Okay, so I listened to Taylor Swift's "Sad, Beautiful, Tragic" and the opening lines just leaped out at me. So, I had to do this story.

AU "Aliens in a Spaceship"

Warning: Character Death, Lots of Angst

A Little Too Late

"Long, handwritten note deep in your pocket. Words, how little they mean, when you're a little too late." ~Taylor Swift "Sad, Beautiful, Tragic"

Booth's POV

"We have to find them!" I yell to the Squint Squad.

"How?" Angela asks, looking into the vast area of sand.

"Look for a place that was recently dug up, anything that looks weird. We have to find them. We're not leaving until we do," I order.

We looked around for two hours, and then I see an area that looks different from the rest. I start digging, and what I find breaks my heart.

"No, Bones. No. No, wake up. Wake up." I shake her, tears forming in my eyes. "Temperance, wake up. I found you. I found you. Please, wake up."

"Seeley." Cam puts her hand on my shoulder. "She's gone."

"No. No. She's not. She can't be."

Angela and Cam were both silently crying, and Zack looked like he'd just lost part of his family. I stare at the woman in my arms, and I know that she's gone. There's a crumpled up piece of paper in her hand, and I take it out.


I want you to know that I would never blame you for not finding us. We didn't know if you even received our text, much less if anyone understood it. We kept ourselves going as long as possible, but we couldn't hang on anymore. There were so many things I wanted to tell you. But, most of all, I want you to know that I loved you. From the day you walked into my lecture at American until now, I was yours. You were the first person I ever fully trusted, and you were the only man that I have ever loved. I wish that I had told you sooner, so that we could actually have some time together, but I was so afraid to tell you. I love you, Booth. You made me believe in fate.



"Oh, Temperance. I love you, too. I love you. Please, come back. Come back." Tears roll down my cheeks as I look at Bones, cold and dead in my arms. "Bones, please. I love you. I love you."

"Seeley, let's get them out of here," Cam says softly beside me.

I only nod, still crying as I clutch Bones to my chest.

~*~One Year Later~*~

I walk silently up to her grave. The epitaph still cuts me to the bone, every time I see it.

Temperance Brennan


Strength is in us all.

I bend down, placing the daffodils (that I picked up on my way) on the ground. I came here at least once a week, wishing things could be different. I take a deep breath as a single tear makes its way down my cheek.

"I love you, Bones. I miss you. We all miss you. It takes every bit of strength to keep going, but I do it. Because I love you. I know, even if you don't believe, that you're waiting for me on the other side. I love you."

With another deep breath, I turn and head from the gravestone. I stop at Hodgins' grave before I leave, apologize to him-again-, and then I head home. Another night of dreams where I got to them on time was what waited for me. I accepted the dreams gratefully, only to come back to reality once I woke up. It was impossibly hard for me to keep going every day, but it's the only thing I could do. I did for them.

So, that's what I got. I really HATE writing angst, but I just had to do this one. I will admit to crying while writing this. It was easier once I got to the One Year Later. Anyways, review, please!