"Class, please settle down. We are commencing class. Welcome to Biotics II. I'm your teacher, Samara and you may refer to me as Ms. Samara. This is our TA for the class, Kaidan Alenko. Introduce yourself to the class," pushing Kaidan toward the front of the class.

"Umm, hi, like Ms. Samara said, I'll be your TA, umm I'm a junior. And ah, if any of you need help, I'm here, eh," Kaidan stepped back, his face had turned a tomato red.

"Enough with introductions. Let's see where each of you are with regards to your biotics abilities. Everyone line up. I want each of you to move this book, and place it on top of the book shelf, if you can. Remember, only use your biotics. Begin," Samara stepped to the side of classroom when the first student moved in position.

"This is stupid. I can move that book with my eyes closed," a student at the end of the line, muttered.

"Who said that? Please step forward," Samara said.

The tattooed student stepped forward. "And what is your name?" Samara asked.


"Well, Jack, since you said you can do this with your eyes closed. Kaidan would you mind handing me the handkerchief, first drawer in the desk." After he gave her the handkerchief, she handed it to Jack.

"Go ahead, Jack."

"I'll show you and every prick in this class how it's done." With the handkerchief on, she lifted the book without any problem, kept it at level, and moved the book towards the shelf, when she slammed the book against the shelf. "There, you shitheads, go it done."

"No, what you did Jack was show your poor ability in controlling your biotics."

"What the fuck are you talking about? I placed the book on the shelf."

"If you say so. And I do not tolerate the use of foul language in my class."

"FOUL LANGUAGE?! What the fuck? I CAN USE WHATEVER LANGUAGE I WANT. NOT YOU OR ANY OTHER FUCKING ADULT IS GOING TO TELL ME OTHERWISE," Jack flared blue. The other students backed away from her, Samara stepped forward.

"That's enough young lady!" She built a barrier around Jack.

Jack fought against the barrier with her own biotics, with no success.

"Jack calm down. I will let you out. Once I do, you will leave this classroom, and go to the principal's office. Kaidan you will escort her." Kaidan nodded, she released Jack.

Jack threw the classroom door open while muttering expletives down the hall with Kaidan trailing behind her.

"Now, who was next?" Samara calmly asked.

The rest of the class had mixed expressions of fear and relief.

An asari dressed in a long white coat, stepped forward. "I was next Ms. Samara."

"Go ahead…"

"Liara T'soni."

I can do this. I can't do worse than Jack. Shake it off. This is a simple exercise. Just breath. Ok, go this.

She completed the exercise with a simple lift, the book landed on the top of the shelf without incident.

"Good job, Liara. Simple yet elegant. Is your mother Matriarch Benezia?"


Samara nodded her head. "Liara, you may head back to your desk. Next."

"Miranda Lawson, Ms. Samara, I'm ready to commence."

This is easy. Does not even qualify as a challenge. I was doing this by the time I was 3 years old.


"Similar technique to Liara. Simple yet elegant."

"What does it matter if it's simple. There is no need for the flair of dramatics. We all observed dramatics with Jack, and obviously didn't work."

"I was not insulting your skills. I was just making an observation. You may take your seat, unless you have something more to add."

Miranda turned her heel and sat in her seat, simmering with anger.

Kaidan opened the door. "Ms. Samara, Jack is at the principal's office."

"Thank you Kaidan. You are welcome to observe the students or you can leave for today."

"I think I'll stay," as he went to stand next to Samara.

The rest of the class had their turn until only Ruby was left.

"It appears you are the last one. Name."

"Ruby Shepard."

" Go ahead, Ruby."

Ok. This is not too hard. Then again, I've never tried anything like this before. I haven't had much practice with my biotics. I mean if most of the class can do it, then so can I. Or at least, try not to fail miserably.

She used lift and then pull to place the book closer to its goal. Ruby's glistened with sweat as she used a small warp to envelop the book, she was almost there when the book collapsed on the floor.

"That was a formidable attempt. Have you had much practice with your biotics?"


"It was unusual in that you used different biotic abilities. The use of a warp was interesting," Samara stared at Ruby intently.

Ruby blushed, making her pink hair stand out. "You may take your seat."

She is interesting. She could be a strong biotic. I didn't know human hair color came in that shade of pink. I should talk to her, maybe we have another class together, I hope. Liara thought as she stared at Ruby as a new experiment.

That warp was pathetic. My father would not be impressed. Miranda observed as she saw Ruby take her seat.

"I now have a clearer vision for this class. You're one of the strongest biotics I've seen and with training you'll become the best, do you have anything to add Kaidan?"

"Ah, no I agree with you."

Samara was about to say something else when the bell rang, "We are out of time. I have downloaded your homework assignment on your Omni-tools. Until next time."

Finally lunch time. Ruby thought as she was heading for the cafeteria. "Hey Ruby, I just wanted to say that your biotic abilities are impressive," Kaidan walked next to her.

"Umm, thanks. It wasn't much, not compared to Jack."

"Jack may have strong biotics, but you are able to control yours. So you're new here?"

"Yeah. Spacer family. I have an older brother here too, Matthew."

"Welcome," Kaidan struck his hand out and as they shook hands a spark of electricity went between them. "Sorry," Kaidan's face reddened.

"No it wasn't your fault. Just the burden of being a biotic," Ruby smiled.

"Yea, burden," his eyes darkened but then smiled at her, "Do you have anyone to eat lunch with? You can sit with me if you like."

"Sure, I'd like that."

Ruby and Kaidan made their way to the cafeteria, and Kaidan couldn't help but feel butterflies in his stomach.