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Fiona could hardly say she was surprised when Eli showed up at her door the next day. After a long, awkward silence, Eli was the first to speak, "Look I know about you and Imogen. If I had known earlier I would have never asked her to dinner." Fiona shrugged her shoulders, "She still said yes. It's not your fault." Eli sighed before responding, "Look I backed her into a corner, I insisted that we go out. The second I showed up at her house to pick her up she told me about everything that had happened with you. Then we came here so she could talk to you." Fiona's eyes went wide, shock riddled her voice as she spoke, "That's why she was here? She wasn't going to tell me that she was into you?" Eli snorted, an amused expression now on his face, "No, she is definitely not into me. She wanted to tell you that she was sorry for freaking out and ignoring you," he commented. Fiona groaned and threw herself onto her couch, "and instead she was greeted with Charlie and I making out in the elevator," she replied. Eli took a seat next to the socialite, surprised, "Charlie? As in scooter girl from last year?" he questioned. Fiona nodded her head miserably, burying her head in her hands, and mumbled, "I totally messed this up. What do I do? She must hate me." Eli decided to level with her, as he replied, "Look, you both made mistakes in handling this. Go talk to her. Just lay it all out." Fiona hopped off the couch, pulling on a pair of shoes and grabbing her bag, "Thank you Eli. Seriously" she said. Eli headed to the door, but before he left he called out, "She's sketching in the woods by the school. You didn't hear it from me. Oh, and she actually loves red roses, no matter how cliché she claims they are." Fiona smiled at him gratefully as she pulled on her coat.

After stopping at the florist and buying the most expensive bouquet of roses available, Fiona began her search for the other girl by walking along the path that the duo had walked along at the very beginning of the year. When Fiona came across the bench where she had tried to collect herself that night, she found Imogen, hard at work, nose buried in her sketchbook. Fiona wasn't sure how exactly she was supposed to start the conversation, so she settled by saying a simple, "Hey." Imogen stopped sketching, but didn't bother to look up or acknowledge Fiona before she continued with her work, ignoring her. Fiona sighed and carefully sat down next to Imogen, placing the flowers in between them. "Imogen, we have to talk. It's long overdue," Fiona tried, watching the girl draw, hoping that she could somehow make everything right again. "Red roses. How cliché," was Imogen's only response, despite the fact that her sideways glance had lingered on the flowers curiously.

"Look, I screwed up, Immy," Fiona managed to choke out, her voice cracking a bit, the vulnerability painfully obvious, "but you have to understand, I was hurt. You wouldn't talk to me after…after we… and then I heard you were going out with Eli and I just…I just wanted something to numb the pain…and drinking wasn't an option so…" The younger girl was facing Fiona now, "so you had sex with some random girl?" Imogen finished for her, bitterness oozing out of her eyes. "No, no Charlie and I didn't sleep together. Not last night anyways…she's not exactly a random girl. We dated last year," Fiona tried explaining, but she realized very quickly that it just sounded worse. "Oh, so we sleep together, and two days later you call up your ex for a quickie? Sorry I ruined the mood," Imogen spat out as she stood, gathering her things, preparing to leave. "No it wasn't like that, I just ran into her…god it doesn't even matter. What matters is that I am so, so sorry for last night. I should have just tried to talk to you. But you ignored me after that night… your phone was off. That hurt, Immy, that really, really hurt," Fiona pleaded, trying to get the other girl to understand that she wasn't the only one who had handled everything badly.

Imogen stopped gathering her stuff and met Fiona's gaze, while her shoulders dropped, "I know I shouldn't have just left you there. And I'm sorry you heard about the whole Eli thing and got the wrong idea…but I needed time to process, time to figure out my emotions. Time to figure out what my feelings for you meant and the consequences of that," Imogen finished. "I thought you didn't care what other people think?" Fiona questioned, a small hint of hurt in her voice. "I don't," Imogen said, "But I care what I think about myself." Fiona let out a bitter laugh before responding, "So basically I was just some experiment." Imogen's face softened, as she spoke, "No.. I didn't mean it like that. I just wanted to get my thoughts in order... I wanted to make sure that when I told you I wanted to be with you, that I meant it, and that when I told you I loved you, I meant it. Like really meant it…because I do." Fiona was silent, looking at Imogen with blank expression, as if she couldn't register what the other girl had just said. Imogen smiled slightly and walked towards Fiona, wrapping her arms around the other girl's neck before speaking, "I love you, Fiona Coyne. And I am so sorry I ever made you feel like I didn't."

It took Fiona less than a second to lean forwards and crash her lips into Imogen's, letting her arms slide around the younger girl's waist, pulling her into a passionate kiss. When the two finally pulled away to catch a breath, Fiona reached out and tucked a stray piece of hair behind Imogen's ear before she replied, "I love you too."

Imogen picked up the roses that had been lying on the bench and admired them. "You know I actually really love red roses," Imogen admitted sheepishly. "So I heard," Fiona responded, her smile bigger than it ever had been before.