Characters: Donna Noble/Campbell Bain, Sylvia, Geoff, Nerys, OCs

Prompt: the images on tumblr of CT and DT as young actors.

Warning: this contains angst, teenage sex, and a character death.

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters (the BBC does), these images or even the original idea.
A/N: it was luinel who planted the seed for this many months ago, so I was basically searching for a way to explain a theory. And then a post on dreamerbee's tumblr prodded my muse into falling in love with the idea of Donna and Campbell. I thought I'd give it a go seeing as these images wouldn't leave me alone, even on a plane.

A/N2: the title is taken from Romeo and Juliet, Act 3 Scene 1; in case you were wondering.

This Day's Black Fate

Part 1


It was starting again, all the talk about spending time away in Glasgow to visit distant relations; in more ways than one. Donna hated her life. She rolled her eyes as her mother spoke sarcastically from her position in front of the cooker. "Don't try and give me all that 'I'm too old to go away with you' twaddle, young lady! You are coming with us to Morag's, and that's that."

Donna was already rebelliously walking away from her mother as she answered, "Yes, Mum." There was an added, "No, Mum. Three bags full, Mum," as she sauntered off to glare at her clothing before even attempting to pack a thing.

"That girl! She's only just fifteen and she already thinks she knows everything," Sylvia exclaimed to the captive audience of her husband, who tried his hardest to sympathise. Honest he did.

But Donna was his little girl, and she had wrapped him around her little finger from the first moment he had held her in his arms. She had been a very special gift after all their vain efforts to have a family. "Sylvia, she doesn't mean it," he had defended Donna. "She's just trying to find her feet."

"She'll be finding my foot up her backside if she isn't careful!" Sylvia had retaliated. "I wish you wouldn't let her get away with so much, Geoff."

Geoff had merely shrugged in reply, since it didn't help to argue with her. It never got you anywhere.

Two hours and ten minutes later Donna must have had every single item from her wardrobe spread out on her duvet cover as she pontificated to her stuffed toy collection about her situation. What exactly did you take to a cold desolate place like Scotland? Nobody she knew would be seen dead there, let alone swop the opportunity to go to Marbella and go somewhere to the back of beyond like Glasgow!

Scorn sat heavily on her face as she considered her lot. Okay, she had once run away to Strathclyde, but she'd been only six then, and she had been intrigued by the stories Gramps had told her about his family; full of fairy folk and magical places. It had taken years to find out that it had all been complete bunkum. Now she was much more sophisticated than to believe such things existed; but it didn't stop her loving her Gramps or his new stories about the stars and the aliens out there any less. Instead, he was always there with a funny tale to tell, a hug or wise words. If she couldn't find a man like her dad she decided she would settle for one like her grandfather easily enough.

She sighed as she picked up a jumper and held it against her body. Why did it matter anyway? They probably all ran around in kilts in Scotland wrapped up with thick blankets all the time, for all she knew. As long as they didn't expect her to dance the Highland Fling, that was all!

"Hurry up, Donna!" her mother shouted from the bottom step of the stairs. "We have to leave pretty soon!"

"I'm coming!" she yelled back, and hastily threw some garments into her suitcase. God! Could her life get any duller? She very much doubted it. Heaving a huge sigh, she finished packing and dragged her case down the stairs.

There was another dramatic sigh as she seated herself in the back of her dad's car. Just to spite her, the sun came out, and she squirmed in annoyance.

"Are you chewing a wasp?" Geoff asked her in order to get a laugh.

"No!" she had barely huffed back; but he was pleased with the result. It meant she would thaw.

The journey north seemed to take forever, and even the stops at various motorway services failed to lighten the day. Although crossing the border into Scotland and seeing the signs for Gretna Green was a little exciting; and Donna made a mental note of where it was in case she ever had the opportunity or need to elope. Well, you could never be too prepared in her book.

