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Crossroads Chapter 7: Salon Maiden Anabel!

Previously on Crossroads, Ash and Anabel left the Battle Frontier Headquarters and headed to Anabel's home in Tohjo Falls. Ash then attempted to read Anabel's heart which he was currently unable to do. They then got settled in at Anabel's house and began to prepare themselves for the months ahead.

Tohjo Falls – Kanto Region

It was 7:30 in the morning. Usually at this time, Ash and Pikachu would be sleeping peacefully undisturbed by anything. Today, however, didn't turn out to be one of those days.

Anabel, who had already been up for about half an hour, was already in her daily clothes and had something special planned for Ash. It was his first morning of the two months after all.

"Espeon, use Psychic to lift them up" said Anabel telepathically to the Psychic type eeveelution who was standing close to Anabel's feet.

Espeon nodded her head and then proceeded use her Psychic powers to lift Ash and Pikachu into the air while they were sleeping. Once the two were about 3-4 feet into the air, Anabel pulled an air horn out from her pocket and said" ready to give them rude awakening Espeon?"

Espeon nodded her head and Anabel then pushed down on the air horn. The loud sound immediately woke the pair up.

"Ahhhhh!" "Pikachu!" Yelled the pair as they began to flail the arms and legs around in the air while trying to figure out what in the world was going on.

Anabel and Espeon laughed loudly at the reaction that they got from the pair as Espeon released them from her Psychic grip.

Ash and Pikachu landed back on the bed with a 'thump'. Ash then looked up at Anabel with a dazed look and said "ugh… what is going on?"

"Well Ash, I figured today would be a great day to give you your first official wakeup call" said Anabel with a smirk on her face.

"Wait! You're going to do this again?!" Asked the still dazed Ash.

"You never know Ash. For all you know, you might be in the same spot tomorrow" said Anabel while giving Ash a wink.

Anabel continued by saying "Well now since that's done with, it's time to get up. We have a long day ahead us and I have breakfast waiting for you in the kitchen."

Upon hearing that, Ash shook off this dazed look and said "Sounds great Anabel! I'll be ready in a few minutes."

Anabel nodded her head and left the room to give Ash his privacy.

Once Ash finished getting changed, he went into the kitchen where Anabel already had breakfast waiting for him. Ash immediately began to dig in.

"Wow Anabel, this is great!" Said Ash enthusiastically as he continued to pile the food into his mouth.

Anabel blushed and said "Thank you Ash. I usually make breakfast for myself every day since I live by myself so I tend to get a lot of practice. I'm glad you like it."

Ash nodded while eating and asked "Speaking of which, where does your family live?"

"Well actually, my family lives in Snowpoint City in the Sinnoh Region. In fact, I asked my older brother who lives there to come and visit to help out with your training" said Anabel.

"Really? I didn't know that you had a brother? I might know him since I was just in Sinnoh" said Ash curiously.

"Well I doubt you would know him as he usually travels all-around the different regions. Still, I would have to say that he is even stronger than myself" said Anabel.

"Wow! Now I really want to know who he is if he's as strong as you say!" Said Ash as he finished up with his breakfast.

"Well don't you worry Ash. He will be here by next week. Until them it's just you and me. Since you're finished, let's head over to the Battle Tower to start your training."

Ash nodded and with that, the pair headed out of the house and towards the infamous Battle Tower.

Battle Tower, Tohjo Falls – Kanto Region

It took around ten minutes for the pair to walk to the Battle Tower from Anabel's house. When they got there, Ash looked up in astonishment as it looked even taller than when he was previously here.

"I can guess what you might be thinking by the look on your face and the answer to that would be yes. We have added another ten floors to the Battle Tower since you were last here" said Anabel.

"Wow that's incredible; I can't wait to see the place!" Said Ash excitedly.

"Well you don't have to wait very long Ash. Here let's head inside" said Anabel while motioning towards the door.

