A/N: Written for Cheeky Slytherin Lass' One Character Competition. I chose to write Sirius Black. And if you're going to review, don't be afraid to be honest.

Round I: "Write a drabble (100-450 words) about winter. Obviously, it has to involve your character. You must also use one of the following prompts: snow, shiver, hot chocolate, fireplace, gingerbread, snowball fight, present, silver, mistletoe, mittens, and freezing."

Word count: 445

Thank you SO much to Scrunchy (Schermionie) for being my beta for this. Honestly, it would look like utter crap if it weren't for her.

This takes place in winter 1993. If you read "Through The Gates" this probably looks familiar. Although, that story needs sirius editing, pun intended.


They whistle.

And he's trudging through the snow and the frozen crystals are like needles on his skin.

The dog stands out in the midst of white in the village. Snow blankets the rooftops of abandoned cottages and paves the cobblestoned road. Fur as dark as coal gives him away in the dying evening air, but it's not as if he cares.

They whistle as he walks and he turns, dog looking over his shoulder to see the faintest tint of pink on the snowy ground - blood from his paws.

Winter is cruel.

And it brings back memories of the prison he escaped. The rocks surrounding Azkaban are neither soft nor smooth. The rocks became his ladder the minute he saw pure daylight for the first time in years. How many years hasn't even crossed his mind. He could have been there for weeks, days even, for all he knows. After all, a mind grows numb over time. And even though his paws have long ago healed, winter cuts them up again with the ice it has formed along every road.

The dog turns around and begins trotting down the road once more, the ache in his paws less painful than before.

They whistle.

And daylight fades and moonlight is painted along the village in minutes. The dog whimpers and pays no mind to the pitying looks he receives from the few people around. He continues down the path, reaching the old church and the kissing gate behind it, the guilt he's carried too heavy on his mind. Because months have passed and now winter has come - he has waited too long. His obsession with finding Peter had only grown stronger when he made it out of Azkaban, and Remus hadn't faded from his mind those nights in his cell when the moon stared down at him, so Hogwarts was where he had gone.

They whistle.

And his heart is heavy and he's shaking with fear. The whistling wind brings Dementors near. He walks across the cemetery lawn, the moon lurking behind the clouds.

They whistle.

And he stops in the middle of the lawn, bathed in moonlight as he listens to the wind singing a tune too familiar to him. Dementors aren't near, he knows, but they will haunt his mind to the end of his days and everything likes to play tricks on him.

They whistle.

And he catches a glimpse of what could be James and Lily's grave. Fear grips his shoulders but guilt pulls him near, the sound of the last time he heard his friends' voices the only thing haunting him now.

They whistle.

And dog transforms into man.

A/N: To anyone who may be confused, it's the wind that's supposed to be whistling.