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It was a warm sunny, and most importantly, peaceful day in Konoha. But sadly it was not to to last. "NARUTO!" The orange ninja dashed across Konoha with great skill accumulated by years of dodging the anger of his pink-haird teammate. "I said I'm sorry!" he replied. "Apparently it's not enough that our sensei abandons us to do our own training, but I was stuck there, ALL ALONE FOR THREE HOURS!" Sakura screamed angrily whilst chasing her knuckleheaded teammate.

"What could have possibly been so important they you forgot about training?!" Naruto paused in his escape. He scratched his head. "I was getting ready for Hinata's surprise date! She's coming home soon from a mission and I want everything to be perfect!" Sakura immediatley calmed down and smirked. "So, it's a date with Hinata, eh?" Naruto nodded and smiled.

"May I ask what your plans are?" Again, he nodded and grinned. "I'm going to take her to a bath house to relax. After that I'm going to take her dancing and dinner!" Sakura looked at Naruto suspiciously. "Okay, who are you and what have you done with my idiot teammate." She declared. Naruto chuckled. "Does that mean you approve?" he asked.

"Approve? I might just use that as an example for dates for me to go on!" Sakura said in an impressed tone. She honestly was surprised at the newfound romantic side of her teammate. If she didn't have Saskue, she'd be a little bit jealous of Hinata for having such a wonderful boyfriend. Suddenly, Konohamaru ran up to Naruto. "Hey! What's up, Konohamaru?" Naruto noticed his dispair-ridden facial expression. "I was just with Hanabi. She says her sister is in the hospital and it doesn't look good." Konohamaru said tearfully. Naruto's entire face paled. "I've got to go." He whispered. He sprinted off to the hospital.

"That was a lie, wasn't it?" Sakura asked Konohamaru suspiciously. Konohamaru looked offended. "Why would I lie about something like this? This is Hinata we're talking about! Her life is in danger!" Konohamaru said dramatically. "So... it was a lie." Konohamaru nodded. "Wait a second... Hinata put you up to this?" Sakura asked, amazed that innocent little Hinata could get Konohamaru to lie to his idol. "Hinata threatened to tell Hanabi my seceret." He explained bashfully blushing.

At the hospital...

"Where is she?!" Naruto demanded as soon as he set foot within the hospitial walls. "Who do you mean, sir?" The nurse at the desk inquired. "Hinata Hyuuga. Which room is she in?" He growled. The nurse, surprisingly, smiled. "Room 114. I'll tell her you're coming." The nurse got up and walked to a hallway. She walked to the room and knocked on the door.

"He's here." She whispered. "Thank you." a quite voice replied. "She's ready to see you now!" The nurse yelled to Naruto. He looked startled for a moment then stomped to the other end of the hallway. He forcefully opened the door to see... Hinata in the bed looking absolutly fine.

"What the hell?! You had me worried sick!" He yelled at Hinata who only giggled. "I wanted to surprise you. So... Surprise! I'm not dying!" Naruto frowned. "That's a horrible surprise." He grumbled. "I thought you were really injured." Hinata's smile dropped a little bit. "I'm sorry, Naruto-kun. I honestly didn't think you would react this way." Hinata's whole face looked sad now. "How could you not realize that I will always worry about you?!" He yelled.

He grabbed her shoulders. "Everytime you go out on a mission, whether it'a a D-rank or an S-rank, I'm worried you won't make it back." He started shaking. Hinata put her arms around him. "I'm sorry! This was a mean thing of me to do. I was just... I don't know what I was thinking." Hinata admitted. Naruto cupped her chin. "Well, something good did come out of this." He said. Hinata looked at him curiously. "I know how I feel about you." He whispered.

His face came closer and closer to hers until their lips finally touched. Hinata's eyes widened at the contact, then closed as she slipped into bliss. They seperated. Naruto looked deeply into Hinata's eyes. "I'd go crazy if something ever happened to you." Naruto admitted. Hinata's eyes widened. "I did go crazy when I thought Nagato killed you." Hinata was aware that Naruto almost went the full nine tails form of the Kyuubi.

Hinata cupped Naruto's chin and he leaned into her warm touch. "I can't promise that I'll come back unscathed from every mission, but I shall try with every fiber of my being to come back to you. Everytime." Hinata promised. Naruto smiled. "I promise the same." He replied. His eyes widened in amusemnet. "How can I trust you to keep your promise?" He asked teasingly. "Because neither of us goes back on our word. It's our nindo!" Hinata replied with equal mirth. "I love you, Hinata." Naruto whispered. "I love you, Naruto" Hinata replied. They kissed again, sweetly and slowly.

Then, the hospital door opened and all hell broke loose. "Uzumaki Naruto!" shouted a very irarte and sober hokage. "What do you thingk you're doing on my hospital bed?" She demanded. "Um... kissing my girlfriend?" he answered meekly.

"G-g-g-girlfriend?" Hinata whispered. Tsunade smiled. "That's what I thought! Good job, Hinata!" Said heiress was looking down while poking her fingers together. "I'm his g-g-g-girlfriend!" She shouted excitedly, then covered her mouth with her hands and turned a whole new shade of red. Naruto rolled his eyes and smiled. "Same old Hinata. At least she didn't faint!"

Hinata smiled as her face slowly reversed the unnatrual redness it had gained within the last couple minutes. Suddenly Naruto's eyes widened and then narrowed. "Hey! You two planned this didn't you?" Tsunade innocently walked out the door, smiled and said, "Maaaayyybee!" Hinata giggled and Naruto turned to her. She nodded. Naruto sighed. "What am I going to do with you?"