"Yeah, you bet" said Ash and with that the pair headed inside.

The base floor of the Battle Tower was very basic with a reception desk right in the middle of the room with of elevators on each side of the room. There was also an informational board telling anybody that came in what floor each of the specific stations were on.

Anabel lead Ash over to the board. Anabel then told Ash about all the different floors that they had from battlefields to workout room, contest training areas, and swimming pools, the list just went on and on.

"Wow Anabel. I didn't realize there were all these different floors the last time I was here" said Ash as he continued to read the informational board.

"Don't you worry about it Ash. I know that the last time you were here you were very focused on your Frontier Battle challenge. However, this time around, I really want you to take everything in so when you start thinking about what you want to go into your own Battle Facility, you have certain ideas to start with" said Anabel.

Ash nodded his head while somebody called out "Hey Anabel!" The man was Anabel's green haired assistant Maron.

"Oh hey Maron. How are you today?" Asked the Salon Maiden.

"I'm doing well myself. I see you on the other hand have a visitor. It's good to see you again Ash! Anabel was really sad when you had to leave last time so I'm sure she couldn't be happier that you're back and for two months no less!" Said Maron cheerfully.

Anabel's face turned beat red upon hearing Maron's comment and thought about how she would get him back while Ash exchanged his own greetings with her assistant.

Anabel pinched the bridge of her nose and said "Anyway Maron… what's on my schedule for today?"

"Well… in about an hour, you're scheduled to have a Frontier Battle with Mike Schultz from last week, but other than that... you are pretty much free for the rest of the day" said Maron while looking through the notepad he usually kept with him.

"Thank you Maron, I'll be giving Ash a tour around the Battle Tower. When Mike shows up, please show him to the battlefield and I will be right there" said Anabel.

"You got it Anabel. In the meantime, I will be checking the field to make sure that everything is ready for your battle. Other than that, enjoy your little tour with Ash" said Maron with a smirk and ran off before Anabel could respond.

As Anabel was thinking of ways she would get back at him for his now two remarks about Ash, the raven-haired trainer grabbed Anabel's hand and said "Come on Anabel! I really want to see the tower!"

Anabel, who was now blushing slightly at the contact with Ash's hand, shook off what Maron said and said herself "Yeah Ash, let's go!" The two then proceeded to get onto the elevator which would begin its climb up the tower.

The pair's first stop was floor two as Anabel explained to Ash about the Battle Tower's structure. The Battle Tower had ten battle floors with each floor containing an official full size battlefield for trainers that come here to practice their skills against each other. The same complied for Contest Battles as well. There were another ten floors of battlefields with computerized system's set up to record, add, and subtract points from co-ordinators just like any other Contest Battle.

The next ten floors were a combination of workout/swimming pools to allow all types of Pokémon to be able to train and workout to the fullest of their abilities. The five floors after that were designed for Pokémon stage performances that were first developed in Sinnoh and now also used in Unova. Those floors held stages where almost any Pokémon would be able to test their specific performances in front of a small section of seats.

Floors 36-38 were all the business offices as well as the security station where every floor in the Battle Tower was monitored in order to keep everything safe for all the people who came to use the facilities.

Floor 39 was Anabel's private battlefield where the Salon Maiden would challenge any and all Battle Frontier challengers for the Ability Symbol. The top floor of the Battle Tower was Anabel's office where she did all of her personal work. This is where Ash and Anabel reached once Anabel showed Ash all the different floors that the Battle Tower possessed.

The elevator door opened to Anabel's office which revealed that lavender really was her signature color. The room had a circular shape with large glass window panels behind her desk, allowing her to see the beautiful scenery that Tohjo Falls has to offer. There were also pictures of the Salon Maiden hanging around the walls of her doing various thing which included battling or just hanging out in the woods surrounded by her Pokémon as well as others.

"Wow Anabel, you sure do have a nice office" said Ash as he walked around the office while examining all the pictures of her.