There were signs up as they hit the outer edges of Glasgow proclaiming that it had just been proclaimed the European City of Culture. She wondered who they were trying to kid? Still, it didn't look too bad so far.

A lot of the buildings as they travelled through the centre of Glasgow looked very dark or ultra-modern. The traffic seemed as bad as London though, so that aspect was familiar. And then they turned off the motorway and headed properly into the landscape.

She sat gawping at the buildings, asking numerous questions about why they were so tall, why they were all a dark browny-red colour, and why was there building work everywhere.

After several twists and turns they pulled up outside an unremarkable house and got out of the car. Within seconds a woman appeared beaming merrily at them. "Welcome to Scotland!" she cried. "How lovely to see you!"

Hugs were exchanged, introductions made, exclamations over how tall Donna had got, and invitations exchanged about what they would do whilst there. As it was, Donna didn't remember her mum's cousin Morag at all, but then she'd only been ten months old at the time. In next to no time she was similarly greeting Morag's husband, Philip, and their daughter, Alice.

As things turned out, Donna and Alice got on like a house on fire; which was fortunate, because they were sharing Alice's room for the duration. Alice was older than Donna, by almost a year, and they were similar in colouring except Alice was slightly darker. When they had first ventured out together several people had mistaken them for sisters, and they giggled with delight.

Soon they were exploring the locale, doing things that teenagers tend to do. Things like window shopping followed by grabbing a bite to eat. Alice quickly suggested a place where the rest of her friends might have been hanging out. "Please Donna!" Alice had begged as Donna hesitated. "He might be there." "He' being the boy she currently fancied and whose attention she was hoping to catch.

"Alright," Donna had reluctantly agreed. She didn't want to spoil Alice's chances but having decided to dabble with vegetarianism for a while she didn't want to sit in a place that seemed to condone eating meat.

As Donna and Alice stood contemplating the dearth situation that was otherwise known as an empty McDonalds - well, empty of any people they could possibly know - a tall, lanky, light-brown floppy haired, over-enthusiastic puppy of a lad bound up to them.

"Hello, ladies! Who's this with you, Alice?" he asked as he tried to lean nonchalantly against the counter next to them.

"Oh, hello, Campbell," Alice cautiously answered as she eyed him up and down. "This is my second cousin Donna. She's come all the way from London to see us."

"I hope you didn't walk, or you'd be tired by now," he lamely joked. His eyes swept appreciatively all over Donna, she noted.

"Don't be daft," Donna softly chided him. "Dad drove us up, and it took for bloody ever!"

Campbell nodded towards a nearby booth. "You can come and sit with me, if you like? It'll be no bother."

"Thanks," Donna answered before her cousin could refuse. Well, he wasn't bad looking, and he might actually buy them something to while away the time as they chatted.

That was all the encouragement Campbell needed, and he eagerly showed them the way to the small padded area. "Can I get you both a coffee?" he magnanimously offered.

"Milk, two sugars, please," Donna replied as she ignored Alice's glare that invited her to refuse.

"What did you say 'yes' for to him?" Alice angrily whispered her question when Campbell was out of earshot.

Donna shrugged. "Why not? He seems alright, and I fancy a coffee. There's no law against that, is there?"

"No, but it's wise to stay away from loonies," Alice complained. "Campbell isn't quite right in the head. Everybody says so."

Donna contemplated him as he took the task of gathering sugars very seriously. "He looks okay to me; and it's only coffee," she defended her decision.

Campbell didn't seem to notice the hasty discussion between the two cousins as he joined them at the table. Well, it wasn't the first time something had been said about him behind his back; and he was rather curious to find out about Alice's relative, truth be told. Not that he wasn't hurt, or that he fancied her or anything, he told himself. He was just curious, and should his dream of moving to London as a professional musician ever materialise he would have someone there that he knew.

