Chapter L: The Past Recedes

So, here we are. Fifty chapters later, and Ancient Minecraft is over, and I am thankful.

Reliving the memories of last years events, while depressing, was rather refreshing in an odd way. It made me realize how well I had it now. I was no longer losing my mind and failing health and school. Instead, I was living the life that I should have been living for those three months. No, not just those three months, but all this time. It made me realize who I was, and how I desperately wanted to change it all. So I did, and I am ultimately happy.

I replied to Notch and included my condolences for Johan. I told him that I was beginning to realize how much Ancient Minecraft had changed me for both the best and worst. I'm sure Blackfield and Solstice had changed as well, but I wasn't sure just yet. We hadn't contacted each other.

A month after the end of Ancient Minecraft, Solstice finally emailed me, asking if I was alright. I said yes, not bothering to wonder why we hadn't spoken sooner. Apparently she asked Blackfield first, and the two got into some discussion. Plus, they were just busy, so I couldn't really blame them. We all talked in chats and stuff, making sure that we were doing better. Eventually, the thought of meeting in real life came up, and we formed a pact.

We agreed that after we graduated from high school that we'd meet up somewhere in real life. Whether or not Solstice and I would become something more didn't matter. They were my friends, and I didn't want to lose them.

Garth and Ed were reluctant to accept me back at first, but opened after seeing how I had changed for good. We began to hang out more like we used to, but something was different. Conner wasn't there. I hadn't seen or heard from him since he died in Ancient Minecraft.

As it turned out, he would eventually end up moving.

I remember I went to visit him the day before he left. He was loading boxes into a truck. We chatted a bit, and I told him about the pact we formed and asked if he wanted to join it.

He declined, saying, "It's time I move on. It was my fault I got involved in it. Let's pretend it never happened, alright?"

I agreed, but knew that it wouldn't be that easy. It wasn't a bad thing to remember, either. It was a life changing thing, so why would I want to forget when my life changed for the better? He left the next day, heading for the west coast, and I wondered if I would ever see him again. For the rest of the school year, I stayed off Minecraft, but stayed in contact with Blackfield and Solstice, who were close friends now. Of course, Garth and Ed were still there, and supported me and whatever I chose to do.

Now, I am happy. I am, quite possibly, the happiest I've ever been, and I'm damn glad of that.

To those of you who have believed me and stuck with me all this time, thank you for hearing me out.

To those who are skeptical, I don't blame you. I often wake up and wonder to myself, "Was it real?"

Of course, I just go back to sleep, but the question still remains.

- Howard

To those who have listened to Howard, I would also like to give my thanks. It doesn't matter whether you believe his story or not, but hearing him out has really been important to him. He asked me before I began uploading his account of Ancient Minecraft, "Will anyone see this? Will they even believe me?"

I wasn't sure. Would you guys? I wondered that myself. Would people see this? Would people care? Would they believe?

I told him that I wasn't sure.

He said, "Upload it anyway. I just wanna get this off my chest."

So I did, and here we are now. Fifty chapters, nearly 200 reviews, and a plethora of people who believe, don't, or want to believe. Many people have been asking Howard, "How did you not go completely insane?"

Honestly, I'm not completely sure either. I even asked him and he wasn't sure.

Looking back now, though, I realize that understanding that would take a real understanding of what sanity really is. Was this really enough to make him need an asylum? It wasn't necessarily that kind of insanity, I believe. It was more of a thought-provoking insanity, or at least as I believe. Ancient Minecraft offered many things that he wasn't ready for. If you compare Howard from the beginning to the Howard at the end, you can see him accept Ancient Minecraft for what it is. He merely accepted that this was what Ancient Minecraft was. With the amount of mysteries that lingered with him the entire time, he was stuck in confusion. Not insanity, but mere thought.

Once again, I just want to thank all of you for supporting Howard. It means a lot. What else I may have to offer on this website is still a mystery, even to me. Many ideas are on their way. Who knows - they may end up here some day.



Howard Answers: (For the future, if any reviews that are posted are really thought provoking or what not, this last section may be updated to include them. Not all reviews with get responses, though.)

CreepersDebuggingMinecraft: Sorry for the wait, but here you go. Good to hear you again, man.

Phillip: "February Fools?" Come on, try a little harder. Anyway, I would never do that. Even if this was fake, it would be a horrible idea to include something like that.

manaphymajic1999: Eh, not quite, but you always seem to have really interesting theories, and I'm glad to have heard them. Thanks for reviewing all this time and giving real insight. I appreciate it all.

That awesome guy: Like I told Phillip, I wouldn't bluntly announce that this thing was fake (if it was) on the last chapter. That would be a horrible way to end a 50 chapter story. Either way, thanks for calling it "brilliant" even though I would think otherwise.

MinecraftCat2001: You know Solstice? That's awesome to hear. I haven't heard from her in a while. Anyway, both FlyingMidgetProductions and I have agreed that "Pain" is our favorite Blackfield song, but "Hello" is another good one.

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