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I gotta ask myself. What's it gon'be, babe. Am I gon' save myself. What's it go'be? I gotta make decisions, I gotta ask myself. What's it gon' be, babe Am I gon' save myself What's it gon' be? ~ Robin Thicke

Ask Myself

Today she was going back to her duties. Aaliyah couldn't hide herself in her quarters forever; due to her having unwelcome dreams of herself and the vampire leaders. Responsibility called for her to get back to her duties in running the castle and being the eyes and ears of the vampire world.

She couldn't allow her chaotic and obscure emotions she felt for the leaders get in the way of her duty. She was a grown woman that could function perfectly in front of three very grown men…that she so happen wanted to have sex with-correction- she wanted to have mind blowing orgasmic once in a life time fulfilling sex with.

Aaliyah shook her head; she was going to clear her mind of anything that concern sex. She had to be sharp as a razor today, because if she slipped up around anyone she was surely going to die with humiliation of the strongest kind.

The Victoria Beckham black silk and wool-blend crepe dress made her looked very conservative showing little- too- no-skin adding Valentino capped toe pumps to bring out the outfit even more. Her hair was placed in a sloppy bun on top of her head and the only accessary were the ten-carat diamond stud earrings Caius had given her on her sixteen birthdays.

She looked at herself in the mirror.

"You're acting childish Aaliyah! You're a grown logical woman, so start acting like one."

Straighten upright she stepped out of her chambers preparing herself for whatever the day was going to throw at her.

. . . . . .

The skin they caress should've been smooth to their touch, yet it felt like pins pricking at their fingers. They imagine the alluring scent of spices capturing their senses, but the scent was neither spices nor alluring. It was artificial and overpowering scent that burned their senses to near extinction.

Her touch should've been warm sending endearing feelings of love to their cold bodies. Yet her touches were as cold as their bodies and the only feeling they felt from her was unadulterated feeling of lust.

Her lips weren't as plump and sweet as they thought; they weren't plump and the taste was dull.

Being with her should have been stimulating and exciting; making love to their mate should've felt right.

Being with her was neither stimulating nor exciting this was simply an animalistic fuck that bought more physical pain to them throughout their whole lifespan. But the beautiful dream of her was worth all the pain. Preferring this physical pain to the emotional one. On the break of an orgasm they both said the name of the woman that seem to be burned into their skin and mind.

Releasing her from their grip they fell on the bed trying to regain their body and mind in order.

Aro was the first to regain his control before Caius. Moving off the bed with swift motions wrapping himself in a crimson robe. Caius soon followed his lead and went to redress himself.

Dissatisfaction washed over them their physical thirst had been put to ease, but not squashed.

They could hear her mumble quietly that even their own immortal ears couldn't pick up. The silent whispers that were coming from her were making their sour mood even worse.

Aro was the first to inquire after her before Caius snapped her neck.

"What in gods name are you saying," he said nonchalant

She had stopped her mumbling the quiet words turned into her clearing her voice.

"I'm sorry masters…but…but…my name is Valentina, not Aaliyah."

. . . . .

Aaliyah had gone through all the paperwork that seems to build over the two weeks she was on leave within minutes. And telling by the time it was twelve o'clock in the afternoon; she went to the adjacent room that connected to her office.

Inside were monitors all over the walls each showing a different news channel from all over the world.

Her duty was to find a story that seem out of place and that required the Volturi's immediate attention.

Aaliyah interest had been on KOMO News a broadcast station in Seattle Washington. Ever since the little meeting with the Cullen children and their human Aaliyah had kept a close watch on the vampire name Victoria who seeks revenged for the lost of her mate. From what she gathers of Eddy's memory courtesy of Aro; she could tell that the bound that the vampire Victoria had with the deceased vampire named James was strong, but not strong on his part.

She couldn't help, but to shake her head men were no good whether mortal or immortal they still were dogs.

She did have to say that Victoria was strong and smart; but she was a woman rule by her emotions instead of thinking clear. And that was her downfall her future was very clear to Aaliyah.

