Me: *Fall from ceiling* Ow!

Rin: *Sighs*

Me: Well Yukio's still here! I tried to kill him but Rin and Bon wouldn't let me!

Bon: See... she is a psycho!

Me: *Pulls out crowbar and walks over to Yukio* Yes, well, enjoy!

Rin's POV

Bon and I sat in front of my brother. Yukio was pacing around.

"I told you I don't want you two together!" Yukio yells.

"I told you I won't stay away from him!" Bon yelled. (I might have phrased it differently but you get the point! I also realized Bon is kinda OOC but I don't care!)

Yukio glared. "I'll say it again, I don't want you two together! I'm saying this for your own protection!" he said to Bon

Jeez thanks bro. I thought.

"Protect me from what? Rin?" Bon asked in a yell.

Yukio stopped and looked at Bon, then me. "Yes." Yukio said.

I looked down. Maybe... it isn't a good idea that Bon is with me.

"I don't care! Rin wouldn't hurt me!" Bon yelled.

I kept quiet.





Bon's POV

"If he lost control he would!" Yukio yelled.

I'm starting to get really mad. "He wont!" I yelled.

Yukio and I held gazes full of anger.

"Yukio why can't you trust me?" Rin asked.

Yukio looked at Rin. "Because." he said.

"Not good enough, Yukio!" Rin said.

"Because you don't think! You rely on those flames, not on your brain!" Yukio said.

Rin glared at Yukio, then stormed out of the room.

"Yukio, are you trying to break us up because you actually have feeling for Rin?" I said, I want him to get mad.

Yukio glared at me. He pulled one of his guns out and pointed it at me. "What was that?" he asked.

"You heard me. Now, listen to me Yukio, and listen good, Rin and I love each other. We wont break up just because some panzie told us too. You don't know how strong our love is, and that's sad." I said. I kept telling Yukio off.





Rin's POV

I don't use my head? I can't believe he said that! I do use my head... don't I?

That's why Yukio hates me. Probably the others too... Bon probably wants to hang out with the others more... but I'm just in the way... What should I do? What should I do? I'm hated for being a demon... though I'm not. I'm human, I have feeling too... but I guess that doesn't matter... Wait... Maybe I could...

Me: Muwhahahaha Cliffhanger! Well? *Hits Yukio with the crowbar*

Yukio: *Muffled scream of pain*

Rin and Bon: *In the corner scared for their lives* G-Good...

Me: *smiles* Okay! Rin, Bon take it away!

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