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Can't You See That I'm In Love with You?

Chapter 2- Doki-doki Practice

By Sakura 'Yessy' Kudo

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So, where were we? Oh right, I got a role of becoming Len's girlfriend. And now, we're practicing for that. I can see Miku, Kaito, and Len are doing their acting pretty well and me? I'm hopeless. Other students are already doing their job like decorating or publication stuff. And here I'm being one of the secondary role and can't do anything.

"No Rin! Riahna is Leol's girlfriend, you have to be more relax not stiff like that!" Gumi protests for the third time. Easy for you to say. You're not the one who get hug by your crush. "I'm sorry Gumi, but remind me again why I got this role again?"

"Well, first of all I have to choose Len in this boyfriend role because none of our boys in class can act that well as Len. No offense to guys. And second, Len's house is close to Rin's house, right? It might be easy for you two to practice together. Third, you and Miku are best friend in this script, no one can act that except the real best friend. And forth... well it's because I like it. Any problem?"

Of course it's a big problem! You're pairing me with my crush, that's why. But I can't say it out loud. I sigh as I admit my defeat.

Len releases his hug, "Are you sure you're okay with this Rin?"

"Yeah, why not?'

"Because you seems uncomfortable having the role of being my 'girlfriend'." Len gives the word girlfriend a sign with his fingers.

"No, it's not like that. I don't think I can be your girlfriend" Oh wait that sounds so wrong. Stupid Rin! "I mean... I don't think I can act that part... that's all."

"Oh, about that. Don't worry I'll help you out."


I feel my shoulder is poked by someone. I turn my head and see Gumi and Miku give me a very suspicious smile. This is not good. "Well, we think we know how to help you guys," Miku says.

"Yeah, all you have to do is pretend to be a couple for next few weeks," adds Gumi.









Gumi and Miku cover their ears. "Geez Rin, can you not scream that loud? It hurts my ear, you know?" complains Miku.

"But.. But... Len... girlfriend..." I'm speechless. I could feel my face is hot right now.

"Well, I think that's a good idea," exclaims Kaito. I give him my best glare. But he doesn't seem bother by it, like Miku said Kaito is kind a dumb. "Yeah, I mean it's for our score on art class. We have to ace this, so if that what we have to take, why not?"

I sigh and turn to Len, "What do you think Len?"

Len scratches his head, like he always do when he's thinking of something. "Well, I think I agree with that idea. Well, no offense Rin but you're not really good at this. So, why don't we try this?"

"None taken." I huff. "Well, I guess I don't have any other option. I'll do it."

Miku and Gumi cheer. "Great! Now, I have homework for you guys." Gumi points Len and me. "Go home now. I going to tell Teto-sensei that you need a rest because you two have to work on your boyfriend-girlfriend act alone without our help." Miku gives me my bag and Kaito gives Len his. They push us to outside and say, "Have fun!" before slam the door.

I look at Len, "Well, what should we do now?"

"Hm... for time being let's go home. Can we go to your instead? I think my mom has a guest today... so.."

"Okay." We change our indoor shoes and go out from school. We didn't talk anything during our journey back to my house. I wish I can say something to break this tension. But I can't, every time I want to talk I can feel my heart might explode. Why I have crush on him again?


Out of nowhere a car with high speed nearly hit me. Well, it might hit me if Len didn't pull me. Well, as you can guess, I fell into Len. He shouts something to the driver of being irresponsible or something like that. Len holds me really tight. I can smell his banana scent which makes my face blush again. "Rin, are you okay?" asks Len, still holding me.

I immediately get up. "Yeah, I'm fine. Thank you for saving me." I deeply bow.

"Nah, don't mention it. It's my job as your 'boyfriend' to keep you save right?" I blush when he said he's my boyfriend. Oh right, we're pretending to be a couple now. For a moment I forget about that fact. Now, what 'girlfriend' do to thank her boyfriend? I kiss Len's cheek like it's natural thing to do. "I really grateful has Len as my 'boyfriend'" I say that with a smile.

