The Forgotten Honor

"I can't believe it," Anko said as soon as she entered his office.

Ibiki looked up from his paperwork. "Can't believe what?"

"I was trained by a Sannin," Anko said. "Maybe not one of the good ones, but I was trained by a Sannin. And did everyone forget how honored I was? I mean, we didn't know he was evil at the time. So it was a big honor to be chosen by one of the Sannin as their disciple. Even if I did get chosen by the evil one with the snake fetish. And did anyone question how he got that way? Noooo…it's just 'he's pure evil and we have to kill him'."

Ibiki raised an eyebrow. "Okay, I'll bite: How did he get that way?"

"I don't know. It's just, no one ever asked that question."

Ibiki face palmed. "Okay. Whatever. Go on: as you were saying, it's a big honor to be trained by a Sannin, and you deserve a lot of respect."

"Yeah!" Anko propped her hands on her hips. "Being trained by a Sannin makes me awesome, even if it was the evil one. And it's not like I defected or anything. I'm not a traitor. I had every chance to, too. He offered: Let's go off and be evil together because you're my apprentice. But I said noooo, I'm a good person." She spread her hands. "So I ended up here." She raised her voice to a yell. "So why doesn't anyone give me any respect?"

"I don't know," Ibiki said mildly. "I respect you."

Anko beamed at him, leaning over the desk. "I know. You're sweet." She straightened. "That's why I work for you, Biki."

"My name's not Biki," Ibiki said. "It's Ibiki. Morino Ibiki. With an 'I'."

Anko looked away. "Hmm? What'd you say, Biki?"

He knew then that this was just the newest stage in Anko's bizarre treatment of him. "Nothing. Get back to work."

"Sure thing, Biki!" Anko saluted and then back flipped out of the office.

"Always with the dramatic entrances and exits," Ibiki muttered. He went back to proofreading an interrogation report.