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Crossroads Chapter 15: Radiant Dawn Part 1!

Previously on Crossroads: After Ash's loss to Paul, Ash took off into the woods leaving Anabel and Corey to search for him. After coming up empty through the night and the majority of the next day, the pair found Ash in a pretty gruesome scene. Ash then almost attacked Anabel if not for Corey's Rhyperior, Titan. Anabel must now battle and free Ash from the dark aura that currently controls his actions and if she loses then Ash may be gone forever…

Tohjo Falls, Woods – Kanto Region

The sky was as black as Anabel had ever seen it before. Lighting rained down from the dark clouds striking everything around them, creating flashes of light that ran over Ash's features before extinguishing and causing his features to fade away. It was a cycle that showed the exact setting of storm raging within Ash's heart.

This Ash was wasn't the boy she grew to care for even more than she ever thought possible over the course of the past month and a half. No; This Ash was born out of pure hatred.

They say that a person always has two sides to them, light and dark. For the entirety of Ash's 16 years of being alive there has only been light, only once has darkness overcome the young man, although that was out of his control. However this time around the full darkness that has lied dormant throughout the young man's life has finally risen to the surface, overcoming all of his emotions and thoughts in order to form a totally new person. And this person… was out for blood.

Anabel stared down her lover, knowing that if she didn't stop him now then she wouldn't get another chance. It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities which for the most part are usually events that people will remember for the rest of their lives in a positive way, however, if this opportunity was lost, then she loses everything.

Before the battle began Anabel said "Ash I'll ask one more time, please stop this and just come back to me!"

Ash laughed at Anabel's question and simply replied "you naïve girl, I don't think you understand what you asking! The Ash that you knew is gone and he's not coming back unless you battle me right here, right now!"

"Fine… but just know this, I don't care how strong you think you are, I finally got Ash to read my heart for the first time and we experienced something that nobody else in this world can understand! I'll stop this no matter what and bring the real Ash back!"

"Prove it then, Pikachu, Quick Attack into an Iron Tail!" called Ash as the yellow Mouse sprang forward with white streaks raging around it towards Alakazam.

"Alakazam, fight back with Focus Punch!" yelled Anabel.

"Dodge and smack that pathetic Pokémon away" ordered Ash directed after Anabel released her command as if Ash knew what she was going to say.

Alakazam quickly charged its fist in a white glow while Pikachu's tail shined a bright white as well. As Pikachu was about to make contact Alakazam moved its fist to make contact however Pikachu read the movement and quickly jumped over Alakazam, successfully dodging the attack. Pikachu then quickly looped around and struck Alakazam with its tail while it was flatfooted from the missed punch.

"Alakazam, no!" Called Anabel while Ash continued the pressure and ordered "now Thunderbolt!"

While Alakazam got back to its feet Pikachu quickly released a powerful stream of electricity towards it but Anabel was able to react fast enough to call out "Alakazam, redirect it with Psychic!"

"Go in with Volt Tackle!" Called Ash once again anticipating Anabel's command.

As the Thunderbolt approached Alakazam's eyes quickly glowed a light blue which surrounded the thunderbolt and sent it right back towards Pikachu. Pikachu on the other hand was already charging for Alakazam and gaining speed with its entire body engulfed in electricity. Before Alakazam knew it, Pikachu was able to avoid the redirected Thunderbolt and slam Alakazam with full force in the stomach sending the psi Pokémon hurtling across the ground.

"Alakazam, you have to get up!" Called Anabel while Ash kept on the now ruthless assault by calling out "Follow up with Iron Tail!"

"Anabel you have to call out to your Pokémon mentally! Ash's anticipating your every move!" Yelled Corey not waiting to see a repeat of the last series of attacks.

Anabel nodded and shook her head quickly to focus herself before she mentally called out to Alakazam saying "Alakazam turn around quickly and use Psybeam as full power before Pikachu makes contact!"

"1 down" said Ash while his sadistic smirk from before reappeared as Pikachu was about to make contact. However, his smirk quickly turned into a frown as without his knowing that Anabel commanded anything Alakazam quickly turned around with its spoons crossed in an X and fired a colorful beam of lighting into Pikachu. The beam was bigger than any normal Psybeam Ash had ever seen before as even though Pikachu attempted to break through it with Iron Tail, the beam overpowered and engulfed the mouse Pokémon, sending it flying back towards Anabel's side of the field.