"Thank you Ash. When your Battle Facility eventually gets built, you will have an office just like this one. Although being a Frontier Brain doesn't mean that you simply battle and that's it" said Anabel.

"What do you mean?" Asked Ash curiously.

"Well… it also involves doing quite a bit of paperwork at times too" said Anabel as she dug out a small stack of papers from the inside of her desk.

Ash shuddered at the thought of doing paperwork but then asked "What kind of paperwork do you usually do?"

"It's really nothing too bad. Basically the main thing I have to do is after I battle a trainer, I have to make a small report on how the battle went and obviously if he or she was able to win my symbol" answered the Salon Maiden.

"Oh that's it? That doesn't seem so bad" said Ash.

"Well, it really depends on how many challengers you get. The more challengers that show up then the more paperwork you have to do and vice-versa. Here is an example" said Anabel as she handed Ash a copy of a report that she had in her desk.

Ash scanned the paper and quickly realized that this report was about him and said "Wait a second… this is the report of when you battled against me when I challenged you for the Ability Symbol!"

Anabel laughed and said "That's right Ash. The report that you are holding is the one I wrote after you beat me so essentially I had to do two reports on you since I beat you the first time."

"Wow that's right. I totally forgot about that" said Ash while handing Anabel back the report.

Anabel was about to respond but was cut short when the intercom went off "Anabel, Mike Schultz has arrived for his Frontier Battle with you and we are awaiting your arrival on floor 39" called what sounded like Maron's voice.

"Well that's my cue. Come on Ash, I want you to watch this battle and remember to watch what I do because I will be testing you on how I performed in this battle once we get back to my house.

"You got it Anabel, I can't wait to see you battle again after all this time. I'm sure you will be great!" Said Ash enthusiastically.

Anabel blushed at Ash's comment and said "Thank you for the compliment Ash. Now let's go, we don't want to keep Mike waiting, you will see why."

Ash nodded his head and the pair headed on the elevator down to the 39th floor.

Once they reached their destination, the door opened to reveal Anabel's personal battlefield with two people standing at the center.

The first was naturally Maron while the other had short blonde hair with light blue eyes. Although his looks didn't exactly match his eyes as he wore a leather jacket with a red shirt under it along with dark jeans. Mike also wore a silver cross around his neck and black fingerless gloves on his hands.

"Finally, if it isn't Salon Maiden Anabel. Can we get this battle started so I can win your symbol already?" Sneered Mike while pointing a finger at Anabel.

Ash was about to retaliate at Mike for the way he talked to Anabel when Anabel responded "Are you sure you want to battle with me again so soon? I believe it was only last week that you lost 0-3 against me."

Mike face became visibly angry as he responded by saying "Just you wait Anabel! I have trained my Pokémon all week in preparation for this battle so trust me when I say that this time is going to be very different!"

"Very well then. If you are so eager, then let's begin" said Anabel.

The two trainers settled themselves in their respective trainer's boxes while Maron stood atop the small podium in the center outside part of the field. Ash took the stands on Anabel's side and began to watch intently as he didn't want to screw up on the quiz she would be giving him later.

Maron raised his hands and called out "The Frontier battle between the challenger Mike Schultz from Vermillion City and Anabel the Frontier Brain and Salon Maiden is about to begin! This will be a three on three battle with no time limit and only the challenger will be able to substitute Pokémon!"

"Go, my friend!" Called Anabel as she released her first Pokémon onto the field.

"Al-LA Alakazam!" Called the Psi Pokémon calmly as it prepared itself for battle.

"Electabuzz lets rock!" Yelled Mike as he released the electric Pokémon onto the field.

"Electa-Buzz!" Roared Mike's powerful electric type.

Maron looked both ways and announced "Alakazam VS Electabuzz, let the battle begin!"

"As the challenger, you have the first move!" Called Anabel from across the field. She hoped that Ash was listening to her.