Emotions were strong they could be your downfall or lead you to grace, but it was how you control them…never allow them to control you.

She took a seat in the chair that was center in the middle using the universal remote to flick all the monitors on to the news channel. She just needed to see if Victoria made her move and then her profile would be finished and she could go to the Aro, Caius, and Marcus about it.

She looked on mindlessly as the anchor talked about weather, traffic, and other stories that held no interest to her.

"Another person has gone missing…"

Aaliyah stopped her eyes now on the monitors.

" 30 years old, Yolanda Davis, went missing last Friday night after leaving dinner with a group of friends. Authorities believe her disappearance is connected to the many disappearance of Settle residences. If you have any further information please call 1-800- Crime- Stoppers. "

"With string of disappearance and murders in Seattle local and state officials are seeking federal government help-"

Aaliyah turned the monitors off. Her mind was racing with the new intriguing information that she just learnt. Most importantly, it brought out a certain curiosity that she needed to sooth and the library was the only place with the answer.

. . . .

Stepping out the adjacent room her office doors were being open resounded through the room. She looked to see servants and Antony one of the head servants. In each of their hands they were bearing gifts; a vase of her favorite flowers Tiger Lilies, a royal blue box with an gold ribbon on top, while another held a tray with tumbler's covering the food.

Aaliyah already knew who sent her such; it was more of a habit of them to spoil her with such. She knew that Aro was the one who sent her the Tiger Lilies with a note that read I thought you would want a reminder of yourself, Liyah. Caius brought her expensive chocolate treats with a note that read If you should have an headache or feel light-head eat a piece of chocolate dearest.

Marcus made sure the chiefs created her favorite meal with a note that read I want you to regain your energy love… don't over exhort yourself.

The gifts and notes were so simply, yet the meaning behind them was so heartfelt. It was clear reminder that they were worry about her. Then her mind went back to Annalisa statement.

"Have you ever thought that they might have feelings for you Aaliyah?"

It was like ice-cold water running down her spine…as she thought over her friend statement and what she knew the kings had written on the note for her.

She waited for the servants to place the items where she usually kept them; the flowers and chocolates next to each other on the table, while the tray of food would be place on the table where she took her lunch.

When the last of the servants departed Aaliyah quickly moved to read each note. And like she predicted in perfect beautiful script all three men left the normal message. But what caught her attention was each mans pet name for her Liyah, dearest, and love.

She hadn't really thought much about them-well- until now the funny part she didn't remember when they started calling her such. Simply flying over her head, because it felt right to be call such by them.

Three men who were so aloof and dangerous towards others somehow could be the sweetest and warmest men to her.

She shook her head there was no time to soul search; she was going to enjoy her lunch and then she was going to go to the library...but then again she couldn't help hearing Annalisa voice… "They might have feelings for you Aaliyah."

. . . . .

The day had finally ended and Aaliyah couldn't be more relieved. It was her first day taking charge of her family post.

Years of training from her parents and grandmother, made her go through the day with ease. Yet, she couldn't deny that it could be very exhausting to say the least. She seat in her newly acquired office.

Her heels were discarded, the soft sound of Miles Davis "Flamenco Sketches" were being played in the background, while she seat in one of the chairs with her legs propped up on the window steal.

The view of the city was simply peaceful during this time of night…it was a perfect way to end a long hectic day.

The sound of the door cracked throughout the room. Aaliyah assume it was one of the supervisors leaving paperwork for her to look over.

"Place it on my desk I'll look over it in a while," she spoke out her eyes still captivated by the view before her.

"Liyah, dear, your dedication has always been admirable, but I think you should call it a night," she turned in the chair to see an amused Aro Volturi standing before her.

"Aro," a smile had formed as she looked at him.

"I was taking my nightly walks around the castle when I came across your office and noticed your heartbeat."

"Aro, I could've been anyone if you were going by my heartbeat," she shook her head disproving.

"On the contrary my dear, your heartbeat is very unique," he smiled at her and diverted his eyes to find something to distract himself.

