Chapter 1

"Ladies and gentlemen, we will be landing in New York shortly. Please turn off any electronic devices you may have on at this time." A woman's voice boomed throughout the airplane.

Seated near the back, a man awoke from his slumber, groaning as he rubbed his eyes of any sleep that remained. Jake Muller yawned loudly, stretching his sore muscles from the uncomfortable sleeping position he had previously been in. The flight he was currently on had lasted for the past eight and a half hours; picking him up from somewhere in the middle of Africa.

Normally, a person, who was not allowed in the USA, would have to pull a lot of strings to even find a way in, but all it took for Jake was one phone call and a favor from an agent. That one favor got him a ticket on a first class government plane, its destination: New York. The memory of calling Leon Kennedy brought a smile to his face. He could still hear the angry voice of the agent for waking him up early in the morning on his first day off in a long time apparently.

Jake cracked his knuckles as he looked out the window, the structured buildings of New York covering the ground. They were so close to the airplane he thought for a moment he could reach out and touch them. But all his hand touched was the glass of the window he was looking out of.

Jake looked around the plane, taking in everything around him. The interior of the plane felt the like inside to a large apartment. Despite its large size, only a few seats were scattered around the entire plane. The floor was a light beige color, random tiny rugs spread out all over. The seats themselves were a light cream color, leathery but comfortable enough for him to fall asleep in. The table which his water bottle was resting upon was a type of dark wood, smooth and shiny with the presidential seal painted onto the smooth surface. The wallpaper was a medium dark brown with a smooth feeling to it. At the other end of the plane, Jake could see a bar area with a few politicians enjoying drinks with a pretty blonde woman serving them.

'Funny how the rich people get the best of everything,' Jake thought to himself, a small smirk coming to his lips. He moved his gaze back to everything outside the small sized window. For a moment, Jake was grateful he didn't live in New York. He knew he wouldn't be able to handle the closed in area of buildings that could tower over him seven fold; he couldn't even handle the sound of a village that was too large.

Even though he wouldn't admit it out loud, he knew why he wouldn't be able to handle living in places like this. He just felt too out of place. Growing up in a poor village with his sick mother, it was hard making it through one day, but these people made it through every day with out breaking a sweat. He felt too out of place just being in the plane, that it self was too fancy for his taste.

The only place he knew he wouldn't mind being at the time was standing next to a small blonde woman. The same one who met him in Edonia, escaped with him from the Chinese facility, and saved him in the underwater facility from Ustanak. He owed her more than she knew and he was going to make it up to her in different ways.

The first way he made it up to her was lowering his fifty million dollar price for his blood to fifty dollars and now he was going to surprise her and stay in the USA for a little bit before returning to his mercenary life style. He saved some money away a long time ago, knowing in the future he was going to make a big trip, and now that he had that money he was grateful for the decision he made.

The plane landed and the seat belt sign above his head went off, signaling that he was able to move around. He removed his seat belt, standing up and heading for the exit, his backpack slung onto his shoulder. He didn't really have a lot to bring with him since he didn't really have a permanent place he was planning on staying at. He figured it was better for him to keep moving around from place to place, no reason for him to become emotionally attached to something that could easily be destroyed, or at least that's what he thought.

The flight attendants' and the pilot thanked him for choosing the airline and said their goodbyes', but Jake honestly couldn't care less; he wasn't here for them, he was here for Sherry. Her name sent a tingly sensation throughout his being, his whole body seemed to warm up at the thought of actually getting to see her after so long.

Jake stepped out of the plane and onto the walkway, heading for the inside of the airport. On the way, he turned on his PDA, checking for any messages or missed calls. He usually didn't have any so it surprised him when he found he had missed two calls from Leon. Before he had a chance to call, his PDA screen light up, showing Leon's caller ID. Jake answered and was instantly face to face with Leon himself. "So excited you couldn't wait to see me huh?" said Jake, a small smirk on his lips. Leon scoffed, "In your dreams Muller. I'm actually calling you to let you know I'm not the one picking you up today."

Jake stopped as he stepped out of the walkway, leaning against the wall, "You didn't tell Sherry did you?" he questioned. Leon simply shook his head, "And ruin all your hard work for the surprise? Hardly, but I will admit the thought crossed my mind." Jake cleared his throat and shifted from the foot he was leaning on to the other, "Oh really," Jake questioned, "Then who, exactly, is picking me up today pretty boy?" Leon shook his head at the comment before replying, "Redfield's younger sister, Claire." The hand Jake was using to hold his backpack gripped the strap tightly, his insides boiling slightly to the mention of Chris's name.