"Nice, way to go Alakazam!" yelled Anabel in praise.

"Hmph, just because you can speak mentally with your Pokémon, it mean nothing. I don't think you understand the situation your currently in, petty little tricks like that will do you no good here" said Ash with a commanding voice.

"We'll see! Alakazam, use Psycho Cut!" Called Anabel mentally again.

Ash noticed Anabel's eyes and knew that she was communicating with Alakazam so he called out in response "Thunderbolt all-around Alakazam!"

Alakazam two spinning discs of Psychic energy on top of its spoons and threw them towards Pikachu, however the mouse Pokémon was ready as it jumped into the air and unleashed a barrage of lightning bolts towards Alakazam.

"Alakazam try to use Psychic to redirect them!" called Anabel mentally but unfortunately the effort was in vain as the Psycho Cuts got destroyed by the Thunderbolt barrage and there were to many streams of lighting coming towards Alakazam that it couldn't control all of them causing multiple bolts to strike Alakazam.

Thankfully a majority of them missed Alakazam and the ones that did strike it were weaker than your average Thunderbolt but at this point in the match, Alakazam had taken so much damage that the shock forced the Psi Pokémon down on a knee in order to try and catch its breath.

"Finish with a Quick Attack into Iron Tail!" Commanded Ash, trying to capitalize on the weakened Alakazam.

"Alakazam try to give one more Focus Punch!" Called Anabel telepathically and while still on his knee Alakazam put the remainder of its energy into one last Focus Punch as its hand glowed brighter than at the start.

This time around though the two attack collided which begun a difficult power struggle for the two sides. After a couple of moments Ash took the initiative and called out "spin it off and strike!"

Pikachu got the message and put and extra burst of power into its tail which caused the Iron Tail to break through Alakazam's Focus Punch, leaving the Psi Pokémon on its back foot and out of position. Pikachu quickly seized the opportunity and spun around just like its first battle with Paul's Elekid and struck Alakazam across is skull sending Anabel's first Pokémon straight into the charred grass.

"Hmph, 1 down" said Ash as it was easily notable that Alakazam lay there unconscious with swirls in its eyes.

"Return my friend" called Anabel as she held up Alakazam's Pokémon which sucked the Psi Pokémon back into its depths.

"Thank you my friend, you fought so bravely" said Anabel as the Pokeball decreased in size and she pocketed it only to exchange it with her second choice.

"If anybody can stop Pikachu then I know you can do it my friend… Espeon!" called Anabel as she threw her Pokeball into the air releasing the Sun Pokémon onto the charred field.

"Espi" called the Sun Pokémon as it appeared only for its eyes to widen at the scene in front of it and it quickly turned its head towards Anabel in obvious protest of what it was about to go through.

Anabel got down on one knee and said "Espeon I need you to be strong here, we need to get Ash back to the way he's supposed to be and I need your help. I know this is hard, it's already harder than I could have imagined but we have to do this to get back the people we love."

Espeon nodded at Anabel and with a now determined face turned to face its opponent, knowing that just like Anabel, this was going to be harder then she could have imagined.

"If you really think your ridiculous excuse for a Pokémon is any match against me than your crazy girl" said Ash with a smirk.

"I assume that you know I have a name right? Cause calling me 'girl' isn't exactly something a boyfriend says to his girlfriend" said Anabel with a bit of unknown swagger, not exactly knowing where it was coming from but deciding to run with it.

"Hmph, a spicy one aren't you, maybe I won't kill you then, I guess if anything I could let you be a member of my harem once I'm done with you" replied Ash.

Anabel, deciding to go along with this with the possibility of increasing her own confidence while maybe being able to snap Ash out of his state. She then motioned towards herself and ran her fingers along the outline of her body while saying "I don't think I can do that because you see all of this… this… is already reserved for somebody else, and that somebody is absolutely not you!"

"Anabel! Are you seriously going along with this!?" asked Corey while putting his hand on his face, not wanting to look at the scene in front of him.

"I'm just having a little fun bro and besides, I know that the real Ash is in there and I'll do whatever I have to do so I can get him back!"

"Hmph, you will soon see that I can be quite enticing myself, but enough of this nonsense, I have a battle to win and a region to conquer! Now Pikachu use Thunderbolt!"

