"Leave Fiona alone…she's an alcoholic."

The second the words come out of Imogen's mouth, Fiona freezes. This is exactly the secret that could ruin her chance of fitting in this year, and now it was out in the open for everyone to hear. "That's not funny, Imogen," Marisol responds, and Fiona sees no other option but to jump in as well. "Yeah, Imogen why would you make that up?" she says, meeting Imogen's eyes with a silent plea to stop pushing it. Imogen looks back at her with disappointment and hurt, but before she can say anything else, Owen is holding the flask in front of her, "well if it's not true…chug, chug, chug!"

The first gulp burns terribly, but once Fiona tastes it, she can't stop herself from finishing off the entire flask in just a couple of minutes. She hands it back, empty, to Owen who whistles and gives her a celebratory kiss on the cheek. Imogen is still watching her from across the room, her look of disappointment is still apparent, but one of worry has begun to replace it. Fiona gets up and suggests a senior prank, trying to distract herself, and Imogen, from what she has just done. When everyone cheers and begins to head out of the loft, Fiona pulls Owen aside and asks him if he has more tequila hidden somewhere, because once she starts drinking, she doesn't tend to stop. He says he is all out, but pulls his fake id from his wallet and suggests a pit stop on the way to degrassi. Fiona doesn't hesitate in agreeing, and hardly notices that Imogen follows them to the liquor store and then to the school.

By the time Fiona, Owen and Imogen make it to the school, the entire cafeteria is covered in tin foil and the other seniors are getting ready to leave. Fiona has polished off half of a bottle of tequila, and Owen is practically holding her up at this point. He sits her down at a table before joining the rest of the group and suggesting they all go to a late night diner the next town over. Suddenly, Drew comes sprinting down the hallway calling out "Guard! Security Guard in the building!" Everyone rushes towards the exit, but as Fiona tries to stand she realizes how intoxicated she is. She can barely see straight, let alone run with everyone else. Out of nowhere, a pair of hands grab her and help her shuffle to the door. While everyone is piling into Marisol and Drew's cars, Fiona realizes she is being lead away from the parking lot and onto a path that cuts through the woods behind the school.

A short way down the path she sees an old bench, and sits down to try and get herself together. This is when she comes face to face with Imogen, who was the one helping her out of the school. "My house isn't far, this is a shortcut. Once you make it there you can crash until the morning," Imogen says quietly, the look of concern and sadness on her face now blatantly apparent to Fiona. "I can just get a cab home," Fiona slurs, but Imogen quickly puts an end to it, "So you can keep drinking? I don't think so." Fiona glares at Imogen and rolls her eyes dramatically, "You don't have to take care of me, I didn't ask you to babysit" she spits out. "Oh so you rather be manhandled by Owen all night? Didn't realize you were into that again," Imogen shot back, unsure of why she was getting so angry when Fiona was clearly wasted. "How would you know what I'm 'into'? Just because you were a psycho who stalked Eli and overheard a few conversations does not mean you know me," Fiona countered, "and for the record I was manhandled once, except instead of kisses on the cheek from Owen, I got bruises from Bobby. So thanks for that." Fiona tries to stand but ends up falling back onto the bench thanks to her lack of balance. After an awkward moment of silence, Imogen breaks the ice, speaking in a gentle tone again, "I'm so sorry Fiona. I didn't know." Fiona meets her eyes and realizes that she is being genuine, and after all, the girl is here just because she wanted to make sure Fiona was okay. "I know. I'm sorry too. You aren't a psycho. You're actually a good friend," Fiona offers.

With that, Imogen pulls Fiona to her feet once again and they continue down the path. Once they reach Imogen's house, they manage to make it upstairs to her room without making too much noise, and when Imogen offers Fiona a shirt to sleep in, Fiona insists she will just sleep in her dress and collapses onto the twin size bed in the corner. "Suit yourself," Imogen mutters as she turns to her dresser, pulling out clothes for her to sleep in. She takes her glasses off and pulls her hair into a high bun before taking her dress off, standing only in shorts and a sports bra with her back to Fiona. Fiona catches this out of the corner of her eye, and realizes that Imogen has a really nice body – like really nice – and suddenly the way that she perceives her has started to change.

Imogen begins to make a bed for herself out of blankets and pillows on the floor when Fiona speaks up, "Why are you sleeping on the floor? There's plenty of room," she says as she pats the empty spot next to her on the tiny bed. Imogen glances up, "I didn't think you would want me in your personal space," she says as she continues to arrange pillows and blankets. "Oh I get it, sleeping next to the alcoholic lesbian might make her hit on you," Fiona mumbles, clearly still heavily intoxicated. Imogen's face softens as she stands up, "No, I just thought you Coyne's were used to having king size beds to yourselves," she smirks while saying it, and ends up crawling over Fiona and laying down next to her.

"You're really pretty" Fiona slurs before she ends up passing out, "I never noticed before". A moment passes before Imogen responds, almost inaudibly, "there's a lot you still haven't noticed." Her only response is silence.