"You're going to regret that! Now Electabuzz toast that Alakazam with Thunderbolt!" Yelled Mike.

Electabuzz immediately reacted by shooting a powerful beam of electricity straight towards Alakazam. However, Anabel was ready as she called out in retaliation "use Psychic to deflect it!"

Alakazam lifted its hands and its eyes shined a light blue aura as the same color surrounded the incoming thunderbolt. The attack then turned in the opposite direction and headed towards Electabuzz.

"Electabuzz dodge that and go in with a Thunder Punch!" Called Mike as Electabuzz easily dodged the redirected Thunderbolt and headed towards Alakazam with its fist crackling with electricity.

"Alakazam intercept with Focus Punch!" Called Anabel in response.

Alakazam's fist shined pure white as it headed towards Electabuzz. The two attacks collided at the center of the field with neither side giving an inch. Although as time wore on, Alakazam was able to push through Electabuzz's attack and send it hurtling back towards its trainer.

"No Electabuzz get up!" Roared Mike as Electabuzz struggled to regain its footing from the powerful fighting type attack.

"Now my friend, finish with Psybeam!" Called Anabel as Alakazam put its twin spoons together and fired a colorful beam towards Electabuzz.

"No Electabuzz, push it back with Thunderbolt! Yelled Mike as Electabuzz, while still getting up from that Focus Punch, pushed its hand forward and fired the electrical attack to try to intercept the Psybeam.

However, the Thunderbolt proved to be fruitless as the Psybeam cut straight through the electrical attack and struck Electabuzz right on, engulfing it in the colorful glow. Once the attack ceased, Electabuzz fell backwards onto the ground in a crumpled heap with swirls in its eyes.

Maron looked over and immediately called out "Electabuzz is unable to battle! Mike please select you next Pokémon!"

"Darn it! Electabuzz return!" Called a now frustrated Mike as he clipped Electabuzz's Pokeball back on his belt.

"This isn't over yet Anabel! Now Magmar lets rock! Yelled Mike as he released the Spitfire Pokémon from his Pokeball.

"Mag-mar" called Magmar coolly as the fire type got ready to battle.

Maron looked both ways and announced "Alakazam VS Magmar, begin the battle!"

Mike not even waiting this time for Anabel to say that he had the first move immediately called out "Magmar use Flamethrower!"

Magmar quickly shot a torrent of flames towards Alakazam while he waited for the Salon Maidens response.

"Same as the last time, Alakazam use Psychic on the Flamethrower and send it right back!" Called Anabel.

"Magmar cease the attack and run through the flames while using Fire Punch!" Yelled Mike.

Anabel's eyes widened knowing that this tactic may also cause a lot of damage on Magmar but it seemed that Mike held little concern about that.

Alakazam proceeded to use Psychic just as before but instead of dodging like Electabuzz had, Magmar ran through the incoming flames while engulfing its own fist in flames. Magmar emerged from the other side of the flames and struck Alakazam in the stomach with its powerful fire type attack which sent the Psychic type Pokémon skidding across the field towards Anabel.

"No Alakazam, are you alright?" Asked Anabel urgently.

"Al-la… Alakazam!" Called Alakazam while standing back up on its feet showing that it wasn't done quite yet.

"Alright! Way to go my friend, now use Psybeam!" Yelled Anabel while pointing her finger towards Magmar.

Alakazam complied by shooting the same colored beam as before towards the Spitfire Pokémon but Mike was ready as he quickly responded by yelling "Magmar, use Smog to hide yourself. Then go in with another Fire Punch."

As the Psybeam approached its target Magmar shot out a cloud of poisonous smoke from its mouth which effectively concealed it from view. Once the Psybeam made contact with the poisonous smoke, it created an explosion which canceled out the two attacks.

Magmar then used this opportunity to leap through the smoke with its fist engulfed in fire as before. As it came through the other side of the smoke and came down on Alakazam, Magmar made a punching motion but Alakazam managed to evade the attack and then threw its surprisingly glowing fist into the jaw of Magmar.

