Takashi grumbled something that Haruhi would've hit him for saying. He rubbed his neck, staring at the state of their house. Their son's homework was splayed on the coffee table, said son was curled up beside Asami, who was sleeping as soundly as her father did. Shoes were haphazardly kicked off, denting the walls and scuffs. He saw their stuff dumped beside the door. He walked into the kitchen and saw late night snack dishes piled up by the sink, some snack boxes on the counter, and Ryou raiding their fridge. Takashi paused, and moved over, closing the fridge door. The boy froze, looking up at him and laughing. Rubbing his blonde hair. "Ah, Mori-ojisan"

"It's six," Takashi lifted his wrist where his watch was. "Why are you here?"

"Dad sent me here early to help Haruhi" Ryou saw something behind Takashi and immediately started towards it. Takashi put his arm out and caught the boy. Ryou shrunk in Takashi's grip. The young boy was always formal when referring to the larger man, but when it came to Haruhi he was about as informal as it could get.

"Papa?" Yuzuki, his eldest daughter, mumbled, walking past them and stretching. Her dark hair was long, and she resembled her father more than her mother. However, she had a mix of their personalities, and most thought that was a dangerous combination.

"It's six," Takashi replied, lifting Ryou up and depositing him on a chair in the living room. Ryou went to shout for Yuzuki but Takashi put a finger to his lips and pointed towards Asami and Kouki. Ryou let out a sound that resembled 'meep' and shrunk in the chair. Both of the sleeping children had a tendency to be very crabby when they woke up.

After he got the Host King's son to settle down, he entered the kitchen again and saw his daughter making breakfast. He quickly noted it looked like she was making enough food to serve a mansion full of people. Without question, he started the coffee pot and began cleaning the dishes. If Haruhi saw the mess she wouldn't be very happy, and he didn't like stressing her out. There was a shout in the living room. Yuzuki flinched and looked at her father, her grey eyes sparkling with interest, "Momma's awake then?"

There was a terrified squeak and then Ryou fled into the kitchen, grabbing onto Yuzuki and pulling her away from the stove and hiding behind her. Asami stormed into the kitchen, glaring at Ryou. Kouki entered a few minutes later dragging his mother, who yawned, behind him and laughed, "Ne, Ki-chan, I think Ryou-chan is trying to kiss Yuz-chan," Asami spoke, causing Kouki to glare at the boy. Takashi quickly intervened, waving his children and their friends back into the living room. He let out a sigh and felt arm wrap around his waist.

He looked down and saw his wife, "Morning, Takashi," she murmured, resting her cheek against his chest before turning and continuing the meal her daughter was making. "I thought I told Kouki to clean up his mess before I woke up this morning," she spoke loud enough that the kids heard. Ryou let out another meep and they heard the rushing of their kids cleaning.

"How can you do that?" Takashi asked, standing beside his wife and helping her make food. Slightly put off that their children would listen to her and not him.

"Absent threats mostly, and you're the softy," she poked him in the stomach. He smiled and kissed her forehead. She smiled back at him, making sure the food wouldn't burn and pulled him in for a proper kiss. Their son entered and then backed out. Not making a scene about it like Ryou would if he saw the kiss. When the door bell rang, they broke apart and went back to cooking, letting their children answer it.

"Kaa-san!" Ryou shouted happily. Haruhi paused, spoon midway to her mouth to taste the breakfast. She heard a protesting noise, and then laughed.

"Haruhi, what is Ryou doing here?" Kaoru called, popping his head into the kitchen, "You never let anyone's children stay the night unless it's Mitsukuni's kids."

"I found him raiding the fridge," Takashi replied, stepping away and shaking hands with Kaoru before heading out to see Kyouya. Whom he shook hands and looked at Ryou who was staring up at Kyouya with a pout from a corner.

"Like father like son," Kyouya murmured, adjusting his glasses, he turned towards the other children and nodded. His way of saying hello. Yuzuki jumped up and walked over to him.

"Ne, Kyouya-ojisan," she eyed him closely before opening her arms, asking for a hug. A grin on her face. Takashi eyed his daughter with a slight confused look on his face. Kyouya looked the girl up and down and shook his head. Adjusting his glasses. "Hug," she said simply, walking closer. Kyouya stepped to the side.

"Kaoru, how long are we going to be here?" Kyouya asked with a sigh as he continued to move away from the tall six year old. Yuzuki didn't drop her arms and turned towards her father. He opened his arms and accepted the hug from her, lifting her up and smiling slightly. She glared at Kyouya.

