Chorus (Akon[Puck]):

If you're looking for me I'll be on the beach

You and me each trying to see what we can teach now

Cause I'm a rider

A Scorpio survivor

Cause everybody knows that on Thisby

We're the ones you gotta beat, waiting by the sea now

If you're a rider

A Scorpio survivor


Tonight I can't sleep, I live in the barn

First he says I can't ride then I'm back at the farm

Sounds in the stables, something isn't quite right

Please Corr don't be the one that's getting cut tonight

Who me? I'm Scorpio survivor

Ask about him in the street they say Sean is a rider

A couple hundred if I win, I'll get it of course

What could be more important than to buy my horse


Another day, I'm a contender—same beach, same horses, same race, same news

This time I've got something to lose

Or is it another nightmare

I let Dove up beside me—going nowhere

Being a man, don't flinch

They want to get around me but I'm not giving an inch

I'm knee deep in the waves

So when the dead are counted up I'm knee deep in the shame

This is too real, never been just a game

When it gets out of hand they're calling my name

Forgive me Corr just in case I can't win tonight

But Puck needs it too, and I need her to get it, right

And this every year it never gets old

Four times still the capall hasn't been sold

It's the time when Epona come and dropping her shell

I know I'm a living legend but I'm living in hell


Gotta watch her move cause her eyes are on you

Gotta keep it cool when they're lies are on you

Just because I say little then they give me a label

Malvern says I leave he'd still be able

Need a few minutes peace at the Connolly table

Get a break from the drama down at the stable

Love's a weakness but it made me strong

Tried to keep away but I can't before long

No guts, no glory.

My biography, and that's true story

Turned the island around, and I didn't even try

It's the first of November so somebody will die


Cause if you're looking for me you can find me

On the beach disobeying the law

A girl and a thoroughbred no uisce

Me and Kendrick, that's something you saw

And we keep on riding now

We keep on riding now