"Espeon its time, we have to win this so we can get Ash back! Counter it with Psychic to redirect it!" called Anabel telepathically.

Pikachu jumped into the air and released another stream of lightning towards Espeon. The Sun Pokémon on the other hand ignited its eyes in the same blue glow as Alakazam which then surrounded the incoming electric attack, sending it back towards Pikachu.

"Dodge and use Volt Tackle!" commanded Ash, recalling the scene before with Alakazam.

"Surround Pikachu with Psychic before it can move!" Yelled Anabel mentally to Espeon.

Pikachu successfully avoided the incoming Thunderbolt and began to run forward with streaks of electricity beginning to spark around its body. However, before it could begin its full attack, the yellow mouse's body was surrounded in a blue glow which forced it into a dead stop.

"Great Espeon! Lift Pikachu into the air and use Zap Cannon!" called Anabel while pointing her finger as Espeon replied by motioning her head towards the sky which in turn rose the motionless Pokémon from the ground into the sky before releasing it in mid-air. Espeon than quickly created a powerful ball of electrical energy on the gem on its forehead and fired it towards Pikachu who was helpless to defend itself as the ball collided with it, creating an explosion.

Pikachu emerged from the smoke in the air and proceeded to land on its stomach in obvious pain as it struggled to its small feet. "Damn it Pikachu, get up and use Quick Attack!"

"Espeon finish with Iron Tail!" Called Anabel mentally, wanting to finish this battle as soon as possible.

Pikachu made it to its feet and didn't hesitate to rush forward with Quick Attack, however it was easy to notice that Pikachu was slower than usual. Espeon took control of the situation and jumped forward, above Pikachu, successfully avoiding its attack and bringing its twin-tails down into Pikachu's head hard. Pikachu was sent into the ground like a rocket, shaking the earth upon impact from the attack.

"That's enough Ash! Pull Pikachu back, he's obviously in no condition to continue battling!" called Anabel towards the raven-haired trainer.

Ash gritted his teeth in anger as he did something that neither Anabel nor Corey was expecting as he pulled Pikachu's Pokeball from the back of his belt and held it up in a returning motion.

"No Ash! Pikachu don't like to go back in its Pokeball!" yelled Anabel while holding her hand forward in protest.

"Who cares about what it wants! This Pokémon failed me, and the next time it even thinks about doing that I'll release it so fast its head will spin!" said Ash deadly as the red beam emerged from the Pokeball, sucking Pikachu back into its depths.

"Ash then pulled another Pokeball from his belt and threw it into the air, which released Quilava onto the charred battlefield.

"Qui-Quilava?" called out the Volcano Pokémon as it looked around in confusion, not knowing why it was called upon in this setting. Quilava then looked towards Ash who looked back at the fire-type and the effect was almost instantaneous. Quilava's body went stiff and its eyes turned the same reddish color as Pikachu's was, as if it was being controlled by Ash. Quilava then turned around to face Anabel and Espeon and released a loud cry "Quilava! Quilava!"

"Corey… did you see that?" said Anabel in a shaky voice not really needing an answer as Corey obviously saw the scene in front of him.

"Looks like the effect of Ash's aura is instantaneous as right when his Pokémon look at him, his aura pollutes their body and fills it with the same hatred and anger that Ash is currently feeling" said Corey observantly.

"Then I guess I just have to beat him to stop it right?" asked Anabel and Corey just gave a curt nod in response as Anabel turned her attention back towards the task in front of her.

"Now, let us continue! Quilava, Flame Wheel!" commanded Ash as Quilava leapt forward and engulfed its body in a fiery wheel of flames.

"Espeon stop Quilava with Psychic!" called Anabel mentally.

"Don't let it stop you!" commanded Ash as Espeon's eyes glowed a bright blue which then surrounded Quilava which stopped the Johto starter in its tracks.

"Now Espeon li-" Anabel was in the middle of her command but was cancelled out as Espeon faltered under the immense pressure Quilava was giving, which lead the fire-type to continue its path towards Espeon.

"Espeon you have to get out-of-the-way! Use Quick Attack!" called Anabel using telepathy however it was too late as while Espeon moved to get away, Quilava managed to catch it and singe the left side of Espeon's body, causing the Sun Pokémon to wince in pain.