The force of the attack sent Magmar crashing into the ceiling before gravity took over and caused Magmar to fall towards the ground. When Magmar hit the ground with a 'thud', it was plainly obvious that it was out cold as the Spitfire Pokémon was unmoving with swirls in its eyes.

Maron looked over and announced "Magmar is unable to battle! Mike, please select your last Pokémon!"

"NO WAY! How did Alakazam use Focus Punch when you never called it!" Roared Mike in disgust as he recalled Magmar back to his Pokeball.

"Well it's quite simple really. I didn't show it in our last match, but I have the ability to communicate telepathically with any and all Pokémon. The reason nobody heard me tell Alakazam to use Focus Punch was because I told Alakazam telepathically to use it" said Anabel informatively.

"WHAT! Come on ref that has to be against the rules! Besides I have never heard of a person in my life being able to do something like that before!" Yelled Mike towards Maron.

"Sorry Mike, but what Anabel is able to do is completely legal. Besides, each Frontier Brain presents a certain type of challenge to their challenger and Salon Maiden Anabel is no different. Now please select your last Pokémon" answered Maron.

"Fine, have it your way! Scyther lets rock!" Roared Mike as he released his last Pokémon onto the field.

"Scyther, Scy! Called the Mantis Pokémon in its high-pitched voice as it got itself into battle position.

Maron looked both ways before announcing "Alakazam VS Scyther, let the battle begin!"

"Scyther, start it up with Swords Dance!" Yelled Mike. Scyther quickly crossed its blade-like arms and a dim white aura engulfed Scyther meaning that its attack power just got a major power boost.

"I see you are using a bug type to try to defeat my Psychic types. It's a good strategy but it isn't going to work. Alakazam use Psybeam!" Called the Salon Maiden.

"Scyther use agility to dodge then go in with X-Scissor!" Yelled Mike in retaliation.

Alakazam quickly fired the colorful beam towards Scyther but Scyther proved to be extremely quick as it easily avoided the beam and appeared in front of Alakazam in almost an instant.

"No way!" Yelled Anabel in shock at its speed, but before the Salon Maiden was able to call out an attack, Scyther crossed its blade-like arms like an X while they a glowed bright white. Scyther then quickly moved forward at high-speed and shot through Alakazam with its X-Scissor, leaving the Psi Pokémon left only to crumble to the ground with swirls in its eyes.

Maron looked over at Alakazam before calling out "Alakazam is unable to battle, Anabel please select you next Pokémon."

Anabel nodded and returned Alakazam back to his Pokeball while saying "That was an amazing battle my friend, now get a good rest" before pocketing the Pokeball.

"Ha! What were you saying about my strategy not working?!" Laughed Mike while pointing his finger towards the Salon Maiden.

Anabel then pulled out her next Pokeball and called out "When I said that, I wasn't talking about Alakazam but the Pokémon I am about to show you now! Go, my friend!" The Pokémon that released from the Pokeball was probably the last Pokémon that Mike would have ever wanted to see.

"Meta, Metagross!" Called out Anabel's powerful pseudo legendary Pokémon as it got ready to battle.

Mike mentally cursed himself as he knew that taking this thing down would be a task in and of itself. He knew that he didn't have Magmar anymore which would be super-effective against Metagross.

Maron looked at both of the trainers for what seemed like to him to be the final time as he announced "Metagross VS Scyther, begin the battle!"

"Scyther quick, use Air Slash!" Yelled Mike. Upon command, Scyther flew up into the air and created a swirling ball of air and energy in its blade-like arms before launching it towards Metagross.

"Now Metagross, use Meteor Mash to dissolve the attack. Then follow it up with Hyper Beam!" Called Anabel.