"Two coffees!" Campbell announced when he returned to the table and set the cups down. With care, he placed the sugars and stirrers in front of them. Ah, where should he sit? Without much hesitation, he slid along the bench that Donna sat on, getting as close as he dared. "So…. What have you been up to? Done anything interesting?" he causally asked. Well, in his head it sounded extremely casual, but it might have come out rather stuttered. He then tried draping his arm along the back of the seat they shared.

Donna played with sugaring her coffee, not looking at him directly. "Oh, you know; this and that. Alice has been showing me the sights, although she hasn't taken me to Soggy Hall Street yet."

Alice immediately burst into laughter. "It's Sauchiehall Street, silly!" she exclaimed. She then turned to Campbell to explain, "She wants to buy a new top."

That gave him the chance to look at her chest without condemnation. "What colour are you after?" he asked.

Donna blushed under his scrutiny. "I dunno what I want until I see it. But it won't be pink; I can't get away with wearing that."

"Oh I don't know; you could practically wear anything and it'd still look good," he commented without realising the depth of the compliment.

"Thanks," Donna mumbled as she sipped her coffee, trying to hide the fact she was blushing again.

It was time to seek out some facts, Campbell decided. He shuffled his bottom on his seat nervously before asking, "Does your erm… does your boyfriend mind you being up here?"

"Boyfriend?" Donna giggled, amused by the question. "No, I haven't got a boyfriend. Do you know anyone I could meet?"

Campbell hastily scratched his head. "I might know someone. What sort of person do you like?"

Donna went into thinking mode. "Let me think…"

"Gary Barlow," Alice suggested. "That's who she likes on the telly; and whatshisname." She then frantically waved her hand about as she tried to recall a name. "You know. He was in the building thing… Bruce Willis!"

Donna nodded in agreement. "He's well fit. Yeah, if you know anyone muscly like that then I'm interested." She then added for Campbell's benefit, "I also like Denzel Washington, Kevin Costner and Jean-Claude Van Damme."

"All the strong men," Campbell stated to himself, and thought about his own puny body. Damn! He didn't stand a chance with her. "What about River Phoenix?"

"He's a bit weedy," Donna answered, to his dismay.

"What about you, Campbell? Got your eye on anyone?" Alice cheekily asked him.

He took a sip of his own drink before answering, "No, no one as such. I'm keeping my options open."

"Perhaps Alice can fix you up with someone," Donna brightly suggested, and chose to ignore the snort of scorn Alice shot at her. This Campbell seemed to need someone in his life. There was a lost air about him that made her want to offer comfort. "What sort of thing do you go for?"

Before Campbell could think up an answer, Alice interrupted with, "A girl that's breathing, blind, and not quite with it."

"Alice!" Donna admonished her. "Don't be mean."

"It's okay," Campbell told her, giving her a friendly smile. "Alice likes to rile me." He threw her a glare across the table, and she smirked back. "I hear you've got your eye on Jimmy Christie."

"And what if I have?" Alice answered defensively. "He's in a band."

Sensing a growing argument between the two of them, Donna hurriedly suggested, "Why don't we all have a walk down to Woolworth's? I missed hearing what's number one at the moment."

That led to a discussion about the charts and provided a suitable distraction. Donna felt quite pleased with herself for deflecting the situation. Now what to do about Campbell? Gradually she started to see him as her new mission in life, and was determined to help him find that elusive girl he wanted. After all, when Donna Noble became your friend, she did it properly!

That was the first time that their paths crossed whilst Donna was staying in Glasgow. They happened upon each other a couple of times after that, despite Alice's disapproval; and they talked together endlessly about their likes, ambitions, complaints and life in general. With both of them having the gift of the gab there was rarely a silent or awkward moment between them.

There was a brief moment when Campbell tried to kiss her; but Donna had unexpectedly looked away at a dog that was leaning out of the window of a car, causing them to both laugh, and him to miss his chance. After that he felt he would stay forever in what people later called 'the friend zone'. He was prepared to wait until he could try again to get her in a romantic situation. All he knew was that he firmly hoped that she didn't see him as the brother she never had. Other than that, they got on famously.