Marzia was sitting on the couch watching a movie snuggling up with her pug Maya. It was a horror movie, and it was just coming up to the scary part. The suspense was almost making her jump of the couch and sit closer to the tv. The was knife coming from behind the character, waiting for the right moment to go in for the kill. The horror music started playing loudly and... Marzia jumped, she had heard a muffled sound coming from hers and Felix's bedroom in her parents' house. She pushed Marzia off her and walked to the bedroom door.

Pushing her ear against the door, she could hear sniffing coming from inside. Gently, she pushed open the door, 'Felix?' She said inquisitively with her cute high-pitched voice.

'Oh, uh, yeah?' Felix mumbled, sitting on their bed, wiping his eyes with the sleeves of his shirt.

'Whats wrong?' Marzia asked with a look of concern on her face.

'Just... the ending of the Walking Dead game. It just... got to me,' he looked up, there were tear streaks down his cheeks and his eyes were bloodshot, 'I know you must think its stupid, just over some game I finished a few days ago, but. Clementine and Lee. Fuck.'

'I can't imagine sweet pea' Marzia said with compassion.

'You- you've watched it?'

'Of course I have, and I think it's really sweet you would cry in front of all your bros, a lot of men wouldn't do that.' Marzia smiled. Felix liked it when she smiled, he actually liked when she did anything, (possibly except when she left everything lying around, and he had to be a cleaning lady)

She was just so beautiful, and smart, and funny. She was too good for him.

'So, I'm not manly enough for you?' Inquired Felix, he was afraid of losing her.

'Not being afraid of crying is about as manly as it gets Pewds!' Marzia said with a smirk, 'how about we go down to the Cinema to take our minds off things? There's a special movie screening tonight!'

'Sure Cutiepie, and I know you love movies' He kissed her, not too long, but enough for it to be romantic.

As soon and they pulled apart, Felix ran to the front door yelling 'Chair mode activated. Boop!' Marzia rolled her eyes and laughed. Then went to follow the, weird, love of her life, PewDiePie.