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Flashback/ Thoughts


Warning: OOC-ness and underdeveloped writing, especially in my OCs…


"Hyper Intuition?"

"And my common gut instinct."



"M-must t-t-take it!"

Tsuna stared in horror as the cow baby with an afro larger than its body started to wail. His horror grew as the cow? Toddler? Pulled out a bazooka from its head.

A bazooka?! From its head?! Gokudera's shout startled Tsuna out of his dazed horror.

"Tsuna-san! Quick! Do you happen to have any grape candy on hand or in your room?!" Tsuna thought for a quick second.

"Oh, um yeah! I should have the candy somewhere here… Aha! Here Gokudera! Tsuna took out a grape candy and tossed it to Gokudera. He watched in fascination as Gokudera snatched the bazooka, hit the cow, handed him the candy-which effectively shut the cow up, and then, to Tsuna's shock, grabbing the bazooka and shoving it back into the gigantic afro.

"Tsuna-san!" Gokudera shouted, lifting the cow by its collar, "I present to you, Lambo! Your Lighting Guardian!" Tsuna facepalmed.

"Why, why must I be right?"

"So, you're Lambo huh?" Tsuna asked. Lambo snorted at him.

"Bakadera already told you! Hmph. Baka-Tsuna! Gya!" Lambo shrieked as Gokudera hit his head. Tsuna's eyebrow twitched.

How am I supposed to act around him? He cleared his throat.

"Okay, so what famiglia are you from, Lambo?"

"The Bovino famiglia!" Lambo answered, picking his nose. Gokudera hit him again.

"Baka! Show respect! He's your boss now!" Tsuna, having seen the tears gather in Lambo's eyes, scrambled to get him another piece of candy.

"Here Lambo! Grape candy!" he sighed in relief as the tears disappeared and a cry of joy escaped Lambo, who grabbed and devoured the candy. Lambo looked at Tsuna with sparkling eyes. Crossing his arms and closing his eyes, Lambo nodded and huffed after a while had passed, who seemed to have come to a decision. Opening his eyes, he points his finger at Tsuna.

"I like you! so I'll let you be my servant! Gyaha!" Tsuna and co. sweatdropped at the declaration.

"Baka!" Gokudera once again, hit Lambo, "It's the other way around! Who would want to be your servant anyway? Idiot cow." He clicked his tongue. The tears returned to Lambo's eyes, along with sniffles.

"G-Gokudera, y-you idiot!" Lambo cried, shoving his hands into his afro.

And just like that, Tsuna just knew that it's going to get bad, real, real soon. And guess what? He was correct. Tsuna watched in resignation as Lambo pulled out a grenade. But you know what? Tsuna was okay, because he knew that there was no way that Gokudera would sink to the level of Lambo, who was only five years old-

"Idiot cow! You wanna go?!"

Scratch that. Tsuna's resignation turned to horror once again as Lambo and Gokudera threw their weapons towards each other. In his room.

Oh. Hell. NO

Gokudera and Lambo, along with everyone else, stared blankly at Tsuna-who, at the last second, had grabbed both weapons and with deadly accuracy, threw them out his window. Both participants flinched slightly at the 'BOOM' outside, and started to violently shiver (with Lambo near tears) at the look in Tsuna's eyes.

"Not in my room. Or house, for that matter." Tsuna growls.

"Sir yes sir!" Everyone in the room shouts.

"Good," Tsuna's face immediately brightened, traces of his previous expression gone from his face. Everyone stared in mild horror at the abrupt change, "So then," Tsuna settled down on the floor, "shall we get started?"

"Kufufufu. Tsunayoshi, what were you thinking, dropping such news on me and then running away, only to call me to a meeting regarding the news?" Mukuro asked, holding Tsuna at trident point, aiming straight at his throat.

Tsuna laughed nervously, "N-Now Mukuro, calm down a little, yeah? It's not such a big deal is it?"

"Hm?" Mukuro gave a closed eye smile ("Fake! Fake!" Tsuna shrieks mentally) "Isn't it? Then why did you run away?"

"Ah, um well-never mind that! Let's get to the meeting shall we?" Tsuna escaped from the trident and sat back down on the floor. "Everyone's here?" Tsuna counted quickly.

"EXTREME! Sawada! Tell me what's going on!" Ryohei shouted.

"Yes, yes," Tsuna sighed, "Um, well, Onii-san, you're the only one left that I have to ask, so I'll just do it now," he took a deep breath. "WillyoubemysunguardianandfightformeinsomethingcalledtheRingBattle?" he asked in one breath. Everyone stared at him in silence.

"Dang Tsuna! That was quite impressive haha! But I don't think Ryohei got what you said. Actually," Yamamoto smiled sheepishly, I don't think anyone got what you said." Tsuna sighed deeply.