Aaliyah was silent for sometime looking at the strange immortal before her.

"I didn't know you were fond of Tiger Lilies?" he said she smiled knowing he was trying to change the subject so humor him.

"Yes, its my favorite flower,"

"Like most lilies they symbolize mercy, compassion, kindness, and unconditional love…very dull wouldn't you think dear," he chuckled softly than he looked at Aaliyah as she shook her head.

"Yet the tiger lily is as different and beautiful in its own right than the rest. For it represents the aggressive and powerful aspects of the feminine. It holds energy, enthusiasm, and balance, and as beautiful it maybe it can be deadly…I must say my dear the tiger lily represents you perfectly."

"Why thank you Aro, please seat with me for a while," she asked without any hesitation Aro took a seat in the chair next to her.

The sound of "Flamenco Sketches" ended with Louis Armstrong "You Go to My Head" started to play.

"What a fulfilling way to end the day," her eyes were still on the view with her body very aware of Aro's presence.

"How so dearest?"

"A peaceful night with a beautiful view accompany along with relaxing music…that is what I call a fulfilling way to end the day. I can also add on having the right person to enjoy it with you," she smiled at Aro as she kept to the view.

"I have to agree with you, dearest," he said as his hand rested on top of hers.

. . . . .

"Where have you been Aaliyah?" Felix said circling her. Amusement was written all over her features as she followed the lofty immortal.

"Did you miss me Felix?" a smirk spread to her lips.

"Terribly," his features matching hers as stare down at her.

"I'm glad to know that,"

"Had I known you weren't feeling well I would've come to…fix it," she let out a soft giggle as she shook her head at him.

"You're just asking for trouble,"

"When it comes to you Aaliyah its always worth it,"

"Then you wouldn't mind escorting me to the library?"

"The library, why Aaliyah I knew you were a risky one, but I never thought you were that risky to do such in the library," his crimson eyes glowing even brighter with the smirk that was already plaster on his features growing larger.

"I said escort me to the library, no one said we were going to partake in anything else,"

"One of these days I'm not going to offer such again," he said holding out his arm for her.

"Really?" she said taking it as they proceed to walk down the hallway towards the library.



"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity Aaliyah that you're foolishly going to miss out on," he persists.

"Then I'll take it with a grain of salt then," he chuckled.

"Out of all the human woman that grace this castle throughout the centuries only the Amir women ignore my advances."

"That means the women in my family have common sense."

"I will take that as a complement," Aaliyah simply shook her head at him. She could feel tense sensation that only a headache brought about.

Her right hand slide inside her pocket pulling out one of the chocolate Caius brought her unloosening the wrapper she pull the chocolate drop in her mouth.

"I didn't expect you to have a sweet tooth," Felix said casually.

"I'm not, but the only time that I eat any chocolate is when I have a headache," she said, "and a certain person persists that I should eat only expensive chocolate."

A smile came to her face unknowingly as she thought about his reason.

"Why is that?" Felix said curiously.

"That person thinks that if its expensive it would work quick," she laughed softly

. . . . .

"Your distracting me," his voice nonchalant as ever.

Aaliyah had looked up at him confusion written over her features as she stared at the callus immortal that was stirring colors for the piece he was working on.

"Sorry," she said softly rubbing her hands to her temples trying to sooth the aching pain that she was experiencing at this moment.

"And once again you're doing so,"

She could feel her annoyance perk; any other day that she had with Caius her temperament was amiable. But the pain of a headache and the confusion as to how she was districting him was making her a little annoyed.

Suddenly she felt her hands being pushed aside only to be replacing by cool fingers rubbing her temples in small circular motions.

The smell of the rustic paints he was mixing combine with his natural scent took over her senses. She looked up to see dull crimson eyes staring at her.

"You've raised your hands to your temples several times in the last hour," his cool breathes caressing her skin. The sensation of his hands massaging away the pain and his cool breath made her eyes close and the warm feeling of content washed over her.

