the way."

"All in all…Bella Maria Swan has lived a useless life and grown up to become an incompetent, clinging, subordinate, un-sustaining, debilitated, inconsistent oxymoron. Whose been drawn into a situation that's beyond her control by a manipulative little sheep boy…so in other words I'm fully agreeing with Caius about getting rid of the problem translation you…"

"Thank you…now Felix,"

"But…" Aro stopped Felix in mid-step.

"But every cause has an effect…and this effect is going to be a major headache something that you don't want right now."

Aaliyah now standing beside Aro stared boringly at the three before her. Aro grabbed her hand as her thoughts came to him in waves seeing the effects that his actions would cause…it wasn't pretty at all yet rather annoying.

Loyalty, Aro thought, highly overrated.

He turned to her with a smile that was a constant companion to his face more so than Renate.

"Thank you dearest," he said as he let go of her hand rather reluctantly. Aro looked towards the two immortals and human.

"It seems like my dearest Liyah has informed me of some rather interesting information. Due to this your lives will be spared…for now. I suggest you show gratitude."

Aro spoke in a soft tone with his ever present smile yet his tone held warning in it. There was no doubt in any of their mind that they had an option of showing gratitude.

"Thank you Ms. Aaliyah for speaking on our behalf," Edward, the ever present gentlemen bow slightly.

It sounded genuine to the untrained ears but to Aaliyah and the rest of the guard there was a bitter and disrespectful air about his words.

"We are grateful Aaliyah" Alice said with a joyous smile on her face.

Aaliyah rolled her eyes.

Just as Bella began to speak of her appreciation, Aaliyah raised her hand silencing the timid girl.

Bella was slightly put off by Aaliyah's demanding attitude. Bella took the notice that the girl who seemed just as human as her was held in the same high esteem as the vampire king's.

This upset Bella, she knew she was a shield or at least that's what she was told. Bella thought from what Edward told her she was supposed to be powerful, important, and special.

Yet Aro, the supposed collector of gifts, order her execution within the blink of an eye. This baffled Bella because in contrast Aro was treating this other woman as if she was a Goddess. This sparked jealously within Bella, and Aaliyah cutting her off made it no better.

"I have heard enough fake appreciation today just don't make me regret it" Aaliyah sighed out shaking her head.

Aaliyah was not a mean person, by far. But she was not a person to show fake kindness to anyone. If you rubbed her the wrong way you would know it.

Aaliyah didn't dislike the Cullen's she didn't know them, on a personal level at least. She never held a conversation with them, she couldn't judge them based on the facts of their life that her gift provided her with.

But the simple fact of the matter was they broke the law. It wasn't whether she liked them or not, THEY BROKE THE LAW.

That was the bases of Aaliyah's less than friendly attitude.

The law states that no human should know of the existents of vampires. Aaliyah was an exception but not the rule. The rule was that any human that knows of the vampire's existent must be killed or turned. Bella Marie Swan was neither.

Aaliyah was not a cold-hearted person as far as Aaliyah was concerned if the mind reader wanted something to keep his cold skin warm at night then more power to him.

But what ticked Aaliyah off the most was the fact that he thought that he was above the law because his family only drunk animal blood and had "humanity". These were Aaliyah's thoughts and it fueled her irritation.

Aro's small chuckled broke the tense air. "Liyah my darling play nice. Little Edward, Alice you may take your human and leave but wait until dark before you departure…for obvious reasons" Aro added his eyes twinkling in amusement.

"It was indeed an interesting meeting I bid you safe departure" Marcus added in his slow measured tone. Yet there was shockingly a small twinkle in his eyes only present when Aaliyah was within the room. He seemed to be in a more playful mood.

"Aaliyah's graces should not be disrespected, I expect the human to be turned within a month's time. The Volturi do not offer second chances. This is your first and last warning break the law again and no force on this earth will be able to protect you…or you're human" Caius hissed a vicious smirk on his face as the Bella flinched at the snarled words.

The Cullen's left through the door with hurried steps Bella squashed between the two in a false act of protection.

"Good bye my friends" Aro called tittering slightly.

"Seriously Aro" Aaliyah sighed out shaking her head starting to walk out of the same doors. An arm shot out hooking around her elbow. Aaliyah turned slowly raising a mock eye brow.

"And where do you think you're going" Caius asked suddenly appearing in front of her. His condescending smirk gone replaced by his less condescending smirk.

"To set your sectary straight she's been making too many mistakes and I'm tired of doing her work and mines." Aaliyah huffed pulling a little more insistently from Aro.

"Poor Aaliyah" Caius cooed mockingly. "Would you like me to eat her?"

"That's a little over the top don't you think" Aaliyah countered before walking out of the ball room in a hurry before the Volturi King's got in too much of a playful mood. She was almost out the door before she heard Aro shout.

"Hurry back dear we have much to discuss."

Aaliyah couldn't help but to shack her head while closing the door behind her. She could see the three seating in the chairs that occupied the left side of the lobby.

It could be considered comical how the two vampires seat in-between the girl taking the place more like guard dogs then anything.

She had waste plenty of her time on them already she wasn't going to waste anymore of it.

Turning to Gianna, who seat at her desk throwing goo-goo eyes at the boy who was currently talking to his girlfriend. Her eyes landed on the paperwork that was on the desk that haven't even look as if she bother to do it.

Aaliyah was already annoyed…but this right here was the icing on the cake.

"And this is the reason why you can't get your work done? While you're throwing goo-goo eyes at him your work have yet to be done so I advise you to get to working on it without any mistakes! I'm not going to do your work and mines I have a life you know" she said as she fold her arms and looked at Gianna.

"I-I-I'm…" Gianna was cut off by the very voice that Aaliyah did not want to hear at the moment…Edward Cullen.

"You shouldn't speak to her in such away…after all…" but he was cut off as quickly as he spoke.

"Mind your business! I think Bella have a thought process that she needs your help to figure out," she said coldly dismissing him altogether.

"Get this done today and make sure that you look through it before handing it over to me. I'm not going to be bother with anymore of your mistakes," she said as she walked away.

"Wait!" came the sound of Isabella Marie Swan.

Aaliyah couldn't help but be amused that when the girl stood up so did the other two.

"Yes?" her eyebrow raised questioningly at the timid girl before her.

"Why are you so nasty?" she said looking at Aaliyah with such dislike that the other woman could careless.

"I simply do not like incompetence,"

"You don't even know me…" here is where she had to cut the girl off.

"Your right I don't know you but from what I've seen you are a very incompetent person," as she once again attempt to walk away.

"How do you know all this?" came the bell like voice of Alice.

Aaliyah turn to them with a smile upon her face…it was a warm and confident smile.

"I simply know things," and with that she went about her business.

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