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She honestly doesn't know what she is doing wandering Konoha late at night. Perhaps it started in a vain hope that she would run into Naruto-kun! She can feel her cheeks burning up in her usual tomato-like blush. "Naruto-kun." She whispers. She keeps walking until she reaches the academy.

She stands there shocked. She hadn't realized that her feet were taking her here.

She looked around, almost desperatly looking for the swing that was always occupied by a certain orange ninja.

She frowned when she found the swing sans Naruto. She walked to the swing and sat down. Immideantly she felt the warmth she always felt when she was thinking about Naruto-kun.

She smiled and gently pushed herself off the ground. She started swinging. Faster and faster, higher and higher, until she could see the top of the hokage towers. She stated to giggle and suddenly found that she could not stop giggling. "Hinata?" She slows down and turns to find the one person she had been thinking about all day.

"What are you doing out here so late?" Naruto asks. Hinata blushes and looks down.

"I-I could ask the s-same as you, N-Naruto-kun." It was Naruto's turn to look down and blush. "I couldn't sleep." He admitted. "I've been having these... horrible nightmares."

Hinata directs her concerned look at Naruto. "W-Why don't you t-tell m-me about them? It m-might make y-you feel better." She suggests quietly. Naruto scrunches his brow. "Are you sure you want to hear them? They're pretty scary." Hinata nods her head firmly.

"I'm sure. Anything to help Naruto-kun." Naruto looks stunned. Nobody but Tsunade, Jiraya, Iruka, and occasionally Kakashi has actually genuienly cared enough to actually listen to him in such a long time.

"It was about my... tenant." Naruto admitted. Hinata's eyes turn sad. He had told the Konoha 11 about the Kyuubi after the Pein , they were all angry, sad, and disappointed about the way they and the villagers had treated Naruto.

Hinata had gone completly out of her character and had actually gone out of her way to personally deliver her wrath to everyone that had treated Naruto like trash.

Afterwords, she vehemently apologized to Naruto about not doing what she should have done. Naruto shook off her apology with a smile. "I understand", he had said, "But you had as rough a childhood as I, if not rougher. It's our past experiences and how we deal with them that make us the people we are today." The Konoha 11 stared at Naruto and his inexpected pearl of wisdom.

"I've been having these dreams where he takes control and just... " Naruto couldn't sat anymore. He'd been having dreams of the Kyuubi taking control and completly oblidorates the entire villiage. The worst part was when the Kyuubi kills his precious people in front of him. Iruka, Sakura, Saskue, Kakashi, Jiraya, Tsunade, Neji, Lee, Tenten, Shikamaru, Choji, Ino, Kiba, Shino, and... Hinata. Naruto starts shaking.

Hinata quickly comes out of her stupor and clutches Naruto close. "Shh. It's going to be alright. We all have faith in you." She whisperes the comforting words into Naruto's ears.

"We all have seen your progress from a silly goofball," Naruto opened his mouth to protest but Hinata smiled and puts a delicate finger to his lips to stop his words. "From silly goofball to heroic legend. This is why we all have faith in you."

Naruto stared at Hinata, amazed at her strength. "You know," He grinned, "I think this is the second time I've heard you make an amazing, stutter-free speech." Hinata blushed.

Of course he was refering to the confession. "I'm sorry for not acknowladging it and you sooner." He said. Shame filled his voice. "There's not really an excuse for..."

"No!" Hinata interrupted him. "I will not have you apologise for my mistake." Naruto's eyes hardened. "Mistake?" He whispered in a hurt voice. "You... told me you loved me. Did you plan on never actually telling me how you felt? Did you think that eventually I wouldn't notice?" He shouted angrily.

"Why not?!" Her own voice hardened. "You never had before." He immeadently lost all his anger.

"You, of all people, should know all about the pain of unrequited love. The fear of rejection outways the possible happiness that you could have." Hinata whispered and clutched at her arms.

"You want nothing more for this person other than to be happy in the ways that you can't." Naruto looked at Hinata. He really LOOKED and obsereved the kunoichi that had saved his life.

She was strong. Stronger than anyone he had ever known, but like him, she had her own insecurities.

All her life her clan had looked down on her. They laughed and called her "weak". Her own father, up until the chunin exams, had said that she was a total failure. You can never really get over something like that, Naruto thought. He knew from past experience that you can never really get over being degraded over and over again.

"Hinata." He whispered. "I'm so sorry" Her head whipped back to look at him with wide pale lavender eyes that were quickly filling with tears.

"I'm so sorry that I'm such a baka and a dobe that I've been ignoring what has been in front of me this whole time." He touched her cheek gently with one hand. Hinata leaned into his touch.

"I've been so supposedly in love with Sakura that I hadn't noticed that I was doing to you what she was doing to me. I can't promise anything yet, but give me time to figure it out?" He asked with a tiny smile.

Hinata smiled back. "I've waited this long. I think I can wait a little longer." Naruto grabbed her hand. " Get some ramen with me?" He asked.

Hinata looked confused. "Is Ichiraku Ramen even open at this hour?" Naruto grinned. "They are for their best customer!"Hinata grinned with him.

"Let's go!" She sprinted on ahead. Naruto looked at her, amazed at how far she'd come since he's known her. "Well? Are you coming or not?" She shouted excitedly. Naruto shook himself out of his stupor. "Wait for me! I'm coming!"