Genre: Romance, Lemon?-(deleted out), Yaoi, Twincest.

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Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN Ao no exorcist. If I did, Yukio will be with Rin, Bon and Shima will be awfully jealous and make themselves substitutes of Rin thinking he is straight but finds out much later that he is gay for his sweet TWIN!

It was raining heavily outside as the doors of the dormitory creaked open. Heavy steps were heard and a grunt resounded through the empty dormitory. The taller of the two walked at a snail's pace while the other limped to catch up with the pace. An arm hung over the bespectacled male as they headed towards the bathroom. A thud was heard and the sliding doors were opened.

Yukio helped his older brother to the changing area before turning the tap to fill the bathtub with lukewarm water. As the water rushes down the tap, Yukio took the time to undress his brother off the red gooey shirt and torn pants. Rin winced at the slightest contact of cold air on his sensitive skin as his boxer slipped down his hips. It came to him there and then that he was pure naked in front of his dearest brother and a blood crept up to his cheeks very slowly. He was carried bridal style and placed slowly into the lukewarm tub of water.

His body aches felt relieved as he soaked in the warm water. He gave out a satisfied sound and leaned deeper into the water. The door slid open again and a brown head stepped in with a towel wrapped around his hip. Rin blushed as he glanced at Yukio from head to toe before he sank deeper into the water.

'Shit... he's so adorable…' thought Yukio. He washed himself with soap before rinsing off and joining his older brother in the bathtub. Some water splash onto the ground as Yukio descended into the tub and Rin made way for his younger brother without staring at him too much. The masculine shoulders, abs and to summarize, his entire body was hell of an attraction. No wonder he was well liked by many of the school girls. Rin frowned without realizing that the other is closing the distance between them.

Rin felt something hover above him and two fingers tilted his head up by the chin. He flushed, seeing that his brother was just 2 centimeters away from him. He tries to look away but Yukio was able to secure the position of his face.

'' I want to keep him for myself and not let anyone close to him…" this intension crept into Yukio's mind as he leaned towards Rin and placed a chaste kiss on the soft tender lips. The other man was shocked at the contact and gasped in the process before Yukio kissed him again with something different. Rin felt something slick and warm invade his mouth and was uncomfortable. His breathing became unsteady as he tried to push his brother away though he failed.

"Nghnn… Yu…. – kio!...aghn.." his voice was muffled by the kiss and the invading muscle continued rubbing against his tongue. Rin tried to get out off Yukio's grip, however, he was held down and Yukio made his move. Yukio's palm caressed Rin's arms seductively before moving to his chest. Groping his muscled chest, their lips pulled apart and a trial of saliva connected both of their tongues. They were breathing heavily and Rin hitched and squirmed when Yukio flicked his nipple. The water splashed out from the tub as more movements were made. Yukio placed butterfly kisses on Rin's jaw line and nibbled his ear while tugging lightly on the pink rosy erected nipples. Rin moaned and spread his legs unconsciously. Yukio dived at that chance and teased Rin by caressing his inner thighs and attacked his pale skin neck.

"nii.. san…" Yukio breathed against Rin's neck, causing him to shiver with pleasure. He smirked as his hand stroke Rin's length agonizingly slow with the other still teasing one perk nipple. The blushing brother thrust into Yukio's hand and whimpered," fa…faster… mnn." Yukio brushed his thumb against the slit of his brother's length before palming the muscle. He was erect by the moans his adorable twin was making. He licked his brother's neck and marked the most sensitive area of the skin before kissing him fully on the lips.

He hauled Rin up to sit on his lap and rubbed both of their erections against each other. " yu..yukio…" Rin panted," I'm com… comin… AH!" semen blasted out of the tip and flowed in the water. Yukio snickered at the early ejaculation of his brother and whispered seductively in the bluenette's ear "Nii-san, I'm not done with you yet.." he nibbled at Rin ear to distract him as he played with Rin's entrance. The other hand trace down Rin's back, down to the base of the furry tail. Stroking the tail and rubbing it like it was purely another appendage. Never did both know how sensitive that certain tail was till the blunette moaned in pleasure and got stiff again. Taking a sudden interest of the fluffy tail, Yukio tugged and played with it. It unconsciously wrapped around his wrist meekly. While he continued, Rin was busy whimpering and clinging on the younger man. " yukio…" tears were at the brink of his eyes, taunting to fall out. Yukio brought the fur and wet appendage towards him and look at Rin sadistically before his canines sunk into that sensitive piece of meat. Rin let out a soundless scream as he came the second round and his brother snickered before kissing him fully on his lips as he recovered from his last orgasm.

The heavy breathing caused Yukio to reach the verge of his self control. Positioning his member against the close ring of muscle, he told Rin to breathe deeply before entering. Screams filled the bathroom and Rin clung to Yukio tightly like never before. Nails dug into Yukio's shoulder blades as he tried to get Rin to relax.

"Take it out… it hurts.. Yukio" Rin cried.

"Rin, it's alright… just relax.. You're too tight… just endure and I'll make you feel better in no time." Yukio hushed and thrust the rest of his length into Rin before letting him get used to it.

" It feels weird yukio…" Rin whispered as he tried to adapt to the penis in him. Yukio kissed him after Rin signaled that it was alright to move.

Yukio pulled most of his length out before plunging in and he continued. Water slipped into Rin whenever Yukio shove his dick in, hitting his sweet spot. "nghnnn…ah.. ah…. Hah…Yu… yuki..ohhahh"

"Nii-san… Rin… I'll never let you go… ever."

"never-ah.. will I, hah… Yukio~

A few more thrusts and pumps from Yukio and his name was yelled out.



Rin slouched and laid his head on yukio's broad shoulders. Yukio leaned in and hugged his brother tighter and whispered in his ears," Nii-san… up for another round?"

A shiver ran up Rin's spine as his brother's voice resonated in his ears. He tensed up and looked at Yukio with a terrified expression. Yukio grinned from ear to ear as he carried Rin out of the bathtub and into their shared dorm…


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