Even though Jake knew his father was crazy and ruined Jake's life as a child, he kept battling himself constantly about how he felt towards Chris. He didn't hate the man; he just couldn't forgive him for killing his father. Jake would have rather killed the crazy son of a bitch himself.

It took a moment for Jake to remember that Leon was still connected to his PDA. He sighed and asked, "So what's the little lady look like anyway? I've never met her before and I'd hate to walk up to a drag queen by mistake." Leon laughed lightly before replying, "She's obviously a girl, about 5'6, Dark red head, oh and she will probably be wearing something red if I'm not mistaken…" Leon paused, the expression of 'deep thought' written all over his face. Jake laughed at him, "Sounds like you know this girl on a personal level, pretty boy."

Leon nodded before replying, "Well she's been my partner many times before so yeah you could say that." Partners, Jake thought, Sherry's face passing through his mind. She was his partner, his first and last. He didn't know if their partnership could be on a personal level but Jake liked to think it was more than just 'partners'.

Jake was about to ask another question when Leon looked away from Jake, his attention taken by another person talking with him. "Yes ma'am, it's him. Okay ma'am, I understand. I will notify him right away." Leon looked back to Jake who wore a bored expression on his face. "That was Director Hunnigan," Leon explained, "She asked me to inform you that we couldn't get permission to keep you in a hotel funded by the DSO." Jake looked at him hard, and eyebrow raised. "So that means what exactly?" Jake questioned.

"It means as of now, you have no place to stay while you are here; unless you actually have a friend here in New York you can stay with?" Leon sighed. Jake made a sound of annoyance before replying, "I'll figure something out." Leon nodded, "Claire should be there by now, so I will let you go so you can go find her." Jake nodded and replied, "Stay gorgeous Leon." He hung up before another word escaped Leon's lips.

Jake cursed slightly to himself. He didn't plan on this; not having a place to stay. That was part of the favor Jake had asked Leon for. Even though Jake had the money to afford a motel, he only planned on using his money for emergencies. Besides, from what Sherry would tell him, motels down here were either disgusting or expensive. He couldn't ask to crash at Leon's place, he had already done enough by getting him into the U.S., and he couldn't even stand the thought of asking Redfield; that would just be too tense for him.

Jake trudged through the airport, making his way to the entrance where multiple people stood, most of them holding signs. He scanned the never ending line of signs before his eyes fell upon a certain one. All it had written upon it was 'Jake'. Not 'Jake Muller' or 'Jake M.', just 'Jake'. He was about to keep looking when he looked at the owner of the sign. It was a red headed woman about 5'6 with her hair pulled back into a high ponytail, wearing a dark red shirt with a vest and black jeans. When he made eye contact with her, he saw she had deep brown eyes that reminded him of chocolate.

Jake smirked, giving Leon credit for having such an accurate description. Although he had a feeling that even if he didn't know what she looked like, he would have been able to tell from her structured stance and hard gaze that was amazingly similar to Chris. He made his way over to her, "Hey, are you Claire Redfield?" She nodded and asked, "And you're Jake Muller I presume?" He nodded stiffly. The way she said his name, it made it sound like she knew something bad about him. Claire tore the sign and gestured for Jake to follow as she went to a trash bin, throwing away the pieces and walking out the sliding doors.

Jake sighed, shaking his head before jogging to catch up with her. "I have a feeling this ride is going to be a long one." He mumbled to himself.

Sherry waited as she was pushed down the hallway, her eyes straining to see through the bag over her face. Her hands were bound in front of her and her feet were bare, sore from walking for what felt like forever. Wherever this place was, they were making sure it would never be found.

Suddenly, the hard concrete she was walking on changed to cold hard metal, the touch instantly sending a shiver down her spine. She could feel the men that were escorting herself and the other girls filing into what she concluded was an elevator. Moments later, she heard a small sound and the doors closed, the elevator began its decent into the earth. 'And I thought we couldn't go any deeper,' Sherry thought to herself.

There were five other girls, including herself, that were taken off the street a few hours ago. The other girls didn't know they were going to be taken, but Sherry did. She had read her mission file and it had reports of girls being taken right off the street and never being heard from for about a week. She had been informed by Hunnigan that her only way in safely was to arrive at the given location and be picked up.

