The next day, Derek woke me up. He was worried.

"We missed our train." He nodded.

"But clothes are dried, and looking good, and I bough us another fare…the train leaves in half an hour… we wont be able to have breakfast." I nodded, got dressed, Derek stared at me trying really hard not to smile, I did. He turned and waited for me at the door.

"Derek don't…" He sight looking at me.

"Simon, have to know sooner than later."

"You wont give us up though right?" I sounded hopeful, he cupped my face and kissed me again.

"No. I can." He grinned, we kissed fast then went to the train station, and got on our sit. We arrive at our destination, and walk to the house, of Simons and Derek's friends house. The house seem like they took the person in the middle of breakfast. Me and Derek got worried… It was like Derek's and dad disappearance… Simon left a note for us, he was at the pool house. Derek walk out, and I followed. Once we reached the pool house he called.

"Simon?" Before we reached the door it click open.

"Hey bro." Simon looked at me relieve in his eyes, I sort of looked down…he still liked me… When I started walking inside, he pulled me into a hug… I felt Derek stiffened, but I let Simon hugged me. After a moment, he let go. "Is good seeing you…" I smiled and walked inside, Derek following, Simon close the door.

"Hey." Victoria smiled at me. I stared in disbelieve. "I'm glad to see you, he was driving me crazy." I smiled sitting next to her… After a lot of arguing we agree to spend the night here… Derek was going to keep watch… I started having a nightmare, about the guy I killed.. So I sat up awake… and got out of bed, walking outside to the woods around the house… trying to check off the nightmare..

"Julie." Derek's growl vibrate from the forest long before I could see him. "I told Simon, to let you sleep-" I cut him off, I found him sitting on the grass and sat next to him.


"Want to talk about it?" I shook my head and he turned so he was facing me. He's face was gentle…

"Is about the killing isn't? I nodded. He hugged me. "I'm sorry."

"It's ok. I'll get over it.." He pulled back and our eyes lock. We kissed, we couldn't help it, we like each other and after that night… Derek pulled back abruptly swearing and standing up so fast… I though for a moment we were in danger.

"Don't stop on my account bro." He took off running.. I stood fast, Derek was about to followed him but I stopped him.

"Let me." He nodded and sank back to the floor feeling guilty… I ran following Simon. He was at the door from the pool house, not wanting to open it yet. "Simon?" He turned looking at me with some tears on his face, he clean them fast.


"I-I-I'm sorry."

"You cant help who you fall for…" I bit my lips..

"Still we were going to talk to you, before you found out like that…" He shrug as if he didn't care, we knew better. We had to keep that conversation off. We had to run… The Lyle house teacher found us, it was thanks to Derek's super hearing that we barely escape, we ran until a van stopped in our path, we were about to turned and run when Andrew call. It was they boy's father's friend… We got in as he drove off. We arrive at a safe house, Andrew knew about….