"At least someone in my family loves me," she pouted, hugging her father tightly.

Kyouya patted her on the head, "I'm not related to you."

"Ryou-chan seems to think otherwise," Yuzuki murmured, looking over at Ryou who was still in the corner. "So, Kaa-chan should give me a hug!"

"Stop harassing him, Yuzu, he doesn't like you," Kouki spoke up. Causing the two to bicker. Kyouya had disappeared when Takashi reprimanded the two. He could hear the laughter of the three adults in the kitchen, and sighed. They left him to take care of Ryou. Perfect. He hardly could cheer up the kids father.

Thankfully, before he could try, the door was thrown open and people basically poured into his house. His eye twitched slightly. Hikaru and his wife, with their child. Tamaki, his wife and two other children. Mitsukuni, Reiko and their youngest child. Most would think he would be used to people pooling into his house occasionally without warning, and without an invitation He wasn't. He liked the solidarity living twenty minutes outside the city gave him and his family. When the Hosts came over with their wives and children, his house became messy and full. Usually something ended up broken.

He looked down at his daughter, placing a hand on her shoulder and looking at her with a pointed look. "Did you invited them?"

Yuzuki turned towards Mitsukuni instead, "Hani-ojichan~!" she said cheerfully, wiggling away from her father and hugging the man tightly. "Papa is being mean," she frowned. Mitsukuni looked up at Takashi, crossing his arms. Takashi just sighed, patting his daughter on the head and attempting to flee the group but Haruhi grabbed his arm before he could hide upstairs.

"Not that I don't love you all," Haruhi spoke, turning towards the sixteen people in her living room, "Why are you here?"

The twins immediately and dramatically clung to each other, fake sobbing. "Haruhi doesn't love us anymore!" they cried, Hikaru's son looked at his father before rolling his eyes and talking to Mitsukuni's son. Tamaki jumped onto the coffee table, earning a glare from both Haruhi and Takashi which went noticed. Haruhi muttered something about just getting that one.

"We, the Hosts-"

"We're not hosts anymore, Tono," the twins spoke together, pointing at him, "Baka."

"We, the use to be Hosts, have come to spend the day with the Natural Wild!" he pointed towards the two standing by the stairs. "Our lovely children have joined us as well, so we can have a family reunion!"

"I'm not related to you," Kouki spoke bluntly, "In fact, out of everyone here, you're probably the only one who isn't technically part of this family."

"What?" Tamaki said, looking down at the Morinozuka boy with a shocked face. "How can you say that to your ojii-san!"

"Well, Yuzuki and I are Mama and Papa's children, Papa is related to Hani-ojichan, who is married to Reiko-obachan, and together they had Asami, and Ren. Kyouya-ojisan and Kaoru-ojisan are mine and Yuzuki's godparents, and Kaoru-ojisan is twin brothers with Hikaru-ojisan. You didn't give your children godparents, and no one made you their children's godparents," Kouki explained, counting off the people on his fingers. "So, all and all, we're all family, and you are the weird neighbour who comes to borrow sugar even though you have plenty."

The twins, and about half of the room busted up laughing at Kouki's blunt words. He was truly Haruhi's son. Takashi cracked a smile at this. Tamaki turned towards Haruhi, jumping over the chair and grabbing onto her arms. "Haruhi, control you son, he doesn't believe I'm your father!"

"I won't lie to my son," Haruhi replied bluntly, "He does have a point though," she tapped her chin and shrugged. Tamaki stumbled backwards and he slumped over the back of the chair. Whimpering to his wife. Haruhi took a deep breath shaking her head, "I'll have to talk to Takashi about it, but you could be our next child's godfather?"

"Next child?" Mitsukuni piped up, with a smile. "Are you guys planning to have another one."

"We haven't talked about it," Takashi murmured, eyeing his wife. Was there something she wasn't telling him? Haruhi smiled slightly as Tamaki went into theatrics about the fact that he would be their next child's godfather. It was when it clicked. Haruhi didn't bring up children unless she wanted one, like with the twins. She would've talked about having kids before then if she wanted one, and she wouldn't have said anything in front of all their friends unless they were certain.

