E/O Challenge: Snow

A Christmas drabble for my triabble buddies Dizzo & Amberdreams. I love you guys xx


It's snow good to anyone

"You've got to be kidding me."

"Not joking, Bobby."

"Give me a minute would ya."

"Don't be long ... not sure how long I can hold it back."

"Got it ... tell me what it look like?"

"You serious? ... It's a possessed Snowman ... what d'ya think it looks like?"

"Don't be a smart ass ... what's it's made from."

"Jeeze, Bobby ... it's made from frickin' snow."

"What's it wearing you idjit?"

"Oh ... a hat, scarf and ... woah ... that was close."

"I'm guessing dead guy's clothes ... gotta torch it ... gotta melt that sonovabitch."