"The soft jiggling of your bracelets are distracting me," he said softly.

"I'm sorry Caius, I have a slight headache and I forgot to grab some chocolates off my desk."

"Why didn't you say so early Aaliyah,"

"You were painting and I know how you are when your painting," a small smile on her face as she look at him.

It was the type of smile that captured his cold heart and for a second he'll think it was beating.

"I don't care dearest, if your feeling ill tell me," she shook her head.

"Do your head still hurt,"

"Slightly," before she had even blink Caius had disappeared and the sound of items being moved about in his storeroom could be heard. Baffle by his sudden disappearance she stood from the window seat when Caius appeared again in front of her.

She had gone to speak when she felt herself being lifted from the ground and being carried bridal style his arms.

"Caius-" when he cut her off.

"There is no purpose to argue dearest, for my mind is set I've made a plate on one of the sofa's in the storeroom for you to take a nape," he said as he carried her to the back.

Aaliyah knew he was a man of his word and knowing Caius he'll lock her in there until she took a nape.

"Do you have to carry me I can walk you know?" she said raising an eyebrow at him. A slow mischievous smirk appeared on his face that made her heart flutter.

"And why would I simply let an opportunity such as this to slip by," she shook her head at him entering the storeroom that was equal in size to his studio.

Walking towards the area he set up for her to rest he laid her down. Taken her heels off and placing a blanket over her. She couldn't help, but smile at the sweet gesture. The plush silk pillows and the velvet blanket that cover were already making her headache subdue slightly.

Caius lean over her moving a strain of hair from her face, "Sleep all you want,"

"Thank you, Caius," she said already on the break of sleep. Caius looked at her once more before he place a kiss on top of her forehead.

. . . . .

Minutes had turn into hours as she looked though several different texts on newborns, newborn armies, and mating bounds.

The interesting subject was the power of the mating bound between immortals. It was nothing like the cheesy romance novels she had read as a teenager. Soul mates were nothing to take lightly if you were immortal. Once you felt that mating bound towards a person there was no such thing as the other person.

Having intercourse with someone else other than your mate could bring excruciating physical pain to your body as if your body was being push into acid.

Even being away from your mate for a long period of time could cause hallucinations of their mate. The worst scenario is madness, which could only come about with the death of your mate by something or someone.

That didn't mean the mating bound happen to both parties, sometimes only one person can feel the bound, while the other cannot.

Despite her many years living in a castle filled with immortals there were still plenty of information that Aaliyah didn't know. And she found it very interesting indeed.

She had seat there feeling very content; she had been showered with sweet gifts that brought along even sweeter memories along with a delicious lunch that had satisfy her appetite.

Marcus was always looking out for her, whether big or small, she could always count on him the most.

. . . . .

She had come down with one of the worst fevers of her life. The two weeks that she lay in bed fighting the fever and doing work was draining. And yet, Aaliyah pushed on with the little energy that she had.

It was the third week, and her fever had gone down somewhat for her to look over some documents. Seating up in bed with files scattered over her bed and boxes of tissues. Aaliyah went about doing her work when she heard a knocking at her bedroom door.

"Come in," her eyes on the documents in hand.

The sound of her bedroom door opening gentle and the sound of heavy feet falling on the ground could be heard.

"Love you should be resting, not working," said the calming nurturing voice that she could listen too none stops.

She looked up to see Marcus with his hand holding a silver tray.

"Who said I was working? What if reading these documents is a way to past my time," she smiled.

Marcus made a face that made her laugh softly as he walked towards the bed.

"I thought since you've been sick you didn't have much of an appetite. So, I had the chiefs make you something," he set the tray on her lap.

"Thank you Marcus," she said as she looked at the tray in questions seeing several tumblers on the tray.

Marcus notice the puzzle glint in her eyes and he spoke up, "I had the chief make some of your favorite meals, which ever one you had a taste for was right there. You don't have to eat all of them love."

He set down next to her as he uncovered each plate of her favorite meals of Chicken Parmesan, Lamb with Rosemary sauce, and Blue Bread and Wild Rice soup were several.

