Okay. So, my friend showed me a singer that she adores called Younha. Of course, my friend can understand everything the singer is saying, but I just like the sound of Korean and Japanese, so I listen to it regardless if I can understand. I started looking different songs by her and I found one. 'Would We Have Changed' it's so amazing and I urge you to listen to it, or read the English translation after reading this.

This is almost like a songfic, as in this story is based off of two songs. The one mentioned above, and 'God In This Moment' by Gavin Mikhail.

Takashi sat at his desk staring at an e-mail from Kyouya. The contents told him that they were planning a reunion. They hadn't had a group meeting in a couple years, and if they didn't get together soon. Tamaki and the twins were afraid that they wouldn't ever be able to make time. Takashi was torn. He wanted to see them...but he remembered the last time he saw Haruhi. They had been dating in secret during University.

So many nights spent together, studying their Law, that they eventually just developed feelings for each other. Haruhi broke it off with Tamaki before her second year of law. He moved into his fourth, and they started dating shortly after. However, they didn't say anything...but they didn't keep it secret. They didn't change much, just started hanging out a bit more but that was it. So, if they were ever asked they wouldn't deny it, but saw no sense in telling the others. Everyone besides Mitsukuni and Kyouya assumed that they were studying.

He looked over at the picture frame of the Hosts he kept on his desk and reached forwards. Lifting it up he stroked the picture frame with his frame. His mind was made up. He opened his schedule and booked off the date. With his wealth and prestige, he had been able to create law firm from the ground up. A reputable law firm. He had given up his spot as the heir of the Morinozuka fortune and company to pursue his own wealth. Satoshi had taken over the line of Morinozuka Dojo's and the business company of training equipment.

He sent off an email to his friend, saying that he would be there. Short and simple, just like he liked it.

Takashi Morinozuka, the man who is most known for his stoic appearance and his ability to take anything and everything in stride. Was scared. Scared of seeing Haruhi. They had broken up mutually. Still, he was scared his old feelings would resurface and he would regret that they had broken up. He had felt as if he was holding her back from being who she wanted to be, because he was scared of losing her, so he let her go on his own terms. She had felt that he was too hung up in the relationship at times and therefore they talked about it and ended the relationship.

It had gotten to the point where he was too worried about her, and she was too worried about him. He turned his attention back to his work. If his old feelings resurfaced, he would hide them. Just like he had when she was dating Tamaki. It was that hard, right?

Haruhi left the office, pulling her keys from her briefcase. She opened the door to her car and climbed inside. She started it and then sat as the car warmed. Her case had gone off without a hitch and she had defended her witness thoroughly. The process was easy and quick and they won in a matter of a few days. Those who had worked tirelessly with her to help her offered to take her out for drinks, but she politely declined. There were things she had to take care of at home, and her father and his boyfriend would be visiting the same night.

As she drove home, she smiled. Happy that she had won the case. The man had been wrongly accused of killing another man. She had found evidence that the murder was the person who told the police about the murder. It all played through and she was glad that she had been on the right side of the law. Sometimes there were times that she knew the person was guilty, and tried to figure out a way out of the situation. She didn't want an innocent person to be sent to jail, and she didn't want a guilty person to be freed.

Her house, well actually apartment, was much larger than the one she and her father use to share. It was actually a studio apartment with two floors. The upper floor was where her bedroom/study was located looking out over the city. You could see up into the second floor, as there was nothing really separating it, save a wire railing to keep people from falling down. Haruhi locked the door behind her and headed into the bathroom to change into something more relaxing. She wore a pair of cut off jeans and a pale shirt before pinning her hair away from her face. She left and started to clean up. Lifting up a book from her table, she paused as something fluttered out.

Kneeling down she picked it up and opened the paper. It was a picture. Crinkled. It was a picture of Haruhi sleeping with her textbook on her stomach and Takashi moving to take the textbook from her hands. The look on his face made Haruhi stopped. Her fingers clenched the picture. She stood up and tossed the picture into the garbage, but noticed writing on the back. Takashi's writing.

'God in This Moment – Gavin Mikhail'

That was all. She took it out and went over to her laptop. She checked her email and paused. Seeing the message from Kyouya she replied that she'd be there, not caring either way. Then she googled the song, and sat there. After listening to it she looked at the lyrics and read through them. She leaned back and took a deep breath then she chewed on her lip.

The bell rang before she could focus entirely on what this meant to her, what it had meant to him. She closed the window before quickly tossing the picture into the fire. Partially regretting it, and almost reaching to pull it back out, but stopped and headed over to the door to meet her father's new boyfriend.

The six male hosts stood in Kyouya's mansion. There were business partners around them catching, drinking wine and eating small hors d'oeuvre's. The twins wished to flit off somewhere and hang out, but they resisted the urge to cause trouble. Some of their own business partners were in the mix. It would be bad if they went home before the party even began. Kaoru kept murmuring to his brother about how ill some of the women were dressed

"Mother," Tamaki whined quietly, not wanting to bring attention to himself, "I thought we were going to have a fun outing."

"This is a fun outing, is it not?" Kyouya asked, daring the ex-president to say otherwise. He sipped on the champagne and checked his watch. "Maybe Haruhi would've been here on time if it were..."

"Haru-chan is coming," Mitsukuni spoke up popping a small pastry into his mouth. He wiped it with a napkin before smiling, "She's stuck in traffic."

"Tsk," Kyouya muttered, "She bothers to tell you, but not the host of this party?"

"Master Kyouya," a servant spoke up and whispered into his ear. Then bowed and disappeared back into the crowd. Kyouya sighed.

"Finally, that girl knows how to-"

"Have a fashionably late entrance?" Haruhi asked walked up beside him with a smile, "You should be saying 'It's a good thing she agreed to even come to this dumb party'." Kyouya scowled at her, but gave her a hug regardless. When they pulled away she raised her eyebrow, "I wouldn't miss this party for the world, Kyouya, and you might start adding to my debt."

The group broke out into a quiet laugh. Haruhi noted how they had matured. Normally they wouldn't have cared if the others attending the party heard their laughter, or found it rude. She turned to Tamaki and gave him a hug, "Long time no see, Sempai."

"Haruhi, call me Tamaki! We are not in school anymore!" Tamaki replied with a smile, and kissed her cheek politely. She nodded before moving onto the twins. She gave them each a hug, and asked them how their projects were coming along, after a brief answer, she moved onto the two eldest hosts.

"Haru-chan!" Mitsukuni exclaimed, hugging Haruhi tightly, and she knew if they were someplace else, and she wasn't wearing a dress, he would've swung her around. She laughed and hugged him back. Thankful they were all back together. When she got to the last host, she didn't meet his eyes at first. When she did she drew in a sharp breath. Everyone reacted at the noise and then Takashi finally smiled. A soft, warm smile that made her insides melt. She hugged him, and he hugged her back.

"I missed you," he whispered quietly into her ear as she pulled away. She gave him a sad smile and nodded. 'I missed you as well.

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