Takashi looked down at Haruhi in shock, placing a hand on her stomach. She nodded with a big grin on her face. "You knocked me up again, jerk." Takashi immediately lifted her up and kissed her. Causing a bunch of 'ews' from the younger generation. He swung her around and hugged her tightly. Getting the attention of the adults.

"Haru-chan is pregnant!" Mitsukuni jumped up and down, holding his son. Reiko took the boy and gave her husband a pointed look, then turned towards Haruhi.

"I knew something was different about you," she commented, "Your aura is a pleasant colour."

Kouki walked over. "Mama, aren't you old?" he asked, earning a glare from his father. "Sorry!" he meeped, Haruhi just laughed and hugged her six year old son. Kissing him on the head. These two spend too much time around the twins, Takashi thought.

Kaoru clung onto Kyouya dramatically, "We better all run for the hills men!" he cried, pointing at Haruhi, "The Demon Queen is about to emerge again!"

Kyouya sighed, rolling his eyes at his boyfriends actions. The man stood up and walked over to Takashi patting him on the shoulder, "Congratulations are, once again, in order," Kyouya adjusted his glasses, "I suggest that the seven of us go out for dinner for this."

"What about our wives!" Tamaki said dramatically, waving towards Yua and grasping her as he would an old client and caressing her chin. She smiled up at him, effected slightly by his grace, but more amused by his actions.

"If you don't want to reminisce with our 'daughter' then you can stay home," Kyouya spoke up, crossing his arms and walking back over to Kaoru and putting his arm around the man's waist. "Considering we do not have any children, I think it's time for us to go."

"Why don't you just adopt?" Haruhi spoke, walking over to them.

"I do not particularly want a child," Kyouya replied, pushing up his glasses and eyeing the group of 3-10 year olds in the room. "There are enough children in my life already." Asami and Yuzuki gave him a look of partial sadness and irritation.

"I think that's a great idea, Haruhi!" Kaoru said, draping his arm over Kyouya's shoulders, "A little girl I think. Of course, Kyouya can't take of anything, so we'll have to get her around the age of five."

Kyouya gave Haruhi a look before being dragged out by Kaoru, "It would be fun to dress up a child that's actually my own!" he spoke happily as he waved to the others before shoving his boyfriend out the door.

Haruhi laughed and shook her head. Then without notice she was swept off into the tea room by Yua and Hinata, Reiko being dragged along with her. "Tamaki, darling, take the children and the boys into town!"

The door closed and the four men were left alone with the eight children. Takashi felt a sense of dread, but Mitsukuni skipped over, not caring that he was a thirty-eight year old man. "Ne, Takashi, can we get some cake?"

"Yay!" Asami and Ren cheered, the smaller boy on Kouki's back clapping. Asami hook her arm around Yuzuki's. "Yuz-chan, we get cake!"

"O-okay," she spoke as she was dragged towards the door. Tamaki's three children looked at their father, waiting for him to take charge like he normally did. Tamaki pointed towards the door.

"Let's go!" he shouted, and the eight kid's took to the door. Mitsukuni cheered and grabbed Hikaru's arm and dragged him and his four year old boy towards the door. Takashi slipped into the tea room where the four woman were sitting and motioned for his wife. She got up and walked over. He pulled her out and into the kitchen. He kissed her gently.

"Are you mad at me?" he asked quietly, his knuckles gently running over the flat plane of her stomach that would swell soon enough. She shook her head and rolled her eyes, he asked that question the last time she was pregnant.

"I did say I wanted to get pregnant twice," she laughed, taking his hand and kissing his knuckles before hugging him. "We just hit the jackpot with the first," another laugh, but muffled by his shirt. Takashi hugged her tightly with a smile.

"Cham seon-myeong-ha-ge da nama-i-nnabwah dan hanado ijeul suga eomnnabwah," he sang quietly, when she pulled away. Her fingers reached up and brushed from his scar to his chin, where he had been on a fence about growing a bread. She smiled as he brushed some of her hair from her shoulder.

"Korean?" she murmured, tilting her head slightly, "What did you say?"

"'It all remains so clearly, I can't forget any one of them'" he pulled her closer with a smile. Leaning down and pressing his lips to hers.

"Any one of what?" she asked, knowing that someone would come looking for him soon enough. She clung to each moment that he held her, feeling safe in his arms.

"Any moment I've ever spent with you," he whispered into her ear before pulling away, "I'll be back before dinner," he promised before taking her hand and guiding her back to the tea room and hurrying over to the door where Mitsukuni was calling for him.

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