She had decided to go with the Blue Bread and Wild Rice soup.

Aaliyah went to grab for the spoon, but she was beat by Marcus as he took to the spoon and dipped it in the bowl.

Taking it out and blowing on it softly. He looked at her as Aaliyah gave him a skeptical look.

"I promise not to make those noises that mothers do to their infant," she laughed shaking her head at him. Deciding to comply even though it was ridiculous...yet sweet and since this was Marcus she would do so willingly. Had it been one of his brothers, it would've been an absolutely no.

Opening her mouth he placed the spoon in her mouth enjoying the hearty taste of chicken broth, vegetables, wild rice, and chicken.

Marcus repeated the action until the bowl was halfway finished and there was only two slices of bread left on the plate.

"Mm-mm," her eyes closed as she licked her lips. She looked at Marcus with a smile full of grace.

Marcus retunes the gesture with his own subtle warmth that was only shown to Aaliyah.

"Thank you Marcus,"

"Your welcome love," he stood reaching for the tray Aaliyah stopped him.

"Are you going to stay awhile," she said with a soft yawn the warm satisfying feeling captured her.

"No love, you need your rest…. I simply came to make sure you ate," he smiled at her.

"Will thank you again Marcus," she said drafting to sleep.

"Sweet dreams love,"

. . . .

Her pace was measured and slow. She wasn't in a hurry, despite that her body seem to urge her to quicken her pace to see them.

No, she wanted to anticipate with seeing them face-to-face. More importantly she wanted to ponder more on her feelings and these newfound attraction to them.

She loved them distinctively in all respects. It would be unfair if she compared them all together. Three different personalities, three different ways of thinking, and three different egos' she could love them the same way.

Marcus was considerate, understanding, and knowing what to do.

Caius was very passionate, mischievous, and filled with fire that she wanted in a relationship.

Aro was very initiative, strong, charming man that she knew would provide for her and balance her. These were the traits she wanted.

As she racked through all her memories there wasn't one where she didn't have all of them or one of them. Each one was sweeter than the next.

"Have you ever thought that they might have feelings for you Aaliyah?"

Anna's remark creep back to her, but this time instead of thinking it pure foolishness she was contemplating more and more. The meaningful gifts, the pet names, and how they acted towards her.

She never thought about them having any feelings towards her. What was she to them? She was simply a human, whose family served them for generations. Aaliyah never thought she was a great beauty nor extremely bright that could capture a herd of men attention. Let alone three immortal men who happen to rule the immortal world.

The case of the matter she understood everyone had a type that they went after. The Volturi Leaders were no exception; she knew what each of them go for in woman. And she knew that she wasn't their type at all.

She shook her head as in away to get ride of the unsolicited thoughts. This was too depressing and confusing as it is, and her day was going well so far. She wasn't going to allow such negative thoughts kill her vibe.

She was going to greet them with all the charm and grace she could master, because in truth she really did miss their company.

Coming to their private chambers Aaliyah quietly knocked on the door. The mahogany doors open and she stepped inside.

"Aw, Liyah, dear has come back," said Aro with all the exuberance that he was infamously known for. Standing from his throne he walked towards her.

"Aro," her smile subtle, yet still matched his. Aro took hold of her and place a kiss on each of her checks.

The spots where his lips rested were tingling, which slowly took over her whole face.

Caius stood from his chair with a cunning smirk walk towards her and Aro.

"Have our Liyah come out of hiding to return to the lions den,"

"I've miss you too Caius," she said as he took hold of her and wrapped her in his arms. Her heart dropped if it was possible, and the fact that she felt faint just being in his arms. His scent captured her senses sending soothing sensations through her.

His arms only lingered for sometime till Caius reluctantly releases her.

Aaliyah with the entire composer she could master swept the room with one glance noticed that Marcus was absent.

Before the question even slip from her tongue Aro spoke, "Marcus is detain with some important matter."

