Love, everyone has their own definition of love.

One says love is troublesome

Others says love is miracle

Love makes your days brighter

Love makes you sad

To me love is mysterious feeling








Can't You See That I'm In Love with You?

Chapter 1- The Role in Drama

By Sakura 'Yessy' Kudo

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Rin's PoV


I rub my eyes while turning off that alarm clock. It's morning already. I can hear birds twitter and sun's light shining my window. Good morning everyone! Kagami Rin is here! Nice to meet you all. I stretch both my arms and open the window. It's sunny today. I hope this day will be nice... I really doubt that. Oh, looks like everyone already start their day. I can see Yuuma-san is going to go his office and his wife, Mikzi-san says good bye to him. There's also Yukari-san, watering her beautiful garden. I smile as I watch them continue their daily activities.

As I watch the neighborhood, I can't stop looking at the blonde boy who just passed my house and now play with his dog in nearby park. I know him. In fact he is my class representative. He's name is Kagamine Len. He has shoulder-length hair which he always keeps in ponytail form and deep blue eyes. He only lives few houses from my house, so we practically a friend since childhood. I sigh as I watch him. You see I kind of have crush on him. Well I admit he is cool, smart, kind of... and cute. Don't tell him I said he's cute, because he's going to kill me if he knows. He is really popular among the girls, which is kind of making me hard to confess to him(-w-).

"Rin! Good morning!"

I look down to the street and see Len is waving at me. Wait.. Since when he's there? "Good morning to you too. How's Rinto?" Rinto is Len's dog. I heard the Rinto was sick because Len is always feeding him with banana and orange. I have told him many times that dog doesn't eat fruit, but no he keeps giving him fruits because he likes them.

"He is better now. Right boy?" Len pats Rinto's head. He barks in agreement. I just giggle at that. "Well, got to go. See you in school okay?" Len waves a goodbye and go back to his house. I waves back until I can't see him. Well, better to start preparing for school.

I go to my bathroom and take a quick shower. After that I brush my teeth of course. I wear my school uniform which is consists of long-sleeves shirt with a red bow in the middle and a cream checkered skirt. I comb my blonde shoulder length hair, put on some pin on my bangs and a white bow on the top of my head. I put on my black socks until my knee and wear my cream cardigan... and I'm ready now!

I go to downstairs and met my mom. "Good morning, mom!"

"Morning, Rin. Breakfast is on the table. I have to go to studio now, your father needs my help. Bye dear. I love you." She kisses my cheek and goes to work. My parents are music producers. They produce lots of songs for the Yamaha Company. Well, I already used being left behind because they're always busy working. I eat my orange pancake and milk in silence. After I finished, I put them in sink. I'm going to wash them later.

I lock my door house and walk to school. My school, Crypton Future Academy is not far from my home. I stop walking when I see who is in front of me. Len. Oh god why I always think he's so cool even though he's only wearing a school uniform, which basically same as me except he's wearing a long trousers and a tie. I can feel my face is getting hotter. I take a deep breath and say, "Len, good morning!"

Len turns his head and smiles as he sees me. "Hey Rin. We already said that before, right?"

I walk beside him. "Yeah, but what's wrong saying it again?"

"Nope, nothing's wrong."

We talked a little bit before I'm attacked by a deathly hug. "Gooood Morniiing Riiiin!" says a girl high pitch voice.

"Good morning too, Miku." Hatsune Miku is my best friend. I met her in elementary school and we've become best friend since then. She has teal eyes and long teal hair that reaches floor, but she keeps it in twin tail so it won't reach the floor.

I manage to release myself from Miku's grip. Len chuckles. "You really like to hug people huh Miku? I feel sorry for those who become your victim."

Miku grins, "Why Len? Are you jealous I can hug Rin freely?"

"What?! Not really..." Len averts his eyes.

"Uhuh... is that a blush I see?" Miku pokes Len's cheek. Len quickly snaps Miku and walk faster. "Hurry guys, we don't want to late, do we?" He shouts.

"Right~ we'll be right behind you!" Miku shouts back. After make sure Len isn't going to hear us, Miku turns to me. "So, do we have progress in here? I saw you really close this morning?"

"Not really." I start to walk ahead to avoid Miku. Miku knows I had feelings for Len. And she keeps bothering me to confess to him.

"Wait Rin! I know you're hiding something from me, spill it." Miku keeps chasing me until we arrive in the classroom.

I sit down in my chair. Miku seems stop bothering me after met her boyfriend, Kaito. "Hey Rin, how's your morning with Len?" asked Gumi, my other best friend. She has greenish-blue eyes and a green hair which some of it longer than other and wears red goggles.

"What do you mean 'with Len'?" I asked carefully.

"Well, you're walk with him this morning, right?" Oh right, she also knows about me and Len.

"Nothing's happened! Oh why people always ask that."

"By people you mean Miku and me? Because there are only two people in this school that know it." I nod and put my head in my desk. Why... why did I tell them in first place? Right, I was playing truth or dare game with them. Gumi pats my head. "Cheer up Rin, good thing is going to happen. I promise." She winks before go back to her desk. I raise my eyebrow.

Teto-sensei, our homeroom teacher enters the classroom. Don't be fooled by her appearance. She may look like teenager but she's 31 years old and never ever mentions her hair looks a drill. "Good morning class!"

"Good morning sensei," answer all the students.

"Well, as you all know school festival is getting near. Last week we've been decided we're going to do a drama this year. I already talked to Megurine-sensei and she agreed that your performance will be your art score on this semester. Well, Nakajima-san, I assume you have made the script, can you elaborate them in front of the class?"

"Hai, sensei." Gumi walk to in front of the class. Gumi clears her throat. "Well, as we agreed that our theme will be school life. The main plot is about a new idol girl who has a dark background. The school bully has crush on her and he gets help from his best friend and his best friend's girlfriend which is also the best friend of the idol. You guys got it?" All students shake their head. And so, I decided that Hatsune Miku and Shion Kaito will get the main role!"

Everybody give applause to both of them. Well no wonder, because the only idol-like figure in this class is only Miku. "And~ the one who becomes Miku's best friend is Kagami Rin and her boyfriend/Kaito's best friend is Kagamine Len!"








To be continued

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