Flashback; A few days earlier…

"Sherry, thank you for coming; please have a seat." Hunnigan gestured towards the chair placed in front of her desk. Sherry smiled and took the seat gratefully, moving slightly to get comfortable. Hunnigan pushed her glasses further up the bridge of her nose and folded her hands on her desk. "We just need to wait a moment longer." said Hunnigan. Sherry nodded and fiddled with the edge of her skirt, the soft material running between her fingers. For some odd reason, it made her think of Jake. She let herself drown in her memories of when they were together in Edonia; specifically when she and Jake had parachuted out of the plane and she had to hold onto him tightly to keep herself from free falling. The material of his shirt felt soothingly similar to the skirt she wore at the moment.


Sherry was brought out of her memories when Claire and Jill stepped into the room, closing the door silently behind them. Claire wore a white dress shirt, the ends tucked neatly into the waistline of her dark brown skirt that was slightly above her knees, and a pair of simple black ankle boots. Her hair was in its usual ponytail; neatly pulled back, showing her face.

Jill on the other hand, wore a black women's suit with a light blue dress shirt, her hair braided to the side and coming down in front of her right shoulder. Her shoes were simple black flats, but it showed off her true height and the length of her legs.

'I wish I were as gorgeous as them,' Sherry thought, feeling self-conscious suddenly. She stood and walked over to Claire, giving her a big hug. "Claire, it's so good to see you!" exclaimed Sherry, feeling like a little girl on Christmas morning. She hadn't seen Claire in the longest time. Claire returned the hug, squeezing Sherry lightly. "Yes, it's been awhile hasn't it?" Claire replied. When they released, Sherry turned to Jill who simply held out her hand, a smile on her face.

"My partner Chris has told me a lot about and I just want to say it's an honor to finally meet the one who found the cure for the C-Virus." said Jill. Sherry blushed, taking Jill's hand and lightly shaking it. "Thank you Ms. Valentine, but I'm afr-" "Please call me Jill." Sherry nodded and continued, "Jill, thank you for the compliments, but I'm afraid I'm not the one with the rare blood for the C-Virus."

Jill nodded, understanding what Sherry meant. Nobody was really allowed to talk about Jake out in the open; even though his blood was being used for the vaccine, some people were still after Jake. Some people saw him as a new test subject for future research.

Sherry didn't want Jake to go through what she went through as a child; it was too horrible back then and she didn't even want to imagine what it would be like now.

Jill moved to stand next to Hunnigan's desk, her hands clasped behind her, and her expression turning serious. 'Looks like play time is over,' Sherry thought to herself as she took her seat. Claire moved and sat next to Sherry, her whole frame tensed. Confused, Sherry looked back and forth between Claire and Jill before looking at Hunnigan who wore a grave expression.

Hunnigan scooted her chair back and stood, walking over to a small file cabinet that looked extremely brand new. 'That wasn't there before,' Sherry thought as she crossed her legs. Hunnigan opened the top drawer and pulled out a single file; the size of it almost made Sherry's jaw drop. The file itself was covered in tape, the words 'Confidential' and 'Top Secret' stamped all over. Hunnigan closed the drawer and walked back over to her desk, sitting down with the file in her hands.

She set the file on her desk and pushed it in Sherry's direction. Sherry scooted forward in her chair, inspecting the file at close range. Even though it was extremely full, she could tell that the file itself was new and fresh. "Hunnigan what is this?" Sherry questioned eyeing the folder uncomfortably.

"This," Hunnigan gestured to the folder, "Is what's left on anything involving the C-Virus, including information about Jake Muller." Sherry froze, mentally telling herself to remain calm and keep her jaw shut tight. Jill stepped forward, a small knife in one of her hands, and in one quick stroke cut open the taped file. Its contents spilling onto Hunnigan's desk; data graphs, journal entries, plastic bags filled with what looked like skin tissue, and pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. There were pictures of people in lab coats, some holding clipboards others holding test tubes. One picture showed many J'avo standing in a line while a man in front of them was socializing with another in a lab coat. Another showed a picture of a giant BOW; one she had never seen before.

Sherry's eyes scanned the pile until her eyes rested upon a photo that stopped her heart. It was a picture of Jake, wearing the white pants from the facility in China. He was strapped to a table a few syringes in multiple places on his body. He was clearly asleep, sedated no doubt, but Sherry couldn't help but feel a pain in her chest.

The next photo she saw was another one of Jake, except this time she was in the photo as well. It showed both of them on lab tables side by side; Jake was awake and sitting up, his eyes locked on Sherry who was sedated. She didn't remember most of the tests, but if Jake was there with her for even a couple of them, why hadn't he told her?