She nodded her head, "I have something for you guys," she smiled.

A mischievous smile was shared with the brothers as they looked at each other than to her.

"It concerns your favorite coven," she turns to walk towards the table with Aro and Caius following behind her.

"I'm beginning to find Carlisle's coven terribly annoying," Caius nonchalant in an aspirating tone.

"Brother," Aro softly chuckle.

"I won't disagree with you on that, but I think you want to see this," she gave them her reports.

Caius and Aro skimmed through them.

"I think that human is worth more trouble than useful," said Caius dejectedly.

"All this trouble and he didn't even bed her yet," Aro said shaking his head. "To confuse your singer as a mating bond shows how little Carlisle have taught his progeny. Either way we have to handle this situation before it gets out of hand. "

"Like the Southern Wars," Caius said dejectedly as he closed the folder and dropped on the table.

"Thank you dearest as always-" Aro was interrupted by the banging of the doorknockers slamming against the door.

Both he and Caius looked towards the doors with a sharp expression. Caius like always features were readable with his annoyance and Aro the master of collectiveness expression didn't break a stress line.

Aaliyah looked towards the doors wondering who had the nerve to interrupt them. Everyone knew the system of when the leaders were not to be disturbed especially when they were having a meeting with Aaliyah.

The sound of heels clicking loudly against the stone floor echo throughout the room as a woman walked through the open doors.

Aaliyah took in the sight of the woman; she was a very petite in shape, the heels she wore only made her even taller than she already was. Her complexion was a perfect tan; her mahogany tresses were pinned in the back with her bangs scoping back. When it came to her features she would be consider beautiful.

And as Aaliyah observe and absorbed all the information that was coming from this woman. It was obvious she was their new secretary, but Aro and Caius were also sharing her.

The woman had all the characteristics that both Aro and Caius like. Her emotions were shutdown as reality once again washes over her like cool rain in spring.

"While you were out my dear we've found a new secretary," said Aro as he looked at the secretary, "Valentina, meet Aaliyah."

The woman features change from blank to give her one of the most smudge expression that Aaliyah was always receiving from their secretaries.

And like always she had to put their asses back in line with a look that said, "Do not truffle with me, because I am not the one to be play with."

"Welcome Valentina," she said with smirk.

Valentina nodded her head the once smudge expression left her face at the very intimidating expression that Aaliyah was giving off.

Aaliyah turned towards Aro and Caius, "Excuse me Aro and Caius, I'll leave you guys with your secretary, you must have a lot of work to go over."

She didn't waste her time to let them respond as she walked away from them and out the throne room.

She walked further down away from the throne room and the preying eyes of immortals and mortals in the castle.

Her mood had gone sour and she still needed to see Marcus and give him the report. And she had no idea where he could be at around the castle.

Walking back to her office she say one of the maids that cleaned Marcus courters leaving out her office, probably leaving the day's report in her office.

"Carla," she said gaining the young woman's attention.

Carla stopped and bowed towards Aaliyah, "Miss Amir."

"Carla is Master Marcus in his quarters?"

"No, his been in the south wing all day and asked not to be disturb."

"His in the south wing?" Carla nodded her head.

"Thank you Carla you may go," she smiled the young lady nodded her head and walked away.

Aaliyah walked inside her office throwing her report down on her desk. Seating down dejectedly in her chair she thought over what Carla just said. She was going to have to give him that report tomorrow, because today was not going to be the day. Taking a look at her calendar today was the twenty-second.

"Of course…today is her birthday," she said quietly to herself.

The southern wing was Didyme's quarters, close off to everyone except Aro and Marcus. Like every year Marcus went to her quarters on her birthday and spend the whole day there.

This was the reality that she had to face. Whenever she thought about being with them or a sense of letting her guard down they always did something to make her put those walls back up tightly. Letting out a dejected sigh she stood from her chair she was going to call it a day, because right now she needed a nice glass of red wine, pop corn, and Scandal to get over her emotional state and watch someone's else.

"I'm going to kill Annalisa when I see here."