Author's Note: This is a little something that snapped into my head when I was watching a video of the Glee Nationals performances because I've always wondered about that... Read and enjoy!

When they asked her if they would dance, Quinn didn't think anything of the question, of course, she would love to dance but it made her pause for a moment. Just a moment, because any longer than a moment would have looked odd.

She paused though; she paused and thought about the question.

Yes, she would love to dance. Yes, she had always loved to dance. Yes, she wanted to dance right then and there, but less than a six months before that question her answer would have had to be no, because she hasn't been able to dance.

"I was in a car accident." Is her answer, not because it is a yes, and not because it is a no either, that's just her answer because it is the truth. She was in a car accident. "I haven't danced in a year."

They look at her oddly for a minute, trying to work out why that would change her answer to their question but she doesn't bother to let them speak, instead she continues.

"I was in a wheelchair, unable to walk; I haven't been able to dance properly for a year. Not without so many drugs flowing through my system that I can't even remember all their names, or even my own name at the end. The last time I danced, I think I was drugged up to my eyeballs. But yes, I would love to dance." She looks into their dark brown eyes then, smiling brightly as she takes their hand and tugs them towards the dance floor. "Dance with me."

They laugh then and twirl her around because suddenly they know that it is important. And at the end of the night when she doesn't think that she can walk they hold her up and laugh with her, because they know, and she knows, and for once, that's enough.

She danced.