Len's face becomes red for a moment. He clears his throat. "Well, we better get going now. Shall we?" Len offers me his hand. I take that with pleasure. So, this is how it's like having a boyfriend. May be I should thank Miku and Gumi later. Before we start walking I think I feel someone's watching me... meh, I'm just being paranoid.


We finally arrive at my house. I open the front door and surprisingly find two pairs of shoes in the front porch that means both my parents are home. Oh great... note that's sarcasm. "Tadaima!" I exclaim.

"Okaerinasai Rin." My mom comes out from the kitchen, "You're home earlier than usual, aren't you?"

"Yeah, we have 'homework' to do. If you need me or Len, we will be in my room."

"Ojamasimasu." Len bow a little.

"My, Len-kun, long time no see. Okay then, just don't be loud because your dad is sleeping Rin."

"Okay." I lead Len to my room. Nothing special about my room. It has light orange color wallpaper with a queen-size bed in the middle. There is a cupboard for my clothes at the corner and near the window is my desk. "Well, welcome to my room." I say with a smile.

"You have lovely room," Len comments. I blush and whisper, "Thank you." Few minutes later, my mom brings us a tea and some cookies. Before she leaves, she gives me a wink. Oh right, she also knows my feeling for Len. I give her meaningful glare. "So, what do we do know?" I ask.

Len takes out his script and read it for few seconds, "Hmm.. how about we recite this part?"

"Which one?" I start opening my script.

"Page 10, scene 2. It's when you and Miku talk about her career and then I approach you guys." I read my script. Wait a minute... Leol embraced Riahna from behind and kiss her cheek, making Michaela tease them. I blush after I read this. "What's wrong Rin? Are you having fever? Your face is red."

"No... It's just this scene... uhm... you... k-kiss me..." Len reads the script and blush too. He clears his throat and say, "Well, you've done it before right?"

"I have?"

"When you're almost hit by that car. You... kissed me too." I blush harder when I remember that. "Well that means... it's payback time."

I narrowed my eyes. Why I feel bad about this. "What do you mean?"

Len smirks. "Close your eyes." I raise my eyebrow, but then I shrug and close my eyes. I can hear Len's footsteps. I prepare myself for worse. Suddenly, I feel Len's hand snake around my body. I open my eyes and yelp. "Len! What are-"

"Having fun with your friend Riahna? Are you forgetting about me already?" Len says his line. I get it now, we're practicing the scene. But it's hard not to blush when Len hugs me like this. "Rin, your turn now."

I take a deep breath and say my line, "Leol! N-no.. How can I forget you if I miss you?" Damn you Gumi, why you wrote this cheesy line?

"Let's skip all Michaela's line, shall we?" Len says. I nod, that means it's my turn now, "Oh Mich, if you're jealous you should start dating too."

"Well, I have to get going, see you guys later. See you after school Honey." This is it. The part when Len 'kiss' me. I close my eyes because I'm afraid what will happen.








Wait... nothing happens. I open my eyes and see Len already releases his hug and tries his best not to laugh. "What's funny?" I ask in confusion.

"Your face.."

"My face?" I look at the mirror and see nothing's wrong with my face. Well, except its a bit little red than before. "I don't see what's funny."

"Your expression it's like 'don't want to be kissed'. It's cute." I swear my face is competing with tomato right now. Huh, how many times I have blushed today? "Rin, we're 'boyfriend and girlfriend' now. You should be more relaxed."

"Easy to say than done it."

Len thinks for a moment, "Tell you what, try imagining me with your favorite actor or your crush if you have one..."

"Of course I have! Every girl must be have one." Ups, I said that out loud didn't I?

"Okay, so picture me as your crush and we start this again okay. Tell me when you're ready." Picture you as my crush? Oh, it's very easy because YOU ARE MY CRUSH. I take few deep breaths. "Okay, I'm ready."

Len hugs me from behind again and says his line. "Well, I have to get going, see you guys later. See you after school Honey." Then Len kissed my cheek. As in cue, someone opens my door.









To be continued