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Warning: Boy X Boy don't like turn back now! soft yoai... hints of lemon though. May cause crying later on.

Rin: Why will there be crying? Oh god am I gonna die again!?

Bon: DON'T KILL YOURSELF AGAIN! I will make sure she doesn't hurt or kill you again... you aren't are you?

Me: *Laughing evily yet nervously* Maybeeeeee.

Bon: *Gives death glare while growling*

Me: 0.0... U-Ummm... E-ENJOY! ^O^

Rin laid wrapped in Bon's arms. He snuggled closer to the older of the two. Bon tightened his arms around the demon. Rin opened his eyes, he smiled at Bon who was still sleeping. The demon's tail thumped on the bed lightly as Bon unconsciously tightened his arms again even tighter to the point that the young demon couldn't breath worth a crap.

"Bon!" Rin choked out.

Bon woke up and noticed the younger's distress. He let go of the demon and sat up. He yawned.

"Sorry Kitty."

"It's okay. Good morning!"

Bon leaned in and captured the younger's lips. Rin immediately responded and kissed back, wrapping his arms around the older's neck. Bon wrapped his arms around Rin's waist. They pulled away as the kiss turned into a french kiss and then a full on hot make out session.

"Good morning." Bon said.

"Rin! Rin!" Kuro called from outside the door.

"Should I leave soon? Yukio is coming back from his mission soon isn't he?" Bon asked.

Rin shrugged. Yukio never really talked or told him anything any more. Never really even tells him that he is going on a mission. Bon noticed the sad look on demons face. He wrapped his arms around Rin and pulled him close to his chest. Comforting the younger... even only slightly.

"I didn't even know Yukio was on a mission."

Bon felt bad for the demon. Then Bon's phone started ringing. He groaned loudly before answering the phone.


Bon pulled the phone away from his ear he knew what was coming. Kuro freaked out, outside the door as he heard it from outside the door. Rin had to cover his ears.

"BON! WHERE ARE YOU!?" Shima yelled though the phone.


Rin still covering his ears as it turned into an all out yelling replies back and forth very loudly. Kuro covered his ears out side the door. Ukobach could hear them all the way from the kitchen.

"WHATEVER! BYE!" Shima yelled.

"BYE!" Bon seethed.

Rin uncovered his ears as the yelling stopped. Noting a fuming Bon that he knew should not be asked any questions. Rin got up and walked to the door opening it only to have Kuro leap at him and land of his head.

"Rin! I heard Bon and Shima while I was out here and my ears hurt!" the sith cat said sounding scared in the other demons head.

Rin smiled. "You heard Bon and Shima outside the door and your ears hurt?" he said. "I was in there next to it!" he said.

The sith cat looked at Bon who was staring at them with a curious look. Kuro stuck his tounge out. He didn't like Bon for a while now since he and Rin started dating, because one: he was hogging all of Rin's attention, and two: Rin wasn't paying much attention to him any more. Rin noticed Bon's stare.

"I forgot to tell you, didn't I?" Rin asked.

"Yeah... kinda." Bon said.

Rin was trying to word it out right in his head.

"Well I can hear other demons with their thoughts." he finally said.

Bon nodded trying to make more sense of it in his head. Once he finally did so he got up and to the door.

"Uke first." he teased.

Rin pouted, but then walked out of the room. He hated being the Uke... but the feeling was just so amazing that he didn't mind so much. Bon wouldn't understand- even with how smart he is- why Rin loved it so much. Bon, honestly, didn't care. No one knew they where together except Kuro and Ukobach. Rin was hurt by this, but he didn't want to show it because he knew the it's probably because he wanted to keep his tough guy and delta bravo(1).

Bon sighed. "Rin I have to go. Shima is bored and Miwa isn't entertaining him. I'll be come back later-"

Rin cut him off. "You don't have to! Go hang out with Shima... I'll be fine!" he said smiling, on the inside he felt his chest tighten and his heart breaking.

Bon kissed the demon's forehead and left. Rin sighed. He was alone now... Ukobach never leaves the kitchen much, and Kuro's there but he wouldn't care for the problem with Bon.

"Rin? Rin, you okay?" the sith cat asked worried.

Rin smiled and nodded. He then changed and slung his sword over his shoulder and left the abandoned dorms to go and buy a new issue of his favorite manga... like hell he was gonna work on homework he didn't understand... not like Yukio or Bon where there to explain it to him.

(1): Delta bravo is... you can take a guess... I'd like to see you try! ;P


Rin: Why does all the bad things happen to me?

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