The Shattered King

A Night Like No Other

Summary; Hidan is a man of actions and not of words. He never was eloquent unless poised in front of his religious book, but none of that mattered, he is king of the party scene after all. He downs the drinks and dances with the best. He gets exactly what he wants, but no one really knows. They don't know about the shattered king. And he'd hoped they never would...

Disclaimer; I assure all of I don't own Naruto.

A/N: I have no explanation as for why I wrote this… I just did so I hope you guys enjoy!

He sat there silently looking just like a sex god, in other words, he was dressed as usual with his destructed and studded dark wash jeans, just barely rumpled white v-neck, stressed silver studded belt, open pinstripe vest and white slip on Vans. His hair, as always, was perfectly placed; though many were determined to change that fact and many nights they have, but tonight...

Tonight is different.

His liquor was stronger and the look in his eyes was haunting, broken even, far from the usual which bore the gleam of a predator on the prowl. Usually he was just that, a predator on the prowl, looking for his next fix of flesh at the bottom of a glass. Many question why he bothers with any of it, but they keep this to themselves. And he hopes they'll keep to themselves. All he wants is to find solace at the bottom of this glass, or rather the collective glasses that seem to pile up within the first few moments.

His eyes turn glassy with every new brimming, shining savior. He knows it'll take his entire bonus to get that cab home, but it's more than worth it. An escape is exactly what he craves. And apparently he isn't alone in such a pursuit.

Two maybe three hours and many, many glasses later a man, only to be described in a drunken haze as beautiful, slipped in next to him requesting whatever he was drinking. The prospect of company wasn't exactly pleasant, but moving wasn't in Hidan's plans nor was even glancing at the uninvited company. Though nothing ever goes as planned not even when you think you've got it all under control.

As the section of the bar began to fill with glasses the two lost count of the number they'd downed in an attempt to shake the demons. Glasses taken away and washed were quickly replaced. With a change of the bartender, Hidan and the silently accepted partner received slightly larger glasses as the rest were cleared away and something stronger began pumping into their veins. The change went unnoticed or unmentioned, but the silent bartender seemed to only be attending to them and no one else. It was this secular attention that brought on a smile for Hidan. It was the same bartender every year around this time. She always took care of him in more ways than one. But tonight something was different.

He could blame his uninvited company; in fact he planned on it sending him a half-hearted glare stricken with lust and panic as he realized just who his drinking partner was. Upon feeling those eyes on him he met them.

"What am I doing?" He thought seeing the swirl of emotions and the welling of tears in his eyes.

Hidan's hand shakily reached upward and out, his face unsure, something foreign to the confident man, those fingers shook and those eyes shone with tears. So many tears that equaled so much work lost as they spilled over the edges, wetting lashes and streaking cheeks. A sniffle then a cry as his hand collided with the solid body of the other man. All eyes were on them as horrendous noises poured out of Hidan's mouth, His heart clenched.

"I really broke you didn't I?" He thought unsure of what to do.

Suddenly the bartender was there. Her sigh echoed in his ears over even the heart breaking sound of a confident man torn down, shattered. Her voice was worse. Venomous and abhorrent. It made him feel dirty and lowly, not that he wasn't already there, but that just made it worse.

"What the hell are you waiting for idiot? I can't take care of him forever y'know, it's your turn. You made the mess. I tried to contain it, but this is officially your problem. Get him the hell out of here. I don't need a riot of depressed drunks." Her words harsh and tactless, a little more than crude, but she said it better than even his conscience could.

With a harsh swallow he sunk down pulling the elastic from his hair it falling around him releasing a soothing vanilla scent calming Hidan down from his hysterics. He looked up at the other man bewildered. A sad smile washed over the other's features as he knelt down a hand nestling into the snowy locks and a question falling from his lips.

"Come with me?" Hidan blinked as if the information was gargled and fuzzy which it probably was considering how drunk he really was. He rubbed at his eyes and looked up before nodding.

He wouldn't speak the words, he didn't need too, his actions always had spoke louder. It might've been a little surprising for the fellow bar goers, but to the bartender who knew everything about the pair it was no surprise at all. She watched with a knowing smile on her face as the duo walked out of the double doors. The music began to pulse, bodies began to grind, drinks were downed, but tonight was like no other, they'd all just witnessed the power one man had over the king of their social ring.