"Continue the attack!" ordered Ash as Quilava turned at a 90 degree angle to intercept Espeon.

"Jump and use Zap Cannon!" called Anabel.

As Quilava was about to make major impact, Espeon who was still in the middle of its Quick Attack, jumped into the air, causing Quilava to roll under where Espeon would have been. Espeon then turned in mid-air and created a powerful Zap Cannon on its gem just as before. Espeon took aim at Quilava and just as it was about to fire, from turning around in mid-air, the wound on Espeon's left leg caused it to wince once again in pain. Espeon tried its best to shake off the pain and fired the ball of electricity towards Quilava, however, the attack was off as it grazed the side of Quilava's Flame Wheel, causing the fire-type to roll out of control, which in turn extinguished the flames around it.

"Shake it off and use Flamethrower!" called Ash as Quilava quickly turned around and fired a powerful stream of fire towards Espeon who couldn't get out-of-the-way in time and was engulfed by the attack.

"Espeon no!" yelled out Anabel while Ash was quick to follow up and called out "now Dig!"

Espeon emerged from the flames with numerous burn marks on its body but didn't falter. Instead it stayed alert, waiting for the next attack to come its way while Anabel came up with a plan to try to stop Quilava in its tracks.

"Espeon fire a Zap Cannon into that hole!" yelled Anabel mentally, knowing that there wasn't much time before Quilava surfaced.

Espeon quickly created another ball of electricity and jumped into the air before firing it into the hole Quilava made earlier. Unfortunately for Espeon, the moment it landed Quilava emerged from directly beneath it, striking it with its claw and sending it hurtling backwards towards Anabel while Quilava landed in front of the hole it had just jumped out from.

"Quilava finish with Lava Plume!" commanded Ash while pointing to Espeon who was making its way slowly to its feet. Quilava quickly unleashed a powerful torrent of flames from its back and mouth which slowly made its way towards the injured Espeon.

"Damn it I have to do something!" said Anabel to herself when an idea sprang into her head and if she could pull it off in time it would turn this match right around in her favor.

"Espeon use Psychic to push Quilava backward!" called Anabel praying that the timing was right.

As the Lava Plume was about to make contact, Espeon surrounded Quilava in a bright blue and with the rest of its psychic power, pushed it backwards across the ground until it was a point where there wasn't any ground under it. The hole it just made.

"What are you up to girl!?" yelled Ash before his eyes widened upon realizing what the young frontier brain was planning and quickly yelled out "Use Flamethrower to push yourself back!"

It was too late as right when Quilava appeared over the hole, the Zap Cannon from before, emerged from the holes outlet. From circulating through the hole, the electric ball turned from a ball into a wave of electricity, which in turn engulfed Quilava completely in mid-air. At the same time, Espeon knew its fate as Quilava's Lave Plume sprayed over the Sun Pokémon like a wave of water, submerging it completely.

Once both attack cleared Quilava was still able to move as it retreated back towards Ash's side of the field however not without pain as it had a number of cuts and bruises on its body from the amplified electric attack. On Anabel's side, Espeon lay motionless on its side with swirls in its eyes as Anabel reached for her Pokeball and recalled her prized Pokémon while saying "thank you so much my friend. I know that this was hard but I promise that your effort put us in the exact position we need to win this!"

With that she pocketed the Pokeball and debated her next choice before deciding on Metagross however Corey stepped in and said "Don't do it Anabel, it won't work."

Anabel turned to him and said "What do you mean? Quilava is weak and if I beat it then Ash doesn't have another fire type to fight Metagross."

"That's not the point Anabel, you and I both know that this is a test, a test where if you just use the basic ideas then you won't win. You need grow, and there's one Pokémon in your possession which I think needs to grow up just like you are doing now."

Anabel thought about what her brother had to say and nodded her head while saying "your right, thanks bro, I know exactly what I have to do!"

"Hey, what's family for? Now go get him back Anabel!"

"Right!" said Anabel while pulling out a different Pokémon from her pocket and looked once more towards her lover.

Ash raised an eyebrow in curiosity as Anabel said "time to grow up Ash, it's time for me to end this and bring back the person I love, not this beast that you have become!"

"Hmph and what are you going to do about it girl"

"I'll show you… go my friend, Kirlia!"

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