"Onii-san," he sounded so serious that Ryohei straightened his back and intently on Tsuna, "I'm in the mafia. I don't know if I told you before, but I would like it very much if you were to be my sun guardian, but ONLY if you want to. I'll support you no matter what you choose to do! Of course you have a choice! I mean, what kind of person would I be if I were to take that away from you?! I'm just saying it for the sake of it haha!" Tsuna laughed awkwardly but stopped as Ryohei grabbed his hands and stared at him.

"Tsuna. I accept the position of your Sun Guardian. In the time you were babbling, I thought about it, and I understand the risks. I understand the risks and I've come to terms with it. Kyoko might disapprove of the fighting, but since I'll be fighting for you, I think she'll come to understand." Tsuna flushed violently at the heartfelt speech while everyone else was shocked at the for-once-normal volume Ryohei spoke in.

"A-Ah," Tsuna cleared his throat and found his voice," Thank you Onii-san." He shot a brilliant smile at Ryohei, but his smile faltered slightly, "But it's not just that that I wanted to talk with you about. There's an upcoming fight called the Ring Battle. There's a really high chance that we will not fight, but I just want to give you a warning just in case. So I want you to be prepared for the possible fight we might join, okay? But if you want to back out now, that's fine!"

Ryohei's eyebrows trailed upwards, "Oh, is that what you were worried about?" Ryohei chuckled slightly, "Tsuna! That's not a problem whatsoever! I told you that I thought about the risks and that I've accepted them! There's no need to worry! You can EXTREMELY count on me!" Tsuna smiled at the exuberance in Ryohei's voice while everyone else mentally groaned.

It's back.

"Hey! Reborn! Why is there the need for the Ring Battle anyways? Everyone knows that Xanxus is adopted! There's no way he can even wear the Vongola ring without it potentially killing him! It's obvious the ring's going to reject him anyways, so what's the point? We all know it belongs to me anyways." Hiro grunted in pain as Reborn kicked him across the head.

"Baka-Hiro. That doesn't matter. Xanxus is still a candidate for the Vongola throne. As neither of you have died or kicked off as candidates, there will need to be a battle between the two of you and your guardians to see exactly who is worthy of the rings. Blood does matter, but so does potential and abilities. If you slack off, even just a little, Xanxus will smack you to the ground before you can even blink. So get off that high horse of yours and prepare for the worst." Hiro grumbled, annoyance shining in his eyes as they followed Reborn's retreating back.

"I'll prove you wrong Reborn. That ring is mine by birthright and blood! I'll show you." Hiro's voice ended with a hiss.

"VOOOII! Boss! Where the fxck are you?! The fxcking Ring Battle starts tomorrow and you're just lazing around?! What's the plan you sh*tty boss?!" Squalo neatly dodged a wine bottle, ignoring the crash behind him.

"Shut the fxck up trash," Xanxus muttered, "There is no plan. We do what we came here to do, and hopefully, that trash is going to step up and take his rightful place." Squalo smirked.

"VOOII! Perfect!" Xanxus grunted.

"Itou-no Sawada Tsunayoshi, you better be fxcking prepared, fxcking trash."

Ring Battle Day 1

Throughout the entire day, Tsuna could feel the high strung tension surrounding the school, almost buzzing in anticipation.

"Wow. So today's the day, huh? How are you feeling Tsuna? Are you ready for this?" Giotto asked, materializing at Tsuna's side.

He let out a deep sigh, "I don't know. I'm so nervous I feel like I'm going to burst into flames!" Giotto shot him an uneasy look.

"You're not going to… right? I really don't want a repeat of last time!"

Tsuna gave him an affronted look, "Of course not! Unlike last time, I have more control." He sniffed indignantly.

Giotto chuckled.

"But still, I'm a little worried…"
"I guess that makes sense, especially since today's the start of everything changing."
"That's true."

"Are you guys ready?" The group stared curiously as they watched Tsuna fumble around his room.

"Tsuna, what are you doing?"

"Tsuna-san! Are you okay?!"

"Omnivore, stop this needless scuttling."

"EXTREME! 100 percent ready Tsuna!"

"Bwahaha, Baka-Tsuna's panicking!"

"Kufufufu, Tsuna have you gone crazy?"

"Tsu-chan! Take a deep breath and let it out. Everything's going to work out, and everything will be fine, okay?" Tsuna did as he was told.

"You're right, you're right," he turned to the group, "I'm alright guys, let's go!"

"Sweet! Right on time!"

"Shut up Yakyuu-baka! They can't know we're here!:

"And the first battle to commence is the fight for the Sun ring. The contestants are Lussuria of the Varia and Gabriel of the Vongola." Tsuna and the group tensed in anticipation.

A hand swung down.


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