I don't own DP. Enjoy this extremely short Drabble.

Rain. It tends to make the world depressed, turning the world grey and dark.

A young woman stands by an empty grave with tears slipping down her face. She stares blankly at it. Her mind can't comprehend that he's...


He finally met his match. Beaten and bruised, there was blood gushing from the young warrior as he had flown wearily to her window. He had died in her arms.

She remembers with bitter tears the lullaby she sang to him as he died. The rain echoes her tears as they fall softly onto her umbrella. The funeral is over, but she's still lingering at her love's grave.

"Why? Why did you have to leave?" She whispers. Her voice is hoarse from the sobs that escaped her throat. "WHY?"

She breaks down, sliding down to the ground. Her hand numbly touches the grave that read:

Daniel James Fenton.

He watched from the clouds above as they carried the empty casket away.