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After his first waking, Legolas began to wake more often, and soon, he was up and walking again. He didn't blame Aragorn for what had happened, but inside, Aragorn couldn't admit that he didn't feel guilty still. One day, his guilt got overwhelming when Legolas lightly gasped in pain when he sat down in his chair in the dining hall.

After they had finished their meal, Aragorn got up and left without being excused, and he ran from the dining hall in a flash. Legolas was confused by his friend's action, and after he had finished, he politely excused himself and ran to find his friend. Legolas checked Aragorn's room first, but found no trace of him there. He thought for a moment. Where would a stubborn human with an even hotter head hide when he's upset? Then Legolas knew, and he started walking towards the garden.

Eventually, Legolas heard found Aragorn, only not as he had really expected. When he turned the corner, he saw Aragorn sitting on the ground, arms wrapped tightly around himself, silently crying. Legolas walked over to Aragorn, wondering what he was so upset about.

Legolas knelt down beside Aragorn and put a comforting hand on Aragorn's shoulder. When Aragorn didn't immediately flinch away at the touch, Legolas spoke softly, "Why are you so upset, mellon nin(my friend)?" Aragorn shook his head and continued to cry.

Legolas sighed. "I can't help you, you stubborn human, if I don't know what's wrong. Will you tell me, please?" Aragorn didn't move a muscle, nor make a sound. Legolas took his arms. "Well, at least unwrap yourself so that you don't look like a human pretzel." When Legolas recieved no resistance, he pulled Aragorn's arms off of his friend. Then he lifted up Aragorn's chin so that they could see eye to eye.

Aragorn wouldn't meet his eyes, though. He looked in the other direction, and Legolas thought this weird. "Aragorn, please tell me what it is that has left you so distressed!" Aragorn sighed a sad sigh, then for the first time, looked Legolas in the eyes. "Are you mad at me?" Legolas opened his mouth to speak, but Aragorn interrupted, "Legolas, it was all my fault, you can't deny that. If I hadn't walked into that forest in the first place, or argued with you, then none of this would've ever happened." Legolas was silent for a long moment, and then finally spoke his thoughts.

"Aragorn, I do not blame you for what happened. If we switched places, would you blame me?" Aragorn realized the truth in his friends question and slowly shook his head. "No, I wouldn't, I would tell you that it wasn't your fault." Legolas smiled. "So why do you think that I don't feel the same way? Aragorn, it pains me more to see you beat yourself up over this than that arrow wound ever would." Aragorn looked down again. "I didn't even listen to what you had to say about having to return to Mirkwood." Legolas sighed. "Aragorn, I had to return to Mirkwood because my father said that he needed me back. I still don't know why, but I guess it probably could've waited until some other time." Legolas put his hand on Aragorn's shoulder again. "Now, filthy human, we'd better get back before your father thinks we've been gone for far too long. I have no doubt he will stay true to his word on locking us in our rooms like he always said he would." The two friends laughed, and together they raced each other through the halls back to their rooms, and for the first time, Aragorn felt what it means to have a real friend.


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