They say that everything has to be endless.

They say that everything has to be pure.

Well, I don't like. I don't agree with it.

People will continue to say that "the past is over, it is time to move on and be who you are."

Sure, you can say that, but I have seen things. Things that no one else was meant to see, and I still don't know why I had to see them, of all people.

I guess I'll start with when I started to play the game in the beginning - all that time ago.

It went something like this...

Chapter I: No Surprises

Something that should be noted, first of all, is that I really only knew two people out of the few friends I had who played Minecraft. They were junkies on it and pressured me into joining it. The more they talked about it, the more I became interested. I wasn't really an avid gamer since I gave up on it a while ago to try and better my drawing skills. Eventually, my Christmas vacation had arrived, and I had nothing better to do. One of my friends, named Garth, gifted me Minecraft and told me to try and make my own world before going online.

The interesting thing I noticed at first was the interaction with nature. With my art, I often would just draw whatever came to mind and somehow blend it in with nature and stuff. You know, like trees and fields. The animals in the area added to the immersion (sort of) and I felt I wouldn't be disappointed after all this time. I began to go through what my friends told me to do, and soon I had my own little dirt hut.

Over the break, I began to expand my home. It started going towards the underground where, for some unknown reason, I trapped a ton of animals there, particularly pigs. Eventually, I began to start building upwards until I gave up out of sheer boredom and began to develop some convoluted device to kill the pigs and then store the pork chops in chests that I stacked up. Sound impossible? Oh, trust me. It was.

On the last day of my Christmas break, I had begun to craft the device, which I dubbed The Pork Paladin, with the redstone that I had spent the previous two days mining. The device started at a large 10x10 pen full of pigs. There was a door that I would use redstone to open and close. The pigs would then travel through said door into another pen where they would be killed by traps. The pork chops would then be stored in the chests that I placed beside the pen.

It sounds fantastic on paper, but it failed completely.

It was late at night as I was deconstructing the device and trying to decide what I wanted to do next.

After the failed Pig Paladin was done, I began to lead the pigs to the surface. It was much more difficult than I had expected, so I decided that the best solution would be to dig a new tunnel outwards. The pigs, though disobedient most of the time, stayed with me in the general area of the tunnel. I had to take down some of the torches that I placed in my upper house in order to see in the tunnel.

It was then that I realized I had no idea where the hell I was going.

I had to dig up, or I would only make getting these stupid pigs out more difficult. I did the usual stairs and began to think that killing the stupid animals would make things a hell of a lot easier. The stairs were moving along smoothly, though, so I wasn't to that point of rage quite yet.

As I was almost to the top - as I was mining that one last row of dirt blocks - a great wave flowed over me. I was sent backwards in a rush of water. I remembered clearly gasping for air. I would repeatedly push my body against the dirt stairs to try and stop, but the dirt only gave way as I kept tumbling downwards. I even remember hitting the freaking pigs, their annoying little "oinks" as they began to drown in the flood.

How the hell did I screw up this badly? How did I not even think to see if a lake would be above me?

This is what I got for starting Minecraft. Then again, there was still more to it that kept me pressing onwards.

When I stopped, I was at where the Pig Paladin had been initially built. Only one or two pigs survived, so I killed them and used their pork chops for health. I decided to start heading back up to my home, perhaps, put back up the stupid torches, and get off this stupid game. The house I made was horrible looking and I didn't even want to continue on at this point. Maybe Garth or Ed could show me some more on how to actually play this game, but at this point I was done.

Actually, no I wasn't, since I wasn't freaking alone either.

When I got up to my house, I began to hear moans and sounds and stuff. The sky was dark, so I guessed it was night. I was about to put up a door (I thought I had a door when, really, I didn't even know how to make one) and the torches when another strong force hit me. I freaked out as I watched my replenished health deplete to nearly nothing. The ground around me was gone and smoke filled the house.

Was that the creeper that my friends were talking about? They always had to mention this stupid little green thing that would destroy all that you worked hard for. They would always say "you don't know true anger until you encounter a creeper." Trust me, I've been angrier, but this still pissed me the hell off. I got back up and tried to see where the hell I was since there were still no torches. I put up a few and found myself back in the area with the stupid pens and such.

Oh no, that wasn't the end of it, though!

There were more of those stupid creatures! You know, the creepers? Those stupid little green things with the stupid little legs and stupid moan and that?

Yeah, there were more! A lot more!

I began to scurry around, digging into the walls in order to protect myself from them as they approached. At this time I didn't know about killing them with just my hand. Stupid little me thought I had to have weapons. So I kept running into the walls, putting up walls of dirt behind me to keep me from my first demise.

The creepers, though, weren't slowing down. They kept blowing up the walls, and getting closer, and moaning that stupid little moan!

I kept digging, trying to keep my distance. The time was almost to midnight, so I knew that I needed to get the hell out of this game and go to sleep for school. The problem was that I couldn't! Not that I was trapped, though. The whole situation was hypnotizing. I couldn't look away from the screen while I ran away. The light of my monitor was giving me a headache as I refused to blink at all.

Eventually, I stopped digging upon reaching a large, dungeon-like area. The advice that Garth had given me rung in my head.

"If you get far enough away, they'll give up."

So I did. I kept running. I ran through the dungeon, putting up torches everywhere, until I was far enough away to actually feel safe. I stopped and looked back across the dungeon, which was large (even though Ed said they were relatively small), and saw the silhouettes of those bastard creatures. Did Garth lie to me? Do they follow me no matter what? I continued to run like hall, traversing all these stupid tunnels until I knew I was too far down in the freaking place to even get back up safely. There was lava and diamond, but it was all useless to me, just like this freaking game.

The creepers continued following me, growling and hissing.

And laughing.

No, I never played this game before. I never even showed interest in stupid little Minecraft. But I knew well enough that nothing in the game laughed like that. It wasn't really a Joker-type life, but it was a chuckle. A very deep, condescending laugh. I knew it was coming from them. It got louder the closer they got.

This was the end for me. There was lava everywhere and I wasn't quite sure what the hell to do anymore.

Eventually I began throwing whatever dirt blocks I had in the lava to get away. When I ran out, I had reached a dead end.

The creepers, they were gaining on me. They were walking down the dirt path I had created, laughing and hissing and preparing to kill themselves for no goddamn reason.

For a second I thought I could punch them away, but kept missing and gave up. Finally, I decided that, as a last-ditch effort, I would push them into the lava. Sure, I might be killed in the process, but at least they would die as well. Those stupid little creatures didn't deserve the satisfaction of knowing that they killed me. I was better than that to let them.

So I threw my arms back and prepared to rush forward.

As I ran forward, though, the unexpected happened.

I heard something like a wave behind me. The creepers... their eyes filled with terror. A terror I didn't expect to see out of them. Why were the creatures acting abnormally? From what I knew, and what Garth and Ed told me, creepers didn't do anything but hiss and blow up. Why were they laughing and, you know, fearing? This wasn't right.

I froze as I saw a large red wave fly through the air above me. Nothing dropped on me, but I nearly broke down as I watched the creepers get washed away in the lava. They hisses some more, laughed, and then even cried. I stood there for a minute, trembling as I realized what I had just freaking done. Again, I knew it was impossible. Lava wasn't made to control - it was made to kill.

So how had I just sent a wave of it at the creepers?

Finally, the light of my monitor became too big a burden, and I turned the game off.

Yeah, Minecraft was stupid.

But what the hell happened?