Metagross pulled one of its iron legs back and a colorful spiky aura surrounded the leg. Metagross then launched it forward into the incoming Air Slash and upon contact broke through the attack with ease. Metagross then turned its attention towards Scyther as it created a powerful orange ball in its mouth and fired it as a beam towards the Mantis Pokémon.

"Scyther! Use your speed to evade it! Then go in with an X-Scissor!" Roared Mike knowing that if Scyther got hit with the full brunt of that attack then I could be game over for him.

However, before Scyther could fully avoid the Hyper Beam, the attack came in faster than Scyther anticipated and as it attempted to evade the attack, Scyther was slightly caught by the beam which left a visible mark on Scyther's body.

Scyther attempted to shrug the attack off as it charged towards Metagross with its blade-like arms crossed as before. When Scyther came in contact with Metagross, Scyther almost bounced off from Metagross's sheer defense power as Scyther ceased the attack and headed back towards Mike, now breathing heavily while Metagross finally recovered from using Hyper Beam.

Mike was about to call out another attack when Anabel cut in and yelled out "Enough Mike! This match is over!"

Mike then had a confused look on his face and retaliated by saying "What do you mean this match is over?! My Pokémon is still standing so that means I'm still in this!"

"Look Mike; when I can, I would prefer not to harm another Pokémon if I don't have to and this is one of those time so I ask for you to forfeit the match. Look at your Scyther it looks exhausted" said Anabel.

Mike couldn't ignore the fact that his Scyther was probably a little tired but that wouldn't stop his ego from getting in the way as he yelled out "NO! My Scyther is perfectly fine, you will see! Now Scyther use Night Slash!"

Upon hearing his trainer's call, Scyther charged towards Metagross once more, this time with its blade-like arm engulfed in a dark aura.

"I didn't want to do this but you leave me no choice! Now Metagross finish this with Meteor Mash!" Called Anabel as Metagross pulled its iron leg back just as before and prepared its attack.

As soon as Scyther came into range, Metagross swung its arm forward at a very high-speed which hit Scyther right in the face and sent the Mantis Pokémon hurtling towards the outer wall. Once Scyther hit the wall, it was clear that the battle was over as Scyther slid down the wall and into a slumped state as it was clearly unconscious with swirls in its eyes.

Maron looked over at the scene and announced "Scyther is unable to battle. With that said, Mike has now lost all three of his Pokémon and the winner of this Frontier Battle is Anabel the Frontier Brain and Salon Maiden!"

"Yeah! Way to go Anabel!" Yelled Ash from the stands. He was quiet throughout the match as he observed what was possibly his first lesson.

Anabel blushed upon hearing Ash cheer for her while recalling Metagross and telling the Iron Leg Pokémon that it did an amazing job and deserved a nice long rest.

Mike recalled Scyther to his Pokeball and without even a goodbye stomped towards the elevator while yelling something about how he would be back or something like that.

Maron came up to Anabel and said "Stubborn as always isn't he…"

"Well I guess that's Mike for you. I'll never understand what Scott saw in him to let him challenge the Battle Frontier in the first place" said Anabel while shrugging.

"Yeah me neither" agreed Maron.

Ash then came down from the stands and said enthusiastically "Wow Anabel that was fantastic! You really showed that kid the power of a Frontier Brain in action!"

Anabel blushed again at Ash's compliment and said "Thank you Ash, I hope that was a good first hand example of what a Frontier Brain does during a battle."

"Oh yeah for sure Anabel! I can't wait to see more of your battles as I'm positive that you have even more tricks you have yet to show!" said Ash still as excited as ever to have Anabel as a mentor.

Anabel nodded and said with a wink "Don't you worry Ash! You haven't seen everything quite yet. Anyway after that battle, I'm tired so let's head back to my house. I'll fix us up something to have for lunch!"

Ash, knowing that he can't resist a good meal, whole heartily agreed with the Salon Maiden. After saying goodbye to Maron, the pair headed back to Anabel's house for a well-deserved break.

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