"This file was found in a brief case that belonged to a man by the name of Gregory Simmons; the younger sibling of Derek Simmons, your previous advisor and guardian." Sherry didn't know if she could breathe. Simmons had a younger brother, a brother who knew about the C-Virus.

"Sherry," Hunnigan's voice grew thick with seriousness, "This is an emergency. Gregory Simmons was to be arrested and brought to DSO for questioning a few days ago but when our men moved in, they couldn't locate him anywhere." Hunnigan took a deep breath, "Luckily, our connections managed to catch surveillance photos of Gregory moving in and out of an underground club repeatedly for the past two weeks." Hunnigan paused, her expression worsening.

"Why hasn't anyone moved in on him yet?" Sherry asked franticly, her thoughts about Jake's safety running wild. This man was after Jake, he needed to be dealt with; so why was he not behind bars yet? Hunnigan sighed, removing her glasses and placing them on the desk, rubbing the bridge of her nose. Jill turned to Sherry, continuing where Hunnigan left off. "Sherry, before we tell you anymore information, we have a request." Jill pulled an envelope from her inner jacket pocket and held it out to her.

Sherry took the envelope, turning it over to examine it. "What's this?" she asked, looking towards Jill. The envelope felt light in her hands; the touch of the paper smooth against her skin. "We have a mission Sherry, this mission, and we need an agent from the DSO to complete it. All of us in this room believe you have what it takes to do it; however you don't have to accept it if you don't wish to."

Sherry sat there, her thoughts taking over every inch of her brain. She would be chasing after Gregory Simmons; a man who was after Jake, someone who she vowed to protect. Usually, a mission from BSAA wouldn't come to the DSO, but if one did, that meant they had already tried but failed. Now they were asking DSO, no they were asking Sherry personally for her help.

She straightened up in her chair her chin raised as she spoke, "What do you need me to do?"

Hunnigan let out a sigh of relief, Jill smiled lightly, but Claire remained tense; her eyes on the envelope. Jill gestured to the envelope for Sherry to open it; which she did, finding a plane ticket with her name on it. She looked at it closely before returning her gaze to Jill. "China?" she questioned. She saw Claire take a sharp breath as Jill continued, "Yes Sherry, China; that's where Gregory Simmons is hiding… You're not going to change your mind are you? Knowing your past experience with the place, no one would blame you if you did."

Sherry hesitated, then shook her head, "No ma'am, my mind remains unchanged; I will take the mission."

Sherry felt herself being shoved forward, the heels of her feet scrapping roughly against the ground. 'If I didn't have my head covered this would have been easier,' she thought. She couldn't see a damn thing through the thick material except for the shadowy outlines of the other people around her.

A few minutes of walking later, the whole group stopped and Sherry was barely able to make out the form of a man walking over to the wall in front of her. She heard the sound of a door opening and she was shoved forward. Sherry was instantly hit with a wall of warmth and the scent of burning incense. Her feet touched soft, plush carpet that instantly soothed her aching feet.

Sherry and the other girls were arranged in a horizontal line, facing something she thought was a couch. A few whimpers escaped from the other girls' lips when the bag was yanked off her head; the sudden light blinding her momentarily as her eyes adjusted.

In front of Sherry sat a man on a maroon colored couch dressed in a white suit with black sunglasses. His black hair was slicked back, showing off an exact facial structure as Derek Simmons, just minus the facial hair. A girl sat on either side of him; both dressed in what Sherry would hardly describe as 'clothing'. They wore underwear with thigh high white stockings that were torn in multiple places and white masks that only covered their eyes. That was it; the only thing that covered their chest was their long, thick hair. Sherry unconsciously gulped.

"So this is the new merchandise you picked up this week?" Gregory questioned, eyeing each of the girls, including Sherry. She looked down at her feet avoiding his intense gaze till she felt it move on. She couldn't believe she was really going to do this; even though she told Hunnigan she would. However she didn't think taking this mission would involve her becoming what they called a 'hostess' for a gentlemen's club. The thought of a man she didn't know putting his hands on her made her stomach churn in multiple directions.

Gregory stood, moving to the girl furthest from Sherry, all the way to the right, and stood in front of her. He moved his hand under her chin, lifting her face to look at him. Sherry could see the fear swirling in her eyes like a dark cloud. She was shaking so bad Sherry thought she was going to collapse. Gregory looked her up and down, a small smile on his face. He took a step back and nodded, "She will do." He moved down the line to the next girl. The girl at the very end began to sob uncontrollably and fell to her knees, tears overflowing into her palms.

The next girl in line standing before Gregory held a hint of pride in her presence, her eyes burning with courage. Her whole stance screamed 'Unbreakable'. However, Gregory saw her courage, and decided she would just be trouble. Gregory snapped his fingers and walked away; in return two men appeared behind the girl, both of them wearing Halloween masks. Before the girl could turn to face them, one man pulled a gun from the waistband of his pants and squeezed the trigger. A gunshot rang loudly, followed the girl's lifeless body collapsing to the ground.

Sherry froze in her place while the other girls screamed and scurried away. The girls' lifeless form was still on the carpet, a dark circle of dark liquid forming around her head. Sherry heard the cork pop and looked over to see Gregory with a bottle of champagne in one hand and a glass in the other. For a moment she let herself imagine the bottle being smashed into his skull, the impact knocking him dead.

"Let me reassure you ladies," Gregory spoke as he poured himself a glass, "You will be treated well as long as you follow the rules given to you." He placed the bottle back on the table and walked over to the dead body on the floor. "Do not defy your superiors in any way and be sure to be as submissive as your client wants you to be. Show any defiance to me or anyone above you," he kicked the dead woman's head, "And you will be ended the same way she was in a heartbeat."

Sherry watched as Gregory walked out of the room through a door on the left side of the room, a few armed men on his tail. When one of them turned and looked right at Sherry, that's when she realized who Gregory was using as guards; it was J'avo. She looked around the room and realized they were all over the room; if there were more in this horrid place, then the J'avo outbreaks were still happening in China. It made more sense to Sherry why the BSAA had requested DSO's assistance; despite the fact that they were trying to exterminate the J'avo they knew about, there were more than they knew.

The door closed and the two women sitting on the couch stood, moving a few steps forward. One of the women said something in Chinese to one of the guards; in response, two J'avo came forward and moved the dead body. They walked off behind Sherry; out the door she came in.

Sherry could feel herself shaking terribly, despite her best efforts to stop; tears threatening to break from their prison. She was frightened and she had no one to help her. When it came to fighting BOW's, she had a handgun and her stun rod; however, giving men quality time, and forcing herself to be defenseless was another thing entirely. But she knew there was no turning back now, no matter how scared she was.

"Welcome to your new home." One of the women spoke. Sherry looked over at the two women, wondering how they could stand to live here. One of the women was fairly tall, despite the fact she was wearing heels. Her skin was light brown, the color of caramel; flawless and clear. Her brunette hair was pulled back into a tight bun; sparkly pins almost completely covered the top of her head. The woman next to her was slightly shorter, her stiletto heels giving off the illusion she was taller than she really was. Her hair was raven colored, shining slightly blue under the dim light. Her skin was pale white with kiss marks scattered all over, making it seem as if she were bruised.

The brunette snapped her fingers, orderly at the remaining girls, "Line up, I must examine you." The girls hesitated before slowly lining up again, avoiding the dark red spot in the carpet. The woman walked back and forth, taking a few moments to examine each girl. When her eyes fell on Sherry, they lingered a moment longer before moving back down the line. Sherry released a breath she didn't realize she was holding. It seemed like forever before she was able to stop herself from trembling.

The underworld of China was far worse than what she imagined. She knew that drugs and prostitutes were a problem here, but this wasn't that kind of business; it was even worse. The world was lucky since most of it didn't know what this cruel reality was like.

The woman stopped and clapped her hands together, a weak smile on her face. "Just so we are clear, "she began, "This is not a strip club and you are not prostitutes. We like to think of this business in a more…professional manner. Think of it as an auction; you are the merchandise and the clients are the buyers. You will dance and based on your performance, people will try and buy you for your time. They will not be buying you for a night, unless their price is high enough; otherwise it will be somewhere from an hour to three hours of your time. What you chose to do in that time is their decision, not yours." She paused, a soft expression on her face, "This may not be what you had in your plans for the future, but it's all you have left now. Just do what you're told and you won't get hurt." She turned to walk away when she stopped, her voice coming from over her shoulder, "This is all you have left now, make the most of it." She continued walking until she came upon a door behind the couch. She typed in a passcode that Sherry could not see before she left, disappearing behind the door.

The raven haired women stepped forward, her hands behind her back, "Follow me, I will show you to your rooms. Dinner will be brought to you in an hour. Whether you want to eat it or not is your choice." The woman turned and walked away, the girls following her. Sherry stood there, wishing for a brief moment Jake was there to help her out of this, but he wasn't coming. She hadn't heard from Jake in almost a year and something told her he was beyond her reach now. She held her head up and followed after the group of girls, ignoring the curious stares of